Best Garage Shelving Units With Wheels (Keep Items Off The Floor)

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These garage shelving units provide the ideal way to keep your garage organized and store all of your items neatly while keeping everything off the garage floor…

If you are in a hurry:

Our best overall is the SafeRacks 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving Rack with 4″ Wheels

Our second best is the Sturdy Steel Heavy Duty 6 Tier Layer Rack with Casters

The most affordable is the AmazonBasics 4-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit

I’m personally blown away by these units and can’t believe I haven’t already got one (The real reason is I didn’t even think of them I have only ever had permanent shelving and cupboards) – well that’s going to change because after reading about these mobile garage storage units I can’t wait to get a few of them.

Every storage unit below is very good and you really can’t go wrong with any of them you chose…

SafeRacks 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving Rack

The SafeRacks 5-tier shelving has the highest percentage of consumers saying they are very happy with its performance in the garage. You can get it with or without wheels depending on your needs – for example, if you have an uneven garage floor you may prefer the adjustable feet however if you prefer the convenience of easily rolling the unit around (very handy for cleaning) then obviously get the wheels…


SafeRacks NSF Certified Commercial Grade Adjustable 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving Rack with 4″ Wheels


SafeRacks NSF Certified Commercial Grade Adjustable 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving Rack with 4" Wheels - 18" x 48" x 72" (18"x48"x72" 5-Tier)

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What Happy Customers Said About The SafeRacks Garage Shelving Unit:


My Garage Is Finally Organized! Hallelujah!


Now I just want to order 2 more….being able to roll them around so easily means you can stack them up in front of one another to fit as much storage in as you can. And this was far more affordable than what I was finding at Home Depot etc.


Great For Storing Things In Your Garage

  • Very generous shelf space and rolls smoothly. It’s helping organize our garage and seems very sturdy.


It Holds All Of Our Supplies And Cleared Up A Lot Of Space On The Floor

  • I was looking for a small rack to hold our cleaning supplies that would fit in the garage next to the wall and was so happy to find this one with the perfect dimensions.


Safe Rack for Garage

  • I wanted to organize our garage when my husband was gone. It was a bit heavy for me but I called in a friend to help put the two top racks in. My garage looks great!


He Likes It So Much He Is Ordering Two More

  • I purchased this for my husband’s birthday to use in the garage.


Wanted To Keep Items Off Floor Easy To Move When Cleaning Garage

  • Used this shelving in garage, bought several sizes. We have 5 of these units now and they help me organize different spaces in our garage and my sewing room easily.


I Bought 2 For Garage Storage And Found Them To Be Excellent Quality

  • We got this shelving unit to put in our garage and hold camping equipment. It is perfect! It is great quality and very sturdy.


I Found Items I Forgot I Had

  • I have been using my garage for storage, and these shelves have made it possible for me to get a lot off the floor and in plain view. 


Use In My Garage To Store All The Loose Item, Including Chain Saw, Gas Cans, Etc.

  • Absolutely a must-buy for garage needs. I love that I can roll it and move it where I need it.

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The Wheels Make It Easy To Move A Large Volume Of Stuff When Rearranging The Garage!


I have ordered 3 now and will get more as needed. They are well built, sturdy, and easy to put together. They come with wheels for mobility and pegs for more permanent use.


SafeRacks NSF Certified Commercial Grade Adjustable 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving Rack with 4" Wheels - 18" x 48" x 72" (18"x48"x72" 5-Tier)

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The Wheels Allows Mobility

  • The shelves assemble easily. The ability to have adjustable shelves allows for extreme flexibility. A bit pricy but you get what you pay for. I will be buying more in the future.


 I Chose This One Because It Has Wheels

  • I was afraid it would be hard to roll with the smaller wheels, but it rolls like a champ while fully loaded with packages.


Great For Storage

  • WONDERFUL product! Super heavy-duty, smooth-moving wheels, and easy to assemble. Have help with the box as it is HEAVY DUTY. This is a great value! You really are getting a superior product at a super great price!


Having The Wheels Made A Difference

  • This rack is very sturdy, not wobbly as other racks I’ve had. The wheels are stable and roll smoothly. Excellent value for the money.


I Can Easily Move It Around My Garage When Needed

  • This unit comes with wheels. Very sturdy. Easy to put together. I had some questions before and after the purchase. Saferacks customer service was very helpful.


The Rolling Wheels Make This Unit Easy To Move When It Comes Time To Clean

  • I appreciate the large caster wheels which make these shelves highly mobile in my garage, allowing me to remove all of the fixed shelving from my walls.


The Wheels That Came With This Rack Were Great High-Quality Wheels

  • I bought this rack for the garage to take things off the floor. It was easy to assemble and sturdy enough to put boxes on.


 I Bought 4 Units All Together For My Garage And In Different Sizes All With Wheels

  • Great Product and Company! Each shelf holds a lot and looks very nice. Fantastic price, you can’t go wrong.

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Meet Perfect Storage Metal Shelf Wire Shelving Unit

This shelving storage unit is proven to work in garages as many people can affirm. In fact, it can be used anywhere around your home and once people try it they usually buy more so they so happy with this product…


Storage Metal Shelf Wire Shelving Unit with Wheels 82″x48″x18″ Sturdy Steel Heavy Duty 6 Tier Layer Rack with Casters

Storage Metal Shelf Wire Shelving Unit with Wheels 82"x48"x18" Sturdy Steel Heavy Duty 6 Tier Layer Rack with Casters for Restaurant Garage Pantry Kitchen Garage Rack Black

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What Happy Customers Said About The Meet Perfect Storage Metal Shelf Unit:


We Bought 4 Of These To Store Things In Our Garage… We Liked Them So Much That We Bought 2 More!


We especially like the fact that we can customize the level of each shelf in order to store a variety of different size boxes, tools, etc. They feel super sturdy and look great!


These Shelves Are The Bomb Diggity

  • I use one in my kitchen storing appliances and dry goods, several in my garage for tools, materials, boxes of stuff. One in my bedroom holds everything from baskets of clothes to electronics and house plants at the window level.


I Got Two To Store Boxes In My Garage

  • Got for pantry dry goods storage, have a pantry in my garage for can goods but too hot of anything else. This unit worked out so well in my laundry room for overflow dry goods I’m getting another for my craft room.


A MUST HAVE For My Garage

  • I love that they have wheels. When they’re loaded down, you can easily move them around. I bought 2, I’m considering ordering another one.


I Have Three Of These In My Garage

  • They hold all sorts of things – a miter saw, air compressor, drills, etc. Shelving height can be made adjustable. The chrome wire allows dust and debris to fall through to the ground. I think this makes the garage cleaner because you can sweep underneath. The castors are solid and beefy. I have moved the shelves on many occasions without taking anything off of them.


A Perfect Garage Storage Rack

  • This one shelving unit got a lot of stuff off the garage floor and organized onto shelves. Rolls easily and holds A LOT.


Garage Storage – Perfect

  • I was able to clean up our garage and put everything on two of these shelving units that roll very easily. You can move them with one person, even weighted down they still are easily maneuverable.


Compulsive Organizer Heaven

  • My neighbors saw them in my garage (I bought 2) and had to order their own. Most of my items are in clear tubs of various sizes. I had everything organized and “tubbed” before putting them together and used the tub to size the height of the shelf so that everything fit perfectly. I used the casters as it makes it easy to clean behind or under the cabinet


My Garage Was A Dumping Ground Until I Found This Shelving System

  • I bought 3 such shelves for my garage. I selected them because they were tall enough and had wheels. Thoughtful design… You have complete flexibility to select spacing between the shelves.

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PayLessHere Wire Shelving Unit with Wheels

The PayLessHere shelving unit is another outstanding mobile storage unit on wheels for your garage. These racks make organizing your garage a breeze…


PayLessHere Wire Shelving Unit with Wheels 6 Tier Heavy Duty Storage Rack Metal Shelf Garage Organizer


PayLessHere Wire Shelving Unit with Wheels 6 Tier Heavy Duty Storage Rack Metal Shelf Garage Organizer Wire Rack 2100 LBS Capacity with Casters-18x48x82 inch,Black/Chrom (Black)

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What Happy Customers Said About The PayLessHere Wire Shelving Unit:


It Looks Beautiful In My Garage And Has Plenty Of Space To Store Lots Of Goodies!


I have several of this shelving all around my house. The six shelves are deep and wide. I really like the fact that these shelves are on wheels. I will be ordering many more of these shelves as time goes by because they look fabulous and keep me incredibly organized. Fabulous price for the quality you get.


We Use These In Our Garage And Basement, It Makes A Big Difference In Keeping Organized

  • I purchased two of these units to place into my garage for an additional storage solution. I liked the functionality of these units since are of commercial grade 82 inches in height, shelving at 48 inches long with 18 inches of depth. They were the perfect solution to my townhome garage since I have the height to accommodate the size.


Bought 7 Of Them… Used For Garage, Craft Room, Laundry Room

  • Awesome storage space for garage, kitchen, greenhouse. Rolls easily even when loaded.


Bought 3 For Our Garage

  • Bought three of these last summer for our garage to replace some old shelving that was falling apart. Love that they are on wheels so we can easily move aside to clean underneath.


Use In Garage For A Lot Of Heavy Storage Needs

  • These shelves are perfect in the garage. Got several and use them in the garage since they can be moved around easily. 


Great For Organizing Your Garage

  • The shelving unit makes storage possible using a smaller footprint in your garage.


These Four Shelving Units Have Completely Transformed My Garage

  • Everything is accessible now because the entire garage is on wheels! Love it.


Got Every Thing Off The Floor In Garage

  • I now have two of these and LOVE them! I bought these shelving units for my garage primarily because they are sturdy AND on wheels that can lock.


Great For Garage Organization

  • The best shelves that I have found. I have purchased these shelves many times and have found them to be a lifesaver. They are very large and perfect for a basement or garage.

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TRINITY EcoStorage 5-Tier NSF Wire Shelving Rack

The Trinity shelving rack is another storage unit on wheels that customers are happy to use in many places around the home including the garage…


TRINITY EcoStorage 5-Tier NSF Wire Shelving Rack with Wheels, 36 by 18 by 72-Inch

TRINITY EcoStorage 5-Tier NSF Wire Shelving Rack with Wheels, 36 by 18 by 72-Inch, Chrome

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What Happy Customers Said About The TRINITY EcoStorage Wire Shelving Rack:


The Shelves Are Great For My Intended Use In The Garage!


I look at this as an attractive, chrome metal shelf unit that goes in just about any decor situation, from a bedroom, to a storage room or garage, to a hall, to an office, to a lab, to a walk-in refrigerator or freezer in a restaurant. Even outside on a porch or patio, as well as various places in a horse barn and tack room. They hold any and everything with ease.


The Wheels Are The Larger, Heavy-Duty Kind, And Lock Securely

  • These also make it easier to clean the garage of leaves, dust, and debris. Great find and purchase.


We Have 5 Of These Units Now

  • They are super strong, sturdy, and on casters, nearly effortless to move around, even loaded down. Perfect for organizing my basement/garage.


I Bought Four And They Work GREAT

  • I needed some shelving for things I store in the garage, but I wanted to be able to move them so I can keep the garage clean.


Highly Recommended Shelving

  • I have a garage and shed full of these. Worth the money, last forever and move around on the wheels easily.


I Put This In My Garage To Hold Storage Bins And Keep Things Organized

  • It holds a LOT of stuff and rolls smoothly and solidly when loaded. Am thinking of getting more as I do my basement and garage.


Great Garage Organization

  • We bought a few of these to organize our garage. Makes for a great way to store your stuff with the ability to move things around a bit when you need to.


They Also Look Very Attractive In Our Garage

  • I have used these same basic shelf units either singularly or in multiples of up to 6 or 8 units very successfully and with total satisfaction since the 1970s. I highly recommend these great, attractive, versatile, strong shelving units to everyone for everything imaginable.


Great Shelves

  • Now I have storage in my garage that can be moved to accommodate my needs – like putting a car in there on snow days!

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BestOffice 6-Shelf Shelving Unit

The Trinity shelving rack is another storage unit on wheels that customers are happy to use in many places around the home including the garage…


BestOffice 6-Shelf Shelving Unit with Wheels Storage Shelves Heavy Duty Metal Shelves Garage Organizer


BestOffice 6-Shelf Shelving Unit with Wheels Storage Shelves Heavy Duty Metal Shelves Garage Organizer Wire Rack Shelving Storage Unit Shelf Adjustable Utility 6000 LBS Capacity-18x48x76,Chrome

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What Happy Customers Said About The BestOffice 6-Shelf Shelving Unit:


Using Them In The Garage For Storage And They Are Perfect!


These are excellent rolling racks. Easy to put together, adjustable and will roll easily even when heavily loaded. We’ve had one for several years and have been fully satisfied. We’ve now added two more to get most of what we have in the garage up and off the floor and yet still easy to move and access. Good investment!


Excellent For Storage In My Garage

  • Very strong and helpful when you want to re-organize your garage with the wheels you just roll the shelf so you can clean the floor and walls.


I Highly Recommend These To Help Keep The Garage Looking Good

  • Bought 2 of these for my daughter to organize her garage and she LOVES them. She’s now asking for additional ones for her Christmas presents. We’ll see. lol


This Rack Was A Great Investment For Our Garage

  • These are more than sturdy enough for anything but heavy warehouse use. I have one that has been loaded with common garage storage items for over six weeks without any of the sagging you get from wood or plastic shelves.


I Use This In Winter To Bring My Plants Into Garage So They Don’t Freeze

  • Comes with the option of splitting the unit into two separate shelving units. Nice and sturdy. This was extremely easy to put together…no tools were needed at all. I am currently using mine as a place to grow plants in my kitchen. I was also able to adjust the shelves to accommodate light fixtures.


These Were A Perfect Solution To Store The “Stuff” In The Garage That You Can’t Just Seem To Throw Out

  • A great addition to my garage. Love the wheels, can move the shelves around as needed.


 Just Bought Our 3rd Unit Works Like A Charm In The Garage

  •  I don’t have to build shelves. Now all my “stuff” has a spot. Got the shelf liners too – everything is working great.


Very Mobile Rack

  • This is our second rack like this. It is great in the garage. It’s very mobile and holds a lot of our odds and ends. It fits the banker boxes from your local Office store to hold things. Nice sturdy wheels on the bottom to move in case you need to clean the garage. I don’t think I will need another as there is plenty of room for all my treasures!


Fantastic Storage Solution

  • Substantial and tall ( I had to shorten it in order to fit it in my shed), very easy to maneuver. Very good storage solution for sheds or garages. I put it in front of the shelves with holiday decorations and move them only once or twice a year.

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Seville Classics UltraDurable Commercial-Grade 5-Tier Wire Shelving

The Seville Classics shelving unit is another excellent storage unit for your home and is another product that works incredibly well in your garage…


Seville Classics UltraDurable Commercial-Grade 5-Tier NSF-Certified Steel Wire Shelving with Wheels


Seville Classics UltraDurable Commercial-Grade 5-Tier NSF-Certified Steel Wire Shelving with Wheels, 48" W x 18" D, Chrome

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What Happy Customers Said About The Seville Classics Garage Shelving Unit:


If You Need Heavy Duty Shelves For Home Or Small Business These Are A Good Bet!


Worth every cent. I’ve spent a lot of time searching for good “utility” shelving and this really does the trick. I tried building shelves like this from wood and they didn’t come close and cost almost as much. This is the biggest version they sell with wheels, and is perfect for a garage. I bought another smaller version to put in my basement.


We Placed All Manner Of Tools And Garage Paraphernalia On Each Shelf And It Holds Beautifully

  • The perfect industrial-look shelving: sturdy, easy to assemble, and budget-friendly! I have several of these in my garage organizing extra food and provisions along with regularly used sporting equipment. The bottom shelf is holding 5 five-gallon water jugs and has very little flex.


A Shelf That Answers The Call To Organization With Style, Build Quality, And Price To Match

  • Just what I was looking for: a sturdy, movable, stainless steel rack for our garage. Since it is movable, IMHO it is better than installing shelves on the wall.


Durable Commercial-Grade Steel Wire Shelving

  • I bought a couple more for my garage and this type of shelving “STEEL” will not let you down and last forever. The wheels are durable and locking. The adjustability of the shelf heights makes these well worth the money.


These Seville Shelving Racks Are Perfect For Storing A Multitude Of Household Or Business Items

  • Perfect for the basement, garage, storage units, stock rooms, tool sheds, and much more. These racks will help you organize and de-clutter.


We Purchased These Shelves For Garage Storage And We Love Them

  • There is enough clearance under the bottom shelf for those occasional flash floods, and the shelves are super sturdy for all those heavy car parts and storage totes. Great purchase, my garage looks super organized!


Perfect For My Garage

  • They are strong and durable, and many people who walk by our garage ask me where I bought them. Having them on wheels is a bonus! Our garage is more organized than ever!


I Have Them In My Home, And In The Garage

  • I am using them in the garage and with large plastic containers have been able to organize and find everything very quickly. I purchased 3 of them and substantially increased my usable storage space.


These Shelves Are Well Worth The Money

  • They are durable and sturdy. The wheels are solid and make moving them a breeze. I used them to organize my garage. Now, everyone who enters (especially men) comment and praise the shelves!

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AmazonBasics 4-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit

AmazonBasics is the biggest seller on our list and actually has the most number of comments about performing well in the garage (this order is in the percentage of comments against overall) so you can rest assured it is a very good storage unit for your garage. It does only have four shelves which are lower than the others however it is also the cheapest on our list…


AmazonBasics 4-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit on 3” Wheel Casters, Metal Organizer Wire Rack


AmazonBasics 4-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit on 3'' Wheel Casters, Metal Organizer Wire Rack, Black (36L x 14W x 57.75H)

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What Happy Customers Said About The AmazonBasics 4-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit:


Multi-Functional Storage Shelves That You Can Use In Many Ways!


I’d highly recommend this for extra storage, or as a microwave cart. I could see several other uses for it as well,like; a bar cart or serving tray, bathroom storage, garage storage, closet storage, etc. It’s functional and looks pretty classy for the price.


Great Shelf For Garage Storage And Maximizing Space And Easy To Move

  • I purchased one of these shelving units a while ago and it worked out well so I bought another. We use them for storage in the garage, but they look quite nice and would look fine in the house as well, like for extra kitchen storage.


Easy To Move Around And Reposition Or Roll From Room To Room

  • Used as storage for my heavier cookware that isn’t used every day. Stored in the pantry and easy to roll out when needed. Use for laundry room, large big-box size laundry detergents and fabric softener, and extra storage in my garage.


I Have 6 Of These Now

  • The chrome appearance is great, and each shelf holds a ton of storage food–my pantry. I have one in the kitchen, 3 in the pantry, and 2 in the garage holding tools. I usually order the 5 shelf model.


It Helped Bring Order To Chaos While Reorganizing Parents’ Attic Space And Garage

  • The best thing of all … they are affordable, strong, easy to set up, and my mom loves the large, lockable wheels which allow for easy movement even when there’s quite some weight on some of the shelves. Will be purchasing more. Oh, and they look nice, too.


It Has Given Me So Much More Space In My Garage And It Gives Me Ample Room To Store My Camping Gear

  • This is perfect for our garage – I put it together myself in about 20 minutes. Very simple and easy to move around – love the locks on the wheels and the option to attach it to the wall, if I decide to remove the wheels later.


I Love, Love, Love These Shelves. I Must, I Purchased 10 Of Them

  • I use them in my garage and I love that I can move them at will to sweep out my garage from time to time…can’t do that easily with stationary shelving. I have had these shelves at work where I found out just how much weight each shelf can hold…amazing! I also like the ability to break these shelves down, which makes for easy transport should I ever have to move to another city.


Very Convenient And Very Cheap

  • I got these shelves for my garage a few months back, and love them so much, I got two more for the basement, and may get even more. These are the best deal for sturdy shelves that are WHEELED. It’s so nice to take an entire shelf of stuff, roll it out of the way to sweep under it, or just move it to a new home when rearranging. No need to take stuff off the shelf before moving.


1/3 The Price At The Local Stores, For Holding Stuff In My Garage It’s Perfect

  • I have several of these carts in my garage to help me organize different types of items. These carts are easy to assemble and a great (and portable) tool to help with storage and organization.

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In summary, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these mobile garage storage units, and what a wonderful idea. I have a garage that has over 20 years of clutter and I have been dreading even the thought of cleaning it.

That is before I stumbled upon these racks with wheels… I can’t believe I didn’t think of something like this before and can’t wait now to get 3 or 4 and finally get my garage in order.

The SafeRacks 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving Rack with 4″ Wheels is a good choice and our top pick however there’s not much between them and it is 5 tier.

If you prefer the 6 tier then the Sturdy Steel Heavy Duty 6 Tier Layer Rack with Casters is a good option.

A lot will depend on your own height – remember you will have to reach those top shelves.

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