Best Infrared Heater Humidifier Combo With Oscillating Fan

Heater Humidifier Combo

If you are looking for an infrared heater humidifier and air purifier then this infrared heater is the ideal solution.

What is the best… infrared heater humidifier on Amazon? The Dr Infrared Heater Advanced Dual Heating System with Humidifier and Oscillation Fan is our top pick. 

So let’s take a look at this infrared heater humidifier and see what the 5-star consumers loved the most about it…

Dr Infrared Heater Advanced Dual Heating System with Humidifier and Oscillation Fan


Dr Infrared Heater DR998, 1500W, Advanced Dual Heating System with Humidifier and Oscillation Fan and Remote Control
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Here Is What Consumers Had To Say About The Dr Infrared Heater Humidifier And Air Purifier…


Totally Different League Compared To Other Space Heaters!


The best heater ever. I have a 850ft house with storm windows but the heat doesn’t work. This heater heats entire house within 10-15 mins.


  • I am going into my third season using the Dr. Heater brand heater and I am very impressed with its performance in both heating and efficiency.
  • The best heater I’ve ever purchased hands down.
  • I have put other heaters side by side to the DR heater and stood back 10 feet and all of the other heaters could not even be felt.
  • I swear by the DR heater and will be the only one I spend my money on.
  • Buy It! Best Heater Ever!
  • I like to use space heaters to offset heating costs and so far I’m having the warmest winter yet been here 5 years.
  • Heats Large Areas!
  • I love this heater! Works great & heats my 700 sq. ft little 100 yr old house to stay toasty warm!!!
  • Works great in a room with high ceilings. Highly recommended.
  • Wonderful heater! Two of these heats the whole house! Whoever invented these is a genius.

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This Is A Spectacular Heater!


Dr Infrared Heater DR998, 1500W, Advanced Dual Heating System with Humidifier and Oscillation Fan and Remote Control

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After buying the first one and setting it up in my house I was able to shut down three of my floor heaters in my house. This heater works great.


  • We live in the mid-Atlantic region and have used this heater all winter to keep our family room warm. I can not say enough good things about this heater.
  • Best thing ever to warm up a basement, a bigger one at that too!
  • This heater heated my whole house all winter without the furnace.
  • Probably the best heater we’ve ever had. It actually heats a two-level house… upstairs and downstairs.
  • Best heater for a large room!
  • This is a really good heater. Probably one of the best out there. Super efficient and easy to use.
  • I love this heater. I have a little over 900sq ft and it heats my place up nicely …to a toasty 70 degrees.
  • This little heater has outperformed every other heater I’ve ever tried, and our family stays warm and cozy in our living room, all thanks to it.
  • I would without hesitation buy the DR998 again for myself or anyone else who wants a great space heater: It has a great design and has been a flawless performer.

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The Perfect Solution For My Warmth And Comfort!


This heater is the most amazing heater I have ever used in my life! I have a two story two bedroom duplex and terrible insulation and it keeps the entire duplex warm!

It has been 18 degrees out here and I ONLY USE THIS HEATER no other heating product is used and my house is cozy and comfortable!

I am wowed at the capability of this heater! This is our first warm winter we have ever had in this duplex. Thank you Dr. Infrared Heater for keeping my family warm!


  • This is the first heater that seems to heat the entire room so no one is fighting to sit right in front of the heater itself.
  • The DR998 heater works well above expectations and puts those other heaters to shame.
  • It heats the WHOLE room evenly, without having to use the oscillating fan and the humidifier works beautifully, as well!
  • The heater is an excellent product and warms our house superbly. 
  • This is a wonderful heater. Finally found a heater that heats approximately 600 square feet.
  • Thanks to Dr. Heater, I am older and feel warm to the bone with this heater which because of my age is hard to do.

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It’s A Heater, Humidifier & Air Purifier!


Dr Infrared Heater DR998, 1500W, Advanced Dual Heating System with Humidifier and Oscillation Fan and Remote Control

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The humidifier is great too. My lips had been dry from using another electric heater in this bedroom, but since I started using this one with the humidifier that problem has gone away.


  • The humidifier attachment is a nice plus.
  • This is a feature that I can use even in the other seasons as in the Spring and Fall as well as winter, my skin will dry or my nose will need the moisture in the air.
  • The Humidifier is a great Feature.
  • And with the humidifier sleep well without having a stuffy hose at night.
  • The humidifier has cleared her breathing up and the heater works great compared to the one we had that looked like a fireplace that one it was always too hot or too cold this one works great.
  • It’s a heater, it’s a humidifier, it’s an air purifier as well. 
  • The humidifier is great too.
  • I was surprised how well the humidifier works.
  • The humidifier was the best part plus the remote control.
  • A built-in silent ultrasonic humidifier adds much-needed moisture to the winter air, and the oscillation function evenly distributes warm, moist air throughout your entire room faster.
  • The humidifier has cleared her breathing up and the heater works great.
  • We really like the humidifier part of the heater. It puts out a mist of vapor that helps with the dry air in the winter.
  • The humidifier does a great job and the room hasn’t dropped below 40% relative humidity in spite of the dry heat.

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Looks Attractive & It’s Portable!


Dr Infrared Heater DR998, 1500W, Advanced Dual Heating System with Humidifier and Oscillation Fan and Remote ControlClick image to view on Amazon


My carpeting is thick and the wheels the way they are designed to move very smoothly all around the room.


  • A lovely wood finish surrounds it.
  • The wheels sit on the move so nice and even on carpet.
  • Very portable and has a remote.
  • Lightweight and easy to move from room to room as needed.
  • I like these so much I bought two of them. They also look nice.
  • The wood cabinet on this to me is a very nice design.
  • It’s very quiet, compact, rolls around easily, and has a beautiful wood cabinet that stays cool.
  • This is a nice heater, it just rolls around real easy on wooden/tile floors.
  • Awesome space heater. Looks good in a professional office.
  • It even looks good and is on casters!
  • The compact heating unit can be moved from room to room.

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Fantastic Oscillation Feature & Quiet!


When the cold is to much, the oscillation is a amazing feature, seriously amazing!


  • I have no idea how they get a fan so quiet to push so much air either and the oscillation feature is so quiet as well.
  • This is a spectacular heater. It’s is very quiet, very efficient, heats the room not just spots.
  • It is rather quiet.
  • The remote works great, the oscillation function allows for more precise heating and performs excellently, and the humidifier is a nice touch.
  • Like the oscillating and humidifier features.
  • It puts out plenty of heat and is fairly quiet while doing it.
  • The oscillating fan is nice to spread the heat throughout the room, and the humidifier has added a nice relief from the cold and dry winter air.
  • Quiet, economical, heat up a large room in about an hour.
  • It is quiet and effective, especially with the oscillation feature. 
  • The oscillation, humidifier, remote, and of course HEAT all work great.
  • I also keep it on an oscillating fan to help the heat move farther.

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In summary, the Dr Infrared Heater Advanced Dual Heating System with Humidifier and Oscillation Fan most certainly is a very powerful heater for its size and with the added functionality of humidifier and oscillating fan, this space heater is an excellent buy.

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