Best Floor Chairs For Adults (Great For Kids & Teens As Well)

Floor Chairs For Adults

A floor chair is a type of chair that is built to be set directly on the floor rather than on any sort of platform or legs. This design allows for a great deal of flexibility, with the chair able to be moved easily, usually without having to worry about getting it caught on anything.

These chairs give you a variety of options for how to use them, allowing you to read your latest book, meditate comfortably on the floor, play board games with your family, or even use it as an extra seat at the game time.

While most people think of floor chairs as being used with the living room furnishings, they can be found in just about any room in the home.

They are often used in dorm rooms by students who either cannot afford furniture for their makeshift homes or do not want to make use of their space with furniture; this is especially common when students are involved in heavy partying during their time at school.

The following floor chairs are ideal for adults, kids, and teens. They are adjustable and very comfortable…

The Best Floor Chair For Adults (or Kids) With Comfortable Back Support

This floor chair is your new favorite seat. The super sturdy, oversized steel base measures 30″ x 20″ and has a stylish black powder coat finish for durability. Each chair comes with a removable cover that can be machine washed for easy care.

The memory foam filling is comfortable and helps relieve pressure on the joints when sitting on the floor. The adjustable height from 12″ to 14″ inches supports a variety of sitting positions.

A comfortable seat for reading, watching TV, or playing games. This unique floor chair is designed for use in dorm rooms, kid’s rooms, or living rooms.

It’s very flexible, easy to assemble, and clean. It is perfect for your back support whether you’re watching TV or working on the computer. You can adjust it to 14 different positions to suit your comfort.


BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair



BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair - Pillow Gaming Chair - Comfortable Back Support - Cushion Dorm Rocker - Comfy for Reading Game Meditating - Fully Assembled - Eggplant

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Here Is What Consumers Said About This Adult Floor Chair:


This Is The Best Floor Chair For Adults


The little ones fit in them perfect but even great for adults, I’ve used one a few times when I want to play games without hunching over and hurting my back!

  • I bought one to try figuring at worst I would pass it off to my wife if I was unable to use it. I’m a fairly large man. 6’5″, 240 lbs. I liked it enough that I ordered a 2nd one just for me.
  • We wanted something for gaming that both our 8-year-old son and his friends could use as well as something for adults to use.
  • My wife and I are in our late fifties and we have four adult children. I am 5’11” and weigh around 220. One of my sons is over 6′ and weighs about the same as me.
  • All of us are amazed at how supportive and comfortable these chairs are, sitting by our fireplace, watching television, or playing video games (my sons, not me, haha).
  • As an adult, they are very comfortable for even me to sit on and watch tv/read as well. It allows extra seating in our family room when we have more kiddos over!
  • It’s just a great product. Very comfortable for adults too.

I got my husband and me each one of these adjustable chairs for sitting on the floor and playing video games, but they’re also great for sitting with a book near the fireplace. Extremely comfortable with the padding on the seat…even after sitting for several hours.

  • The kids fight over it and even the dog loves to lay on it. Despite the fighting over it, the chair still works perfectly, which says a lot considering I am a 220lb adult.
  • Originally purchased for kids, but have found that they work fine for adults too!
  • I have only used it for a few days but the kids and adults in our home all think this chair is great and plush.
  • Works great as an adult floor chair.
  • I bought this chair for my disabled adult child to watch movies independently.
  • Comfortable Floor Chair for Adults.
  • Using this chair for 10-month-old son’s play area for the adults ie myself, gramma when she’s watching him.
  • They’re plenty comfortable for adults too.
  • I was very comfortable in it as an adult of 5’6”.
  • Sturdy well made and comfortable for adults too!
  • Large enough for an adult I also sit on it all the time.
  • I bought this for a meditative workshop where we had to sit on the floor. As a senior, this is too hard for me so I brought this floor chair with me to the workshop & everyone was impressed with it.

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The Most Comfortable Floor Chair For Adults

The BirdRock chair is made of high-quality memory foam, which is thick and comfortable. The memory foam stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also has a removable soft plush cover that can be spot cleaned to keep your chair looking new for years to come.

I will not list any more comments about the comfort of this floor chair however so impressive is the comfort level that there is well over another 215 comments raving about how comfortable this floor chair is.

  • It’s very comfortable and I really like that you can customize the recline angle and easily put it away when not in use.
  • Comfort and support are outstanding. 
  • I love this chair. I am 62 years old. 5’6″ and weigh too much (190 pounds). I needed some type of floor chair, so I could play my video game. Those games are so addicting, you might as well be comfortable playing the games.
  • I absolutely loved the chair. I use it mainly for gaming or when I’m watching a movie with my friends. The chair is very comfortable ( I am 5’5″ 250lb) and it has multiple angles you can sit in.
  • It’s very comfortable and I really like that you can customize the recline angle and easily put it away when not in use.
  • When I sit in this my head and neck rest comfortably on the backrest and I have plenty of booty space.
  • I use this to sit at my kotatsu. Great quality, soft, cushioning is comfortable to sit on for hours, easy to adjust the angle.
  • It is very comfortable & reclines fully to a ‘bed.’
  • Let me just say, I’m so glad I went for it. This chair is so comfortable!
  • Great extra seating for t.v. Comfortable for all my 20+-year-olds. 
  • This is perhaps the most comfortable thing I’ve ever had the pleasure to sit on. It sounds funny to say about essentially a reclining memory foam cushion that you can buy for < $100. Yet the fact remains, this is perhaps the most comfortable thing I’ve ever had the pleasure to sit on.

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The Best Adjustable Floor Chair

The Birdrock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair is designed for high-quality chopped memory foam and soft plush fabric to give a comfortable seat on any floor. The memory foam conforms to your body giving you a perfect seat.

Provides back support when sitting on the floor. Open design allows airflow to make sure you are always cool. Ideal for teens, adults, seniors, handicapped, camping enthusiasts, etc.

The adjustment is easy to use and a nice feature. I find I use it to lean back if I am watching a movie. It is comfortable enough that I have slept on it on occasion.

  • If anyone is doing research to buy an adjustable, portable chair to use on the floor, this is it.
  • My wife loves it. It has been a lifesaver during her pregnancy ( especially during the 7th – 9th month). She gets restless legs when sitting on several surfaces but this one helps a lot with minimizing restless legs.
  • Multiple adjustable positions help a lot and are pretty easy to adjust.
  • Completely adjustable, well made, LOTS of cushions & looks stylish.
  • Very comfortable and adjusts to just about any position you like. 
  • It’s pretty nice, it adjusts to a bunch of different positions, it folds completely flat or anywhere in between up to 90 degrees.
  • The adjustable back with all the different positions is great and feels very sturdy to lean up against.
  • I love the fact that it’s adjustable; sometimes you feel like laying down and other times you want a more supportive back. This chair’s definitely got your back.
  • My girlfriend also likes the fact that it can be stored in a corner of the living room after I’m done gaming.
  • I’m 5’8″, 165 with back problems, but it was quite comfortable and easy to adjust.

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Excellent Gift Idea!

Give yourself the perfect seat, either on the floor or on an elevated surface, with the Birdrock Home Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair. This chair is designed with high-quality chopped memory foam and soft plush fabric to give you a comfortable seat on any floor.

It is also designed with an adjustable 14 position backrest so you can lean back for extra back support when sitting on the floor, whether you are working out, stretching, meditating, reading, lounging, or playing games.

I ordered one a year ago as a gift, ordered two more for myself, and a friend was so impressed she wanted two more for herself.

  • I bought two of these as Christmas gifts for the family.
  • Great gift for new parents!
  • Gave it as a gift and I use it more than they do! Very comfy for a floor chair.
  • Purchased these for a Christmas gift and they are perfect for floor seating!
  • Great gift for a 23-year-old.

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Other Excellent Floor Chairs For Adults:


Best Choice Products 360-Degree Swivel Folding Floor Gaming Chair for Home

Best Choice Products 360-Degree Swivel Folding Floor Gaming Chair for Home, Office w/ 4 Adjustable Positions - Gray
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This Gaming chair features a classic yet stylish design that brings a cool look to any gamer’s room.

The seat cushion is made of soft high-density material and the backrest is constructed with high-quality faux leather, providing you with comfortable support.

The reclining back can be adjusted between four different positions, providing you with the comfort you need when getting lost in your favorite games.


Customers said:


  • Adults who have tried it out, expecting it to be flimsy and have commented that the chair is not flimsy at all. 
  • Perfect size for adults, my boyfriend is just over 6 foot and it’s the perfect size for him.
  • Good quality fits the adult size and perfect “gaming” chair that fits the decor of our house.

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Floor Swivel Gaming Chair, 360 Degrees Adjustable Comfy Sofa Chair

Floor Swivel Gaming Chair, 360 Degrees Adjustable Comfy Sofa Chair, Video Game Chair Rocker for Teens Adults
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This 360-degree adjustable gaming chair will make your life much easier. With a swivel base, you can freely move around to make your life easier!

It is especially perfect for reading, playing games, watching TV, meditation, or when a mommy working on a laptop for some time.

The chair can adjust to any angle you want with the lever under the chair. Or you can use both levers under the headrest section to adjust backward and forwards.

This is especially useful when doing work or writing reports! Not only that but it has an open seat design which allows air to circulate more freely than closed designs.


Customers said:


  • I put it in my husband’s study and it works perfectly. It’s easy to fold up. My husband really likes the comfortable pillow & extra detachable cushion. I would highly recommend it.
  • These are amazing gaming chairs. Even comfy for an adult. Love that these aren’t cheesy like most pleather ones out there and fit into my decor seamlessly. Great quality! Don’t hesitate!

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Giantex Floor Folding Gaming Sofa Chair Lounger Folding Adjustable 14-Position Sleeper Bed Couch Recliner

Giantex Floor Folding Gaming Sofa Chair Lounger Folding Adjustable 14-Position Sleeper Bed Couch Recliner (Gray)
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The Giantex floor-folding chair could be adjusted to several angles and it could suit your different sitting requirements.

The back can be easily adjusted to 84.5° from flat to upright, suit different age users, whatever old or young people both could have a good time on it.


Customers said:


  • Big enough for an adult too. I’m 6′ and find it’s a good size overall.
  • Surprisingly comfortable even for adults.
  • Sturdy enough for an adult to use.

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bonVIVO Easy Lounge Floor Chair

bonVIVO Easy Lounge Floor Chair- Adjustable Padded Folding Chair with Back Support, Comfortable Gaming Chair with Backrest for Home and Office, Gray
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The bonVIVO Easy Lounge is a comfortable, versatile floor chair that incorporates an adjustable padded backrest.

The backrest is designed to be easy to adjust and it adjusts in just one hand to help you achieve a more comfortable leaning position for resting and sleeping.


Customers said:


  • Definitely recommend it for adults and children alike.
  • This is a very comfortable, sleek, flexible chair that can be used by children and adults alike. It is nicely padded without being bulky, and it is really easy to move from one place to another. The adjustable back moves smoothly and easily. Great for gaming or just watching TV.
  • They adjust easily and they allow an adult to feel as though they have strong back support.

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Giantex Adjustable Floor Gaming Sofa Chair 14-Position Cushioned Folding Lazy Recliner

Giantex Adjustable Floor Gaming Sofa Chair 14-Position Cushioned Folding Lazy Recliner (Dark Grey)
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This chair is ideal for use while playing games, watching television, or relaxing with a captivating read in hand.

With a generous 14-position recline adjustment, the armrests won’t dig into you back as you sink into it’s soft padding, and it features a built-in magazine rack on the side if you want to kick your feet up and get some reading done.

When this seat isn’t in use, it folds up easily to store.


Customers said:


  • Matches our furniture well and is even sturdy enough for an adult to sit in.
  • So far it is exactly what we hoped for—a floor chair that adults can sit on to read to kids. It lays flat for easy storage under their bed. It has withstood two toddlers playing on it like a boat!
  • They look small but can accommodate adults just fine. My husband could sit comfortably in them and he’s 170+ lbs. Great buy! Actually purchased one more!

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In summary, based on the feedback from people who have purchased these adult floor chairs for themselves and actually used them in real-life situations…

There is no doubt that the BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair takes the prize as the best floor chair for adults.

The company images for this floor chair show only children in the chairs and can look deceptive however when you dig deeper into the no other floor chair came close when it came to comments about how comfortable the floor chair is for adults.

Floor chairs can provide you with that little bit of extra seating that you need for your party. These chairs are great for small spaces because of their ability to fold up and be tucked away after each use.

This makes them very versatile since they can be used not only as an extra seat at your gatherings but also as something to tuck away when you do not need them.

These types of furniture are typically available in a range of colors and styles. Most floor chairs will fold up; some may even fold flat on the ground, while others will fold on their sides or on top of one another.

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