Best Bath Caddy For Ipad (Reading, Phone, Wine Glass, More)

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Discover the best bath rack for reading with this gorgeous bamboo bath tray caddy. This bath caddy is the ideal bath rack for holding your Ipad, phone, books, candles, soaps, shampoo, snacks, a cup of tea, or even your glass of wine…

This bathroom caddy is so convenient and now you can rewind after a hard day by enjoying a long hot soak in your bath while watching a movie on your Tablet or reading a good book…

The Estala bamboo bathtub tray will make your bathing experience even more relaxing and enjoyable. The bathtub accessory features designated spaces and holders for your bath books, tablet, phone, cup, glass, candles, and other bath accessories.

It is crafted from natural bamboo with elegant silver fittings and sturdy construction that will ensure stability and strength.

The Best Bath Caddy For Reading With Plenty Of Space For Ipad, Phone, Books, Candles, Wine Glass, and More

This bathtub tray is made of durable and easy-to-clean bamboo wood, which gives it a natural and modern look. It’s designed to be lightweight and portable for complete convenience.

Designed with designated spaces and holders for your bath books, tablet, phone, cup, glass, candles, and other bath accessories – whatever your heart desires.

The very top holds your tablet or phone securely in place with a built-in adjustable strap that keeps it in its place without sliding off. It features a 360° swivel hook that allows you to hang the tray from anywhere in your tub, so you can use it while soaking in the tub.


Estala Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy Organizer


Estala Bamboo Bathtub Tray Bathroom Caddy, Bathtub Caddy Organizer Bath Tray for Tub - Durable Bamboo with Nonslip Bottom & Extendable Sides - Book/Tablet Holder, Wine Glass Holder & Soap Dish (White)

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What Consumers Said About This Bath Rack For Reading:


The Ideal Bath Rack For Ipad, Tablets, Books – Relax While Watching Entertainment or Reading

The Estala Bamboo Bathtub Tray is designed to make your bath time more fun and enjoy the process. This bathroom tray is easy to assemble, durable and cozy that will leave you feeling refreshed after each bathing session. Let’s splash into the tub!

I have my glass of wine and my Ipad and I watch my shows while I’m soaking. It’s soooooo nice…

  • We can set an iPad or phone on the top without fear of it falling in the water. Enough space for a cup of tea, shampoo, soap, etc. Well made. Very pleased.
  • I bought this for my wife for her birthday and she absolutely loves it. She loves to take a bath and read a book or work on her tablet/iPad.
  • Love that the book/iPad stand has ridges to keep your items from slipping into the tub.
  • The product has enough compartments to hold all the things I need when I am bathing. I can watch a movie on my iPad, read, or just listen to music and relax.
  • I love the little flap to hold my iPad or a book, and I put a candle in the circular cup holder.
  • It is beautifully crafted, has lots of space for your items, and I love the strong back support for an iPad or book.
  • I really LOVE my bath tray. It allows me to watch funny videos, surf the internet, and read books on my phone/tablet while laying back and relaxing.
  • It’s very sturdy on the tub and holds up to my tablet.
  • So fun to finally have a fantastic white caddy that looks beautiful in my bathroom, and classy. I put my iPad against the holder, my glass of wine in the holder…..and soak my cares away.
  • My iPad fits great for reading and watching tv in both directions. 
  • I like I can set my phone or tablet, a glass of wine, and a candle, and not be afraid they will fall into the tub.
  • This is a great white bath rack for lounging in the tub! Perfect for setting up a book, tablet, or whatever you use for entertainment.

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This Bamboo Bath Caddy Is Beautiful And Great Quality

The Estala Bamboo Bathtub Tray Bathroom Caddy is an easy way to add elegance and function to your bathroom. The roomy and stable bamboo tray can hold all your needs while you’re soaking in the tub, and its design will fit right in with any decor.

This bamboo bath caddy is such a nice product, I was very surprised at the quality of the wood…

  • A beautiful dark stain looks richer than the bamboo.
  • I love everything about this bathtub tray! It is a beautiful color.
  • It is very sturdy. Made very well. Looks beautiful on the tub.
  • I love this bathtub tray. It’s beautiful and holds so many different items. It’s very well made.
  • The Tray is beautiful and very functional. 
  • Beautiful in person! Very well made and tones of bamboo are a good mix.
  • Absolutely beautiful, sturdy, and well made.
  • It added a beautiful accent to our bathroom!
  • Beautiful craftsmanship!
  • This was even more beautiful in person the color matches perfectly for my bathroom.
  • It’s a beautiful tray, a very nice option compared to metal tub trays. I especially love the book prop and the wine glass slot!
  • Beautiful finishes and space. Great organization for tablets, etc.
  • I love this bath caddy! There’s a place for everything and the craftsmanship is beautiful. Gorgeous color!
  • Really great quality and beautiful enough to leave out when not in use.
  • The item is even more beautiful in person and the dark wood is smooth and rich.

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Lots Of Space For Everything You Need To Relax In The Tub

Designed for maximum space efficiency, the tray allows you to keep all your essentials within reach. Keep your favorite book or tablet within arm’s reach while you relax, or keep your glass, cup, towels, candles, and other accessories organized at the side of the tub. The simple, elegant design will also match well with any decor.

All the little compartments and features allow me space for my phone, a rack for my Kindle, a soap dish and even a drink holder…

  • Enough space for a cup of tea, shampoo, soap, etc.
  • It can accommodate books, tablets, & multiple glasses of your favorite beverage all at the same time.
  • There’s plenty of usable space for candles, drinks, phones, etc.
  • It has space for everything you need!
  • There is also lots of space for any spa products you would want to use. Love this caddy!
  • It has room for all the necessities for that lovely long soak.
  • I have bought several bathtub caddies. This is the first one I kept. Lots of room for everything I need while soaking.
  • It has a spot for my candle, my green tea, a book, and a small plate of mandarin oranges!
  • I was able to enjoy my bubble bath while going through my emails and felt safe that my computer was well supported.
  • It is well made and they seem to have thought of everything!

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A Very Handy Luxurious Item For Long Soaks In The Tub

There are many features of the Estala Bamboo Bathtub Tray that make it a top choice for your next purchase. The tray comes with holders for your tablet, phone, cup, glass, candles, or whatever else you need for an enjoyable bath experience.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! As a busy mom of 4, I need that special time to myself and I’ve always loved just soaking in the bath. This is perfect for me and anyone else who enjoys the art of relaxation…

  • It works so beautifully in my tub and when I just want to relax and be able to pamper myself, I don’t have to worry about anything spilling into the tub.
  • Sometimes we forget to pamper ourselves and this is a nice little reminder.
  • I love taking long baths and now I can unwind after a long day with a glass of wine and a good book and not have to worry about soaking the pages!
  • You can’t go wrong with this bath caddy if you are looking for something to read or watch on it while soaking in the tub. 
  • I love this bath tray! Tub soaks are my #1 way to relax and unwind after a stressful day and this just upped the spa game!
  • Very handy for long soaks in the tub. Looks very luxurious!
  • I picked this bath caddy because of the ratings it had. It did not disappoint. Sturdy and pretty perfect for my soaking tub.
  • Great to facilitate a long soak with all your drinks, media, etc. great gift!
  • I really like this product- it has significantly increased the length of my tub time.
  • I love that I can have snacks and entertainment while I soak without constantly cleaning out of the tub to respond to a text or grab some wine. It’s very pleasing to the eye as well.

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This Bath Tray Is The Best Gift Idea For All Occasions

The Estala Bathtub Tray Caddy is the perfect solution for bath lovers. The tray is crafted with a classy bamboo design, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Its surface area is large enough to hold your cell phone, tablet, or book while you are enjoying your bath.

My Wife is so happy with her new bathtub tray !!! I as the gift purchaser am more happy then my wife because the craftsmanship is outstanding. I recommend any person needing a bathtub tray purchase from here and you both will be happy just like us…

  • This would make a great gift so I’ll keep it at the top of my list come Christmas time!
  • You will love this, it’s such a wonderful gift!
  • This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift trust me.
  • Planning on buying another for a friend who’s also building as a housewarming gift.
  • This product is such a wonderful necessity for yourself or as a gift.
  • Best gift to myself!
  • But I would still order more and gift them to my girlfriends. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made!
  • We bought the caddy as a gift for our daughter-in-law. To say she was thrilled is an understatement. She is loving everything about it.
  • I bought this as a gift for a friend who LOVES taking baths. Something that every bath taker should have for extra relaxation “me” time. I bought a bunch of things for her to use with it, like a bottle of wine and a good book.
  • This bathtub tray was a gift for my daughter and exceeded all of her expectations.
  • I highly recommend this item as a special gift or for a personal indulgence!
  • Would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys a little self-care.
  • Bought it as a gift for my granddaughter for Christmas. She loved it.
  • This was a birthday gift for my wife and a great addition to her bath. It’s very nice looking and well made. Easy to reposition but without worrying it will slide off the edge.
  • I bought it as a gift and kept it for myself.
  • This was a Christmas gift for my mother for her new clawfoot tub and she loves it.
  • A family member saw it and wants to buy it for all her family members as holiday gifts.
  • Purchased as a gift and it was perfect. Very well made with lots of great features
  • I will certainly reorder, recommend, and gift to family and friends!
  • Bought this as a bridal shower gift for my SIL and it’s beautiful and just as pictured!
  • I absolutely love my tray which was given to me as a birthday gift.
  • This has got to be the best gift I have ever got for my wife, now I know why she loves it so much I used it my self and now we both rush home to see who gets to the whirlpool tub first.
  • I received this bath caddy as a Christmas gift and could not be happier. 

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An Extendable Bath Rack That Stretches To Fit Your Bath

The Estala Bathtub Tray’s unique design allows it to fit virtually any size bathtub. Made from natural solid bamboo, this tray is sturdy and durable. The tray’s rustic bamboo finish gives it a rich look that will be sure to complement your bathroom decor.

Great bath tray! I have a wide, corner tub so I needed a tray that would fit. This tray was just what I was looking for! I had everything I wanted within easy reach.

You can place the Estala Bathtub Tray on the edge of the tub, next to the tub, or even in your shower! Using just one hand, you can easily lift this lightweight tray out of the bathtub and use it as a towel rack or for extra storage space.

  • It expands to fit any size tub.
  • Fits our tub perfectly and we love that it’s extendable. 
  • The tub I have is pretty small and I was worried about the lip being big enough to hold the tray in place, especially putting electronics on it if it wasn’t going to be stable. But it turns out it fits perfectly, and it comes with some rubber stick-on pads for the bottom which make it very secure.
  • Fits my oversized soaker tub beautifully!!!!
  • Excellent wide bath rack – I have a wide tub and this easily expands to fit.
  • Fits perfectly on my clawfoot tub and gives it that extra touch.
  • This bathtub tray was the only one I could find to fit across my garden tub but thin enough to not take up too much room to easily get in and out of the tub.
  • Love that it fits over my huge bathtub.
  • The fact that you can adjust the width to fit any tub is a special feature.
  • Tastefully designed. Fits perfectly over my tub with jets.
  • It is sturdy, well made, and fits perfectly for my crawl foot tub!!!
  • You can extend the tray handles to fit almost any size tub. The rubber on the bottom works great to keep it from moving.
  • I was worried it wouldn’t fit my bathtub because it’s so wide but it’s adjustable!!

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Other Excellent Bath Racks For Reading To Consider:


Nature Gear Wood Bamboo Luxury Bath Caddy for Your Book, Tablet, or Smartphone


Nature Gear Wood Bamboo Luxury Bath Caddy for Your Book, Tablet or Smartphone - Bathtub Tray with Extending Arms
Click image to view o Amazon

Customers said:


As I was scrolling through Amazon looking for family gifts, I spotted this bath caddy and immediately thought of my sister! My sister, along with hating wasting time, loves her wines. This caddy takes care of her main concern: Time efficiency. She can do all of her work on her Ipad or watch her favorite TV shows, which keeps her mind occupied, while she lets the Epsom salts do their work.


  • I’m very happy with this bathtub tray.
  • It will hold my book or iPad along with other things such as soap or body wash, shampoo, a candle, scrubber, or even a wine glass in a special slot that will keep it from tipping over.
  • And I love how the bookholder works.
  • This caddy is a bonus when you don’t have to reach your phone from afar, or get your book wet/ the iPad/ kindle fire. The wine glass holder is another bonus. 
  • The extensions go past the wide width of our bathtub in our master bathroom so there is plenty of space.
  • The iPad fits perfectly so I can watch movies or read.
  • It fits perfectly in the tub and holds both my iPad and my phone.
  • There is also extra space to place a nice candle too!
  • You can relax and enjoy your drink or movie on the iPad using the tray which is very convenient.
  • It can hold books and pads quite well, and even holds back the pages of books so they don’t close when you are mid-read.

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Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy


Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy - Wood Bath Tray Expandable with Book and Wine Holder - Gift Idea for Loved Ones

Customers said:


If you’re a bather, and like to hang out in the tub, this is your new best friend. I watch my Ipad on it, have room for a snack, my water bottle, a candle … it’s really what takes bathing to the next level for me.


  • It is extremely strong, extends to fit my gigantic, king-sized tub, is so beautiful with rich bamboo, and has great compartments to hold my iPad, wine glass, books.
  • Now I can watch movies in the bath.
  • I use this in the tub, in bed, whatever. I put my iPad on it, books, candles…etc.
  • It expands to fit different size tubs and the iPad holder in the center is nice when relaxing.
  • The BEST ever! It’s perfect, great quality, and ideal to hold your iPad if needed.
  • It’s incredibly sturdy and I can safely put my Macbook Air 13″ on it and enjoy my bath. the wine glass holder is wonderful and the cellphone holder is perfect.

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Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy – Expandable and Nonslip Bath Caddy


Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy - Expandable and Nonslip Bath Caddy with Book/Tablet and Wine Glass Holder - Great Gift Idea for Loved Ones

Customers said:


They thought of everything from how you would use it with a book, Ipad, phone, or glass of wine. A must have for anyone with a preference for baths…


  • Perfect for reading a book, watching TV on my iPad.
  • Special wine holder and a spot with draining holes for a bar of soap, sponge, etc.
  • This wooden bath rack is very good-looking.
  • Being an adjustable bath rack makes it an easy choice.
  • I purchased this particular item because it opened wider than most and since I have an oval shape tub that is pretty wide from side to side.
  • It is well built and has very usable features, from a wine glass to a book stand, to the cell phone holder
  • I love the reader holder it has a nice piece of fabric on the back of it so that your nook, iPad, etc won’t fall through the frame.
  • It fits both my tub designs and is exactly what I was looking for.
  • Bought this product for my girlfriend who enjoys taking long, relaxing baths. She is able to have a glass of wine and watch a show on her iPad or read a book without worrying about anything getting wet. 

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Utoplike Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray Bath Tray for Tub


Utoplike Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray Bath Tray for Tub, Adjustable Bathroom Bathtub Organizer with Book Tablet Wine Glass Cup Towel Holder,Distinctive Gift for Christmas (27.55"-47.3")

Customers said:


As for features it has a wine glass holder, great for my future alcoholic self, the chrome bar with a waterproof leaf that folds down for storage(i mainly used it to support the back of my laptop), a phone stand, a cup holder(perfect for tea), and a removable towel slot(which was the perfect size for my S10 because I didn’t have a facial towel).


  • Great in-tub desk for reading, using a tablet, and holding your cup of tea or glass of wine. The perfect addition to “me time”.
  • A bathroom caddy that works great, plenty of room for a book, phone, shareable bag of M&Ms, and a cup of coffee.
  • So cute and works great! My daughter and I love it!
  • The adjustable bath rack slides smoothly, and the wooden book holder block is also adjustable for different-sized books which is wonderful!
  • Well, who wouldn’t want to luxuriate in the bath!
  • My dream bathtime is now complete with this bamboo bathtub caddy!

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Bamboo Adjustable Organizer Tray for Bathroom with Free Soap Dish


Bath Caddy Tray for Bathtub - Bamboo Adjustable Organizer Tray for Bathroom with Free Soap Dish Suitable for Luxury Spa or Reading

Customers said:


My glass of wine was very secure in the wine holder, and I didn’t have to worry about knocking it over. My phone kept dry in one of the caddies, and it was nice to have the glow of the candle right in front of me. Dried off easily and is ready for next time!


  • I love this for reading in the tub.
  • Beautiful and romantic bathtub tray.
  • Functional and lightweight.
  • Holds the iPad steady.
  • Very luxurious over bath rack.
  • The quality of the material is great.
  • So far my wife absolutely adores this caddy!!
  • It holds electronics, wine glass, and candles perfectly.
  • A wine glass is definitely safe in it.
  • I love putting music on my phone and a glass of wine in the tub with this.

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Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray Bathroom Organizer with Expandable Sides


Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray Bathroom Organizer with Expandable Sides Holder for Book Glass Towel

Customers said:


Wife loves this product because it looks nice and makes her baths more relaxing. I love it because I don’t have to hold her wine glass and IPad anymore.


  • Now I’m enjoying relaxing baths while watching Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
  • I myself have used it with a laptop and it works great!
  • Very sturdy and good quality material not flimsy at all!
  • The iPad/ laptop holder works great and the cup holder and tray are very useful!
  • Excellent tray for my new claw tub.
  • This was one of the only bath caddies that had a spot to stand your phone up, and it works great!
  • There’s also a place to prop up a tablet, and the caddy is very sturdy and well made.

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YM Lux Craft Bamboo Bathtub Caddy


YM Lux Craft Bamboo Bathtub Caddy [Durable, Non-Slip], 1-2 Adults Expandable Bath Tray, Beautiful Gift Box, Fits Any Tub - Holds Book, Wine, Phone, Ipad, Laptop, Etc - Free Bathroom Door Hanger

Customers said:


Love it! It makes bath time so much more relaxing. It fits my oval tub perfectly. Very nice to relax in the tub without having to hold a phone or table to watch a movie or read a book. Plus you can have your drink handy!


  • This is a beautiful bath tray with a thoughtful and detailed design. It comes in a beautiful gift box which is an added bonus!
  • You don’t even only have to use it in the bath; it could be a tray on top of an ottoman too!
  • There are so many little compartments and sections that can be used for so many different things, but it’s so easy to store because it’s not bulky!
  • We’re buying one for my mother and mother-in-law for Christmas!!
  • I like the wood finish and the covered handle grips.
  • The sides extend so this tray can fit any bathtub width.
  • There is space for a wine glass, eReader/book, phone, and snack along with the usual bath products.

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iPEGTOP Stainless Steel Bathtub Caddy Tray – Over Bath Tub Racks


iPEGTOP Stainless Steel Bathtub Caddy Tray - Over Bath Tub Racks Shower Organizer with Extending Sides, Removable Wine Glass Book Holder

Customers said:


This caddy tray keeps all my bathing items at arms reach which helps me a lot.


  • This is an excellent bath rack for a freestanding bath.
  • It fit perfectly over our stand-alone tub.
  • We love all the space provided to read, set our bath salts and soap and it has 2 wine glass holders
  • This is perfect for our new clawfoot tub! 
  • I really love the Stainless Steel Bathtub Caddy Tray it is well made and sturdy.
  • I’ve had it for about a month and it hasn’t rusted at all.

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DOZYANT  Wooden Bath Tray Table with Extending Sides, Reading Rack, Tablet Holder, Cellphone Tray, and Wine Glass Holder


DOZYANT Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy Wooden Bath Tray Table with Extending Sides, Reading Rack, Tablet Holder, Cellphone Tray and Wine Glass Holder

Customers said:


Once the pillow has been attached, fill up the tub with hot water and your favorite bath salts or bubbles, light a candle, burn some incense and put on some meditative music. Don’t forget to put the do not disturb feature on your cell phone so you can have an uninterrupted time of peace and tranquility!


  • This Bathtub Caddy works perfectly.
  • On one side of the tray, there is a slot to hold a phone or bar of soap.
  • The middle has slots for a removable book holder
  • On the other side, there is a holder that perfectly fits a wine glass and reliably holds it in place.
  • Great product, really changes your bubble bath possibilities.
  • I love reading while sitting in the bathtub, and the holder for my wine glass is perfect!

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Bathtub Tray With Book Holder for Reading


Bathtub Tray with Book Holder for Reading: Extendable Bath Caddy Wine Glass Holder for Tub. Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa with These Relaxing Bath. Bubble Bath Accessories and Gifts for Women and Men

Customers said:


We inherited a large, freestanding porcelain tub in our main bathroom at the farm – and we’re just getting around to using it. This bathtub tray fits the width perfectly, and provides a spa experience for the user! A place for a book, a glass of wine, washcloth, area for your glasses – they’ve thought of everything! Lovely wood, good design – we love it!


  • The bamboo wood is quality and most importantly has a waterproof finish.
  • This is a nice bathtub tray to help pamper yourself while soaking in the tub.
  • It has pretty much everything you need to relax and take a nice long soak.
  • There is a spot for a tablet so you can watch a movie.
  • It is well-designed and well-made.
  • There is a place for a candle. 
  • The caddy is extendable so it will accommodate a variety of bathtub widths.
  • There is a place for a wine glass, etc.
  • The bathtub tray is a really nice product that would make a great gift for a bath lover.

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In summary, whether you want to call them a bath shelf, bath caddy, or a bath rack they provide a wonderful experience for those who like a long relaxing soak in the bath while reading or watching videos on your tablet.

There are some amazingly good bathroom racks for reading listed on this page however we opted for the Estala Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy Organizer as our best, especially if you want a bath rack for Ipads.

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