Best Goth Makeup Brands: Good Cosmetic Brands

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Goth makeup brands have become increasingly popular among the beauty community, as they offer unique and edgy looks inspired by goth culture. These brands cater to those looking to embrace their inner goth icon or makeup artist, with alternative makeup brands offering emo-inspired makeup with modern twists.

When searching for the best goth makeup brands, it’s important to consider the beauty traits you want to emphasize and the quality of the products. Fellow beauty lovers can recommend brands such as Lime Crime, Kat Von D Beauty, and Black Moon Cosmetics for their dark and daring shades, cruelty-free and vegan options, and long-lasting wear.

Best Goth Indie Makeup Brands

Indie makeup brands have become increasingly popular, especially within the gothic niche. Many of these brands offer unique, high-quality products that appeal to consumers who are looking for something different from traditional makeup brands.

These vegan indie beauty brands offer a wide range of makeup products that are not only ethical but also highly pigmented and long-lasting. They cater to the modern consumer’s demand for quality products that align with their values.

For those who love the goth aesthetic, finding the right makeup might be a challenge. Fortunately, there are some brands out there that cater to this style, and Baby Bat Beauty is one of them. This brand offers high-quality makeup that is cruelty-free and perfect for achieving a bold and edgy look.

Another great option is KVD Vegan Beauty. Their makeup is not only vegan-friendly but also long-lasting and highly pigmented, perfect for creating that dark and dramatic look that goth fashion is known for.

Lime Crime is another go-to brand for goth makeup lovers. With their unique and bold colors and cruelty-free and vegan-friendly ethos, they offer a range of products that are sure to make a statement.

Rituel De Fille offers a more ethereal and mystical take on goth makeup. Their products are inspired by the occult and use natural, non-toxic ingredients, perfect for those who want to create a witchy and magical look.

Melt Cosmetics is a great choice for those who want to take their goth makeup to the next level. Their colors and formulas are bold, pigmented, and long-lasting, making them perfect for creating a dramatic and intense look.

Devinah Cosmetics is another fantastic brand with bold and unique colors that scream goth.

Terra Moon Cosmetics has a diverse shade range with rich pigmentation that will make anyone look perfect.

Lethal Cosmetics is a goth makeup brand with a message – to support the environment.

Deadly Sins Cosmetics is perfect for those who love a bit of drama and glamour all in one package

LunatiCK Cosmetics Lab has a fantastic range of goth-inspired eyeshadows and lipsticks, making it an excellent brand for any goth makeup enthusiast.

Concrete Minerals offers vegan and cruelty-free products that are perfect for creating intense, pigmented looks.

Vampyre Cosmetics specializes in unique, handmade products with a supernatural feel.

Evil Eye Cosmetics has a range of goth-inspired products, including glittery eyeshadows and dramatic lipsticks.

Portland Black Lipstick Co is known for its bold, long-lasting lipsticks that come in a variety of dark shades.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP offers affordable, high-quality products that are perfect for experimenting with different goth looks.

Ulta Beauty is a one-stop shop for all your goth makeup needs, with a wide variety of brands and products to choose from.

Goth Lipstick and Lip Products

Best gothic makeup brands

Gothic makeup is all about dark, moody colors and bold statements. One popular trend is sporting black lipstick or other dark hues like maroon or plum. Liquid and matte lipsticks are also popular picks to achieve that edgy look.

One must not forget to keep the lips in great shape, and lip balms are essential to keep them hydrated. Lip liners help shape and define the desired lip shape, and it’s crucial to pick the right shade to match the lipstick color. Don’t shy away from wearing bold lipstick to make a statement and showcase a personal style.

Goth Eyeshadows and Palettes

Good goth makeup brands

Gothic eyeshadows and palettes are a popular choice for those who love dramatic makeup. These products come in different types such as single eyeshadows, eyeshadow stacks, and eyeshadow palettes.

They have bold and pigmented shades that evoke a dark, moody feel, like black eyeshadow and duo-chrome eyeshadows. For those who love loose eyeshadows, amazing shadows are available to create a unique look.

Some popular gothic makeup palettes are the Goth Makeup Pallet and gothic makeup selections. To achieve a smoky eye, choose dark eyeshadow or use the Venus III Palette or the Prelude Chroma Palette for a review of eyeshadows with great pigmentation. Choose your favorite eyeshadows and create a bold and dramatic look that is perfect for any occasion.

Goth Eyeliners and Lashes

People who are into goth fashion often wear heavy black eyeliner and liquid eyeliner to achieve a dramatic look. Winged eyeliner is also a popular choice. Additionally, lashes are an essential component of the look. People often focus on their upper lashes and lining their lash lines to create a fuller, more intense appearance.

  • Black liquid eyeliner is the preferred choice for achieving a heavy, winged look.
  • When applying, focus on the lash lines and create a bold wing for added drama.
  • For lashes, the focus should be on the upper lashes for maximum impact.

Overall, goth makeup is about creating a bold and edgy look with dramatic eyeliner and lashes.

Goth Foundations and Skin Products

Goth makeup enthusiasts know the importance of foundation when it comes to creating a flawless and striking look. Finding a foundation that matches your skin tone is crucial whether you have pale or dark skin.

For lovers of the goth aesthetic, a lit-from-within complexion is key. That’s why products like Goth White Cream To Powder Foundation are popular, offering velvety full coverage without looking flat or chalky.

For a more dramatic and high pigment look, Matte Finish and High Pigment Max Coverage Foundation are also great options. Remember, the right foundation can make or break your goth makeup look.

Gothic Glitters and Hair Products

Using Gothic Glitters and Hair Products can add some spark to your look. Glitter and hair products, like hair dye, can help you express your individuality and creativity through your hair.

One product that can help you achieve this is Diamond Dew Glitter Eyeshadows. They contain friendly glitter that is safe to use and can be applied to your hair for a dazzling effect.

But, just like with any beauty product, it’s important to read the instructions and use them responsibly. So, go ahead and try out some Gothic Glitters and Hair Products to step up your beauty game.

Conclusion: Best Goth Makeup Brands

Looking for the best goth makeup brands? Well, look no further! For those who want to rock a dark, edgy look, liquid lipsticks, dark lipsticks, goth eye makeup, and black shades are essential.

Embrace your pale skin by highlighting it with eye shadow and flushes of color. For the ultimate goth look, try Lunatick Cosmetic Labs or other great gothic makeup brands. Don’t forget the winged liner and heavy eyeliner for those harsh lines.

And for guys looking to rock the underground scene, there are excellent indie makeup brands waiting for you. Hydrate your lips with deep plum or matte lipstick and finish off your pastel goth look with some Cyber goths inspired makeup.