Best Tumbling Composter With Two Chambers (Black Color Helps)

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A compost tumbler with two chambers that is so easy to use that even complete beginners love it. The black tumbling composter is easy to use, easy to load and unload, easy to assemble, easy to spin, and produces rich nutrients for your garden…

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Introducing A Tumbling Composter That Makes Composting So Easy Anyone Can Do!


FCMP Outdoor 37 Gallon Black Tumbling Composter


FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter, 37 gallon, Black
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The FCMP Outdoor 37 Gallon Black Tumbling Composter…


The Black Color Really Helps To Build Up Heat Necessary To Break Down The Material!


It’s been fun experimenting with C/N inputs and moisture levels in here, and in the summertime it works quite quickly with the black plastic.


  • And it is black, which is great for getting the heat up, even if the temperature outside is cool.
  • I spray painted the metal legs black which greatly improved its appearance.
  • It works better than promised (you just need to follow instructions). It would work even better if I put it in the sun, but my wife wants it hidden at the edge of the woods.
  • I sprayed the legs black and you really can not see it.
  • The black helps to heat things up quickly & get it working fast.
  • Easy to assemble and also easy to tumble to mix compost. Black plastic soaks up heat.
  • I did spray paint the metal legs black to make them less noticeable.
  • Thanks to the black plastic, if you keep this in direct sunlight it really heats up, which speeds up decomposition.

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An Easy To Use Compost Tumbler Even For Complete Beginners!


FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter, 37 gallon, Black

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It does not take much space and it’s incredibly easy to use. I’m a beginner gardener, but I immediately felt that this was a great choice.


  • This is an awesome composter for a beginner! I’ve loved putting all my fruit/veggie/plant scraps in here. I just got my first load of compost out last week and it was gorgeous.
  • I just love it because it makes composting easy so that anyone can do. I feel much better not throwing everything in the landfill. A great addition to the backyard.
  • Small and lightweight make it perfect for a beginner composter.
  • Easy enough to use that my kids can slide the doors open, put in dead leaves from the yard, and mix it themselves.
  • Great beginner composter.
  • This thing… wow. It was really difficult to choose a composter. This one received great reviews, so I went with it.
  • I can not tell you how fast this breaks down my kitchen waste.
  • Perfect size for a beginner composter wanting to recycle our veggie scraps, grass clipping, leaves, etc., to amend our garden soil.
  • This is a good size for a beginner at composting. It wasn’t too difficult to assemble. It’s going to be a good addition to our gardening.
  • Great compost tumbler, makes composting so easy!
  • Still impressed, so easy to use! We have had this composter for over 4 years now and it continues to perform year-round just fine!
  • I’ve never composted before but this nifty tumbler makes it super easy
  • Once assembled and placed in my yard, it’s been super easy to use. Drop-in your materials, turn a few times and walk away. Even my kid’s help.
  • I was a total newbie to composting, and I’ve found this composter easy to use with the sliding door for both adding and removing the compost.

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The Tumbling Composter Is Very Easy To Turn!


This composter make making compost easy, it is very easy to turn the barrel even when full and the slot allows me to fit a small shovel into the opening


  • I was able to ditch the shovel because of the tumbling feature which is so easy to turn even if it’s full to the brim.
  • It’s very easy to turn the compost by just rolling the bin around.
  • I’m not the strongest person ever and I only have to exert myself a little bit to turn this.
  • Right now it is half full and he has tumbled it twice. Tumbling is easy just spin it.
  • I love this compost tumbler. It is just the right size and seems really sturdy. It is easy to fill and spin.
  • It’s very sturdy, easy to move, and spins easily. 
  • I love this compost tumbler — it’s a perfect size and so easy to use and spin.  
  • This rolling composter is easy to rotate and off the ground, therefore no little critters have access to rotting materials.
  • It is very easy to slide the door open and spin. My 6-year-old son is loving to compost because of the ease.
  • Love the fact that it spins which makes it easy to flip the items a couple of times a day rather than having to do it by hand.
  • I bought it for my mother who loves to garden. She loves that there are 2 different batches and it is so easy to turn.
  • Tumbles with ease and has two separate compartments for different timing of composting items

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This Black Tumbling Composter Is Easy To Assemble!


I really like this compost tumbler, I had checked on a few different models of composters and ended up with this one, it was extremely easy to setup it took about 45 mins. to completely setup.


  • It seems sturdy and was fairly easy for her to assemble with coaching from Dad.
  • I’m not a compost scientist, but this was easy to assemble.
  • To me, this was quite easy to assemble. It took less than 30 minutes to do it alone.
  • Nice compost tumbler! Arrived very fast, easy to put together, a small footprint, and a very good price!
  • I love this compost tumbler. It was fun and easy to put together!
  • It was easy enough to assemble and the perfect size for our use.
  • This tumbler was super easy to put together and so far, I’m happy with it.
  • Assembly was fairly easy since the product was intelligently designed.
  • It’s very sturdy and easy to put together. Actually quite fun! Like building legos.
  • I put it together with my Dad in about 20 minutes and we didn’t argue once.
  • It is simple to assemble, just a whole lot of screws so make sure you use an electric screwdriver and it is easier with a second set of hands.

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A Compost Tumbler That Is Easy To Load!


FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter, 37 gallon, Black

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The separate, well-marked sides makes it easy to keep track of which side is cooking and which side can be added to, etc. I’ve tried several different systems and this is the easiest to use and to start things “cooking” in.


  • It’s sturdy and light, easy to fill and empty, and I appreciate the reminder embossed on top which tells me which side to throw stuff in when I’m tired and inattentive.
  • Easy to load and works quite well. I can’t believe how it’s cut down on trips to the town dump and just feels good to return stuff from the earth back to it.
  • It’s easy to load and easy to rotate. Great composter at a great price.
  • Very sturdy frame! Heavy-duty materials! Well thought out design! Great for loading and unloading materials, I was concerned with how small the door looks in the pic but in real life, it’s more than adequate.
  • LOVE the double bin, I can have 2 loads going at once!
  • Great height, I’m 5’10’ and don’t have to strain my back to load/unload. 
  • Easy to open and easy to load – so pretty much what’s not to like?
  • Much neater! It’s also very easy to stop the Yimby with the door at the top for easy and non-messy loading.

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A Tumbler Compost Bin That Is Easy To Empty!


Emptying it has been easy, you just turn the opening to the bottom, place a bucket or pan under it, open and let gravity do most of the work. It’s pretty fast also.


  • It turns easily enough and emptying it takes a few minutes. The two-sided bins work well and hold a lot of refuse.
  • I just put a clean plastic kitty-litter type bin underneath, turn it so the opening is facing down, then carefully slide the “cooked” side open and gently rock the barrel to empty the contents into my plastic bin.
  • And as to emptying of a full unit just slide the slider over, it goes over or slides or comes out completely.
  • It looks great – easy to add materials and easy to empty – I use it mostly for kitchen materials – supplemented with leaves/brown material.
  • Best compost tumbler I have ever used I have owned three and this one is easy to use and empty.
  • It doesn’t have a handle, but that’s a positive. Handles could break.
  • Little advice… find a bucket to put underneath when ready to empty.
  • Neighbors had this, and I bought it! Easy to use and easily emptied into a pail for putting in your garden!

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A Tumbling Compost Bin With Dual Chambers!


The dual chambers should make for an easy way to let one side do it’s thing after full while still being able to add new material to the other side.


  • This dual-chamber tumbling composted is awesome. It’s very sturdy and feels solid in quality.
  • I like that it has two chambers, so you can feed one while the other is “cooking.”
  • We have one batch already in the tumbler. I did lots of reading and two chambers are highly recommended.
  • The compost tumbler is doing great! The first side has finished compost and the second side is “cooking”, and getting there.
  • Love the two chambers. Had kitchen scraps started in a bucket. Very easy system. Very pleased with this sturdy yet simple design! Highly recommend.
  • The two-chamber design is smart and once there’s enough material to start the composting process, it’s large enough so you’re not emptying it all the time.
  • I set it up with 2 chambers. One for the compost that’s been there for a little while and then once that gets full we use the other chamber.
  • What I love about this particular tumbler is its two-chamber design. I can fill one side while the other is curating. 
  • Having 2 chambers is great as I will fill one over the course of a summer, then let it finish the second summer while I fill up the other chamber.
  • This system allows you to make your composted ingredients THEN LEAVE IT ALONE AND SPIN IT while you create another mix in the second chamber.

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A Black Tumbling Compost Bin That Is Critter-Proof!


The best thing about it is that it keeps out rodents & other critters who always got into our big heap then our Dogs would bark at them in the night as they raided our heap.


  • This is exactly what I had in mind for a compost tumbler! It’s contained, closed-in to keep critters out of it, unlike the other one I had.
  • I’ve been loading it with recyclables for over a month now and it doesn’t smell, is critter proof, is easy to rotate, and seems sturdy and ready for the long haul.
  • It has kept my compost protected from critters and is very low-maintenance – no turning of compost!
  • We absolutely love this composter. Keeps the critters out and makes the black gold.
  • This was a gift that turned out to be a perfect size and very critter and dog-proof.
  • No problems with critters, though there are squirrels and skunks in the neighborhood.
  • So far it has done a really good job of keeping in any sort of smell so I don’t have annoyed neighbors, is obviously very critter-proof (minus all the tiny bugs and ants that get in), and everything is decomposing nicely.
  • This rolling composter is easy to rotate and off the ground, therefore no little critters have access to rotting materials.
  • Also great customer service. I don’t usually write reviews, but they deserve some kudos. They’re responsive and they stand by their product

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Great Compost For Your Garden!


I had two wheelbarrow loads of compost, which I put in my vegetable garden before planting tomatoes, beans, and okra. The garden is doing great, producing a lot of beans, okra, and beautiful, juicy, meaty tomatoes. 


  • THIS has been a great addition to having healthy garden growth without chemicals.
  • Makes beautiful compost and I would recommend it as an affordable alternative to the more expensive tumblers.
  • It holds MORE THAN ENOUGH materials for my garden.
  • Definitely recommended for a small family who wants to make their own quality, garden compost.
  • I love turning all my kitchen scraps, garden cuttings, and old leaves into beautiful compost that will help the garden and the planet.
  • My garden has benefited from the mulch. It is a great addition to my attempts to grow a backyard garden.
  • There are also built-in water drainage holes in between the hexagonal slats, so the contents are ideally moist, and never soggy.
  • Now that I have the composting tumbler it’s much easier to add compost and remove the good dirt to use in my garden
  • I keep a tub under and spray water into it to make a compost tea to water some plants.
  • This bin is amazing. It decomposes our food scraps very quickly. Our garden looks amazing.
  • You can just as easily make compost tea by using a handful of the compost and letting it sit in water for a while.
  • I’ll soon use the finished compost to side-dress my okra in the vegetable garden.
  • The Compost tea drips from these holes so put a bucket under and voila!, instant fertilizer.

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What Are Wonderful Gift Idea!


I am already contemplating purchasing a second and think it would be an excellent gift for a gardener in your life. 


  • I bought this as my early Mother’s day gift! Move over jewelry here comes dirt 🙂 I am thrilled with it.
  • Yes, I am very happy, this was a gift from my husband. 
  • My wonderful sons sent this as a Mother’s day gift and I couldn’t be more thrilled.
  • I received it as a gift and totally love it!!
  • This was a Christmas gift for my dad who is an avid gardener. This compost tumbler has helped him create fertile soil for his garden at his new house. He absolutely loves this thing!
  • I gave this to my parents for Christmas and my mom about flipped out. She apparently has always wanted one, so this was a perfect gift.
  • Have two in our yard and bought another as a gift.
  • Bought this as a gift for our daughter, and she LOVES it!
  • My husband LOVED his birthday gift and has shown it to anyone who visits!

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In summary, if you want a black tumbling compost you will be hard-pressed to find a better option than the FCMP Outdoor 37 Gallon Black Tumbling Composter.

The black color helps retain heat creating a faster-composting process. It is easy to operate and blends nicely into your backyard.

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