Discover Why The Cosco Folding Chairs Are So Highly Rated

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The Cosco folding chair range of products is the go-to for the best folding chairs that are easily stored, made from top quality materials, fold easily, and look pretty good for folding chairs.

You can use them for extra seating for a variety of occasions including card and games nights, extra seating for parties, Christmas and Thanksgiving gatherings…

Folding chairs for extra seating

The Most Popular Cosco Folding Chair That Is Also A Very Good High Back Office Chair For Any Type Of Computer Work

Cosco Vinyl Folding Chair Black (4-pack)


Cosco Vinyl Folding Chair Black (4-pack)
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What Reviewers Said About This Cosco Folding Chair:


Cosco Folding Chairs Have Always Been a Fan Favorite in My Household and These Do Not Disappoint!

We sell office furniture and cubicles. A large client of ours requested the Cosco chairs. These chairs are very popular and can be used for almost any purpose.

  • The Cosco Vinyl Folding Chairs are perfect for card tables and just having extra chairs for home events.
  • Love the Cosco Vinyl folding chairs. Used them for the holidays and they were perfect.
  • The perfect addition to seating extra people for get-togethers. I like the sturdiness and color. Thank you, Cosco!
  • Very well built. Cosco has always been a good brand.
  • Cosco quality chairs and stain resistant!
  • Since they are vinyl, they won’t be susceptible to stains as much as fabric padded folding chairs.
  • These are great quality folding chairs for an even better price
  • Great quality chairs! Durable, and heavy-weight enough that it isn’t a flimsy chair people are too afraid to sit on.
  • They are of great quality, very comfortable, and fold up nicely for storage.
  • This set of chairs performed admirably. I would recommend them to anyone. Value and product quality are outstanding.

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I Have Had Many Folding Chairs, But These Cosco Folding Chairs Are By Far The Best!


Cosco Vinyl Folding Chair Black (4-pack)
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What a great deal! So functional, comfortable, portable, and actually rather nice looking! In any event, you can’t beat the deal. Don’t hesitate if you’re looking for some fine-looking, durable, and useful folding chairs for informal gatherings, at an unbeatable price.

  • They are well constructed and substantial as well as being easy to store.
  • Amazing folding chairs! We have been using them for a year weekly or more and they have held up amazingly well! No damage to the seat even with frequent use.
  • These chairs fold down really small and they are sturdy and comfy as well.
  • They are very sturdy and fold easily for storage. 
  • The metal frame feels strong and the chair folds and unfolds very easily.
  • Nice folding chair set, worked perfectly around a 6-foot folding table when we had many guests.
  • These are a perfect size. They are easy to unfold and fold back up to store. 
  • They are comfortable, sturdy, and fold very flat.
  • Perfect for a small place you can fold it and keep it anywhere when not in use.
  • These are very well made and easy to fold and unfold.
  • They store tightly together so very little space is required.
  • These chairs are very comfortable and easy to fold and unfold.
  • They are of great quality, very comfortable, and fold up nicely for storage.
  • It’s very comfortable for a folding chair and easy to fold and put away. 
  • The chairs fold nicely and are conveniently able to be stored when not in use. 

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Recommended For Anyone Looking For That Extra Seating When The Whole Family Shows Up!


Cosco Vinyl Folding Chair Black (4-pack)
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We needed extra chairs for our kitchen table when having a lot of family over for a wedding. These chairs did the job great! They are comfortable and clean up easily if anything is spilled on them. We are still using them when people come over because they are easy to move around and work very well.

  • Great chairs for entertaining extra company.
  • These are very nice chairs. I bought them for extra seating during the holidays.
  • I bought this for a Christmas party for extra seating.
  • Great for holidays, extra guests, or whatever extra seating needs you might have.
  • Bought these for extra seating around a craft table.
  • These chairs a great to keep in reserve for when you have extra company. 
  • Great to use for functions where we need extra chairs for our guests.
  • We use them when we need extra chairs at the dining tables and it blends right in.
  • Great extra chairs for parties and family gatherings.
  • I use them when I need extra chairs at the table.
  • They are perfect for extra chairs for parties. 
  • Just what I needed for extra seating for Christmas & the future!
  • Perfect “bridge” chair for situations where you need extra seating or a work table.
  • Exactly what I needed for some extra Thanksgiving guests.
  • Very solid nice set of chairs, great for when the family stops in at Thanksgiving and you need extra chairs.
  • They serve as a great extra seating option for a casual get together.

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The Padded Seat And Back Make The Cosco Chair Fairly Comfortable For A Folding Chair!”


Cosco Vinyl Folding Chair Black (4-pack)
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We host game nights for friends and family get togethers at our house fairly often, so we needed some folding chairs that are comfy even after sitting in them for a while. I also sat in them for three days when I took part in an art fair – no back aches at all! I actually just ordered a second set, because we like them so much!

  • The padded seat and back make them fairly comfortable for a folding chair.
  • These chairs are very comfy for a folding chair.
  • They actually are attractive for a basic folding chair, and they are comfortable.
  • The padding makes it very comfortable to sit upon & it looks nice, too.
  • There’s a bit of a seat cushion which makes it much more comfortable than a standard metal folding chair--we sat for hours after dinner and it never got uncomfortable.
  • The padding is more than I thought it would be.
  • They are sturdy, solid, well-padded, and comfortable, with perfect table height, even at our dining table.
  • The padded seat made the chair more comfortable than a typical metal folding chair.
  • Padded seats are comfortable. Works great for my poker room.
  • The padded back & seats make these seats very comfortable for card games.
  • I was pleasantly surprised that they are padded and comfortable.
  • The padding seems pretty good so far, more comfortable than my other chairs (which are also padded).
  • Happy to find extra utility chairs for gatherings with nice padded seats and backs for comfort, much better than plain metal.
  • Very, very comfy chairs. The padding makes all the difference!

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My Husband is 250+ lbs And The Chair Was Sturdy Enough For Him!


Cosco Vinyl Folding Chair Black (4-pack)
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I have had these chairs for about 2 years now. I use them for parties and family get togethers. They are sturdy and can comfortably hold a 275lb man without feeling like they are going to snap. They clean up easy and the padding is holding up pretty well.

  • These wipe-clean very nicely and feel sturdy without being uncomfortable.
  • Sturdy for heavier adults and light enough for older adults to carry.
  • They are sturdy and don’t feel cheaply manufactured.
  • The chairs are sturdy and exactly what I was looking for.
  • Light enough to move easily but sturdy.
  • These chairs are very sturdy and have a nice padded cushion to them.
  • They do not move around and they are sturdy.
  • Very Sturdy and comfortable. I’m 6’4 280 lbs, have no issue sitting for long periods.
  • They are even sturdy enough to seat my 250 lbs without a creak.

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Cosco Provides The Best Folding Chair For The Money


Cosco Vinyl Folding Chair Black (4-pack)
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Very decent chairs for the price. For the cost of two or just one chair from other brands, this is a great bargain. They are sturdy and don’t feel cheaply manufactured.

  • I love this chair in terms that it’s a huge value for the price, one of the most affordable racing-style chairs in this range.
  • These were a great buy for the money.
  • For relatively inexpensive chairs, these are worth the money.
  • These chairs were a great value for the money.
  • Great for the money; comfy and on the nicer end of foldable chairs.
  • These are great quality for an even better price.
  • I am very pleased with this purchase, especially for the price.
  • These are a great value for the price.
  • Very comfortable and the price is amazing for 4 chairs of this quality.
  • These chairs are the same quality as the higher priced ones. 
  • Fantastic chairs for that price! Padded seats. Looks expensive.
  • Very well made for the price point.
  • These are really nice quality chairs with thick soft cushioning built-in, and the price is fabulous.

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More Excellent Cosco Folding Chairs To Consider:


Cosco All Steel Folding Chair Antique Linen (4-Pack)

Cosco All Steel Folding Chair Antique Linen (4-Pack)
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The Cosco All-Steel Folding Chair comes in a set of four and includes a generously padded seat and back for added comfort. The contoured fabric is easy to clean, and with the all-steel construction, this chair is meant to last.

The convenient folding chairs are designed to be stored away after use or stacked for convenient storage. Each sturdy steel chair can hold up to 250 lbs of weight.


Reviewer Comments:


We needed some extra folding chairs for when family come to visit. We wanted all metal. These are quite comfortable for an all metal chair, we like the linen color, and they are easy to setup and sturdy.


  • The chairs are of high quality, and very sturdy.
  • We are a family of large people and I have confidence in these chairs.
  • These chairs are great for spare seating.
  • I use them when I have a large dinner crowd and not enough chairs around my table.
  • They are light-weight and easy to store.
  • I like that they are metal all the way around because it is easy to keep them clean and my Cats nails have nothing to poke through.
  • They look nice, are sturdy and a great price since you get four.
  • Great chairs at an even better price.
  • They’re used for family parties and will work great for years.
  • If you need extra chairs for those times that you have people in for meetings or other events, these chairs are excellent.
  • They appear much more expensive.
  • Very sturdy and substantial.
  • I bought 8. Use them often.
  • I’ve had other brands. These are far above in quality.

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Cosco XL Comfort Folding Chair Black Fabric (4-Pack)

Cosco XL Comfort Folding Chair Black Fabric (4-Pack)
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The 4-pack of Cosco Comfort Folding Chairs are up to 38% larger than standard foldable chairs and come with soft padded fabric seats and backs.

They are easy to transport with 4 carrying handles that can be stowed away for more compact storage, and feature a bonus side table for drinks or plates of food.


Reviewer Comments:


The seats are very wide and the cushion is double the height of the regular Cosco chairs. We had 12 Cosco chairs and people realized there was a different pattern for the 4 xl chairs and would try to get one of those seats to sit in.


  • These Cosco chairs certainly distinguish themselves as superior to their competition.
  • I’m a big guy — 6′ 1″ and 250 pounds, so I’m used to folding chairs “sighing” when I sit. These chairs did not flinch, and the extra width is nice for adults of all sizes.
  • These are truly exceptional folding chairs.
  • They are considerably larger in their seat depth and back height than standard folding chairs, which makes them far more comfortable than others.
  • We bought these chairs for a family event. They ended up being so comfortable and sturdy that now we use them for much more everyday use.
  • I would definitely buy these over standard folding chairs.
  • The extra width and the cushioning makes them a favorite at family gatherings.
  • They look nice and the main difference I could tell between the XL and standard folding chairs is that the back is larger and therefore more comfortable.
  • It doesn’t cut into the mid-back and feels more substantial to lean back into.
  • Awesome! Comfy, nice-looking much better than the boring everyday fold up chairs. I don’t hesitate to put these out at parties, Holidays, anytime.
  • Head and shoulders above a “normal” folding chair.

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Cosco Resin Folding Chair with Molded Seat and Back White Speckle (4-Pack)

Cosco Resin Folding Chair with Molded Seat and Back White Speckle (4-Pack)
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Whether you’re hosting a family barbecue or catering an outdoor wedding ceremony, these durable folding chairs will be a welcome addition to your event.

Each chair boasts a sturdy steel frame with solid construction and polypropylene seat and back, making it an ideal choice for any occasion.

Available in a wide variety of colors to suit your personal style, these versatile chairs are sure to bring pizzazz to any table setting.

And when the party is over, simply fold each one flat and stack it away for easy storage when not in use. The possibilities are endless with these elegant folding chairs!


Reviewer Comments:


These chairs are well made and very comfortable. Sturdy to say the least… I weigh 250 and these chairs hold up!!!


  • Durable, comfortable, light but sturdy, good-looking, easy to clean, easy to carry.
  • Got these for extra seating at Holiday time!
  • They were surprisingly comfortable, pretty light-weight, and easily stored!
  • These chairs do a great job of holding almost any sized person.
  • I wanted to get something that would look good but last for years to come. These chairs fit the bill.
  • This was a very good and sturdy set of chairs for the money.
  • Great chairs for entertaining extra guests for holidays or other events dining!!
  • We keep these in our storage closet for parties when we have more guests than our dining room table chairs can seat.
  • They are very durable, easy to clean, and easy to store!

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Cosco Fabric Folding Chair Antique Linen (4-pack)

Cosco Fabric Folding Chair Antique Linen (4-pack)
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The Cosco Pacific Fabric Folding Chair is great for any social occasion like camping, fishing, tailgating, and more.

A portable design allows it to fit anywhere with ease. The chair has a comfortable padded fabric seat and back and a stylish antique linen-colored finish.


Reviewer Comments:


The cushioning is a huge upgrade over normal folding chairs! When not in use, we keep them under the bed stacked on top of each other. They’re great for extra chairs and they’re easy to store!


  • They are more comfortable than most folding chairs I’ve sat on.
  • I was very pleased with the look and quality of these chairs.
  • They are also very comfortable and sturdy.
  • The chairs fold up easily enough so that I can bring them inside this time and not consume a wintery death.
  • These chairs are reasonably priced for a fabric folding chair.
  • I did my research on many options for folding chairs and these are winners for sure!
  • I got a great deal on these chairs and they are nice sized chairs, a little bigger than my other fabric folding chairs so that made my day!
  • Nice folding chair to have around when extra seating is necessary!
  • The chairs are a nice step up from regular metal folding chairs.
  • These chairs add what’s lacking in the old school classic folding chair….padding.

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Cosco Commercial Fabric Folding Chair, 4 Pack, Black Fabric/Hammertone Frame

Cosco Commercial Fabric Folding Chair, 4 Pack, Black Fabric/Hammertone Frame
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The Cosco Commercial Fabric Folding Chair is designed to handle lots of wear and tear from day to day use.

The special resistant nylon mesh seat back combined with the fabric padded seat also provides ventilation so you can stay cool, making this chair a great addition to your facility.

It’s versatile and perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings like sporting events, training areas, schools, and much more.


Reviewer Comments:


I needed a pair of folding chairs when friends come over to game and these worked perfectly. The resin has enough give to be comfortable for hours at a time and it being meshed make it breathable. Folds up just like a normal folding chair and stores easy.

  • Lightweight easy to store and use for the extra needed chair. Not cheap looking.
  • I would easily recommend if you need a sturdy and fairly comfortable set of folding chairs.
  • My wife loves them for her crafting time with her friends.

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In summary, the Cosco Vinyl Folding Chairs leads the way in an all-star cast of incredible Cosco folding chairs that is the go-to brand for the best folding chairs.

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