Best Band Saw Brands (Discover The Top Brands For Bandsaws)

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Discover The Top Brands For Bandsaws

The band saw is one of the most versatile saws in the woodworker’s arsenal. It is unique from other saws because it uses a thin blade that continuously rotates around two wheels to create straight and curved cuts. Band saws are perfect for cutting curves in thick or thin stock, ripping boards, and making fine cuts with minimal splinters.

The band saw can also be used for other applications like sanding and re-sawing lumber or making small cuts in metal. No matter what you intend to use your band saw for, you should invest in the best brand to ensure the highest quality and reliability with each cut.

The best band saw brands are well known by industry professionals and those who use them regularly. Once you’ve used a great band saw, it’s hard to go back to a lesser brand.

The quality of your tool determines the quality of your work. That is why I am such an advocate for spending more on tools than you think you need to spend. In the long run, good tools pay for themselves many times over, saving you money in broken blades and wasted materials.

In this post we will take a look at five brands you can rely upon for quality band saws and why they are so popular…

7 Reasons Why WEN Is A Good Band Saw Brand

Wen is a popular brand name in the world of band saws, and it is famous for its high-quality products. The band saws are perfect for those people who are interested in woodworking as a hobby. WEN’s band saws come at affordable prices and they are reliable, durable, and efficient.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why WEN band saws are considered to be the best in their class.

1. Powerful

A WEN band saw is designed to be used on a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and even ceramics! They also come with a wide range of blades that can handle any material you need them for.

Motor Size and Speed Control – The WEN band saw has a powerful motor that can handle up to 2,500 RPMs (rotations per minute). It also comes with adjustable speed control so you can change the speed as needed depending on what kind of work you’re doing.

2. Easy to Setup & Use

WEN band saws come with an easy-to-use design that makes them easy for anyone to use. All you have to do is plug them into any outlet and start cutting away at whatever you want!

Setting up your band saw should take less than five minutes–even if you’re new at this! All you need is some basic hand tools and knowledge about how each part works together before getting started on any project. Just follow the instructions carefully so everything goes smoothly from start to finish!

3. Durable And Reliable

WEN band saws are built with durable materials like steel and aluminum so they’ll last for years without any problems at all! This means more time spent doing what matters most – working on your projects rather than fixing broken equipment every few months.


WEN 3959T 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw , Black


4. Good Value For The Money

WEN band saws have impressive features for their price point that make them a great value for the money. Each product is packed with useful features and is capable of completing multiple tasks.

5. Lightweight

WEN band saws are easy to transport from one location to another due to their lightweight nature and compact size. This makes them perfect for woodworkers who don’t have much space in their shop or garage but still want a quality tool at an affordable price point!

6. Convenient

Many people will use a band saw for both home projects and professional applications. The WEN is great for cutting through thick pieces of lumber because it has an adjustable speed control that makes cutting softer woods like pine a breeze.

This feature also allows you to make finer cuts when working with harder woods such as oak or maple without worrying about damaging the blade. It comes with three different blades: one for rough cutting (up to 4 inches deep), another one that is best suited for ripping thin pieces off thicker sheets of material; and finally there’s the fine tooth blade which will help you get finer details in your cuts.

7. High-Quality Materials Used For Construction

The materials used in manufacturing WEN band saws are of high quality which ensures durability and longevity so you know it’s worth every penny spent! You can expect years’ worth of use out these machines if cared for properly which makes their value even greater than what you paid initially!

6 Reasons Why RIKON Is A Good Band Saw Brand

The RIKON brand offers many different types of band saws including benchtop models, floor standing models, and even portable ones. They also offer a wide variety of sizes from small 4″ blades to large 14″ blades.

These saws are all made with the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship that you would expect from any other major manufacturer. Here are seven reasons why RIKON is a good band saw brand:

1. Powerful Motor

One of the most important features to look for when choosing a band saw is its motor. Drawer size and cutting capacity also play a huge role in your decision, but it all comes down to the type of motor used in the saw blade.

RIKON band saws are equipped with powerful motors that can handle various types of materials. These motors are designed to be powerful enough to cut through hardwood without having any problems with stalling or overheating.

2. They offer great value for money

One of the best things about RIKON is they offer great value for money. Some other brands of bandsaws are priced higher than RIKON but don’t deliver good results. You don’t want to spend too much on a band saw only to discover that it can’t cut through wood properly. With RIKON brands, you don’t have this problem though because most of their products are reasonably priced and can deliver excellent results to their users.

3. They Offer A Wide Variety Of Sizes

They offer a wide variety of sizes to meet the needs of any woodworker. The smallest has a 4″ blade and the largest has a 14″ blade.


RIKON Power Tools 10-3061 10" Deluxe Bandsaw, Includes Fence and Two Blade Speeds


4. The Blades Are Made of Carbon Steel

The blades are made of high carbon steel that’s tempered for strength and flexibility. They last longer than other blades because they’re more resistant to wear and tear.

5. They Come With Variable Speed Control

They come with variable speed control which allows you to work at speeds up to 1800 ft/min without losing control over your cuts. You can also use lower speeds when precision is necessary.

6. Easy To Keep Clean

RIKON band saws have an enclosed stand that keeps dust out of the motor compartment, so it’s easy to keep clean. The enclosed stand also makes it safer to operate because there are no exposed wires or other dangers that could cause injury if they were touched while working on the machine.

10 Reasons Why Dewalt Is A Good Band Saw Brand

The DEWALT brand has been around since 1922 when Raymond E. DeWalt invented his first radial arm saw. Since then they’ve expanded into many different power tools and accessories for the home improvement market. Their products are known for being reliable with great value, which is why they’re so popular among hobbyists and professionals alike.

The company offers three different series of band saws:

Heavy-duty band saws – These are ideal for professionals working in industrial environments or outdoors. They are built with superior power output and durability to handle heavy use and tough jobs. They can cut through metal, plastic, and wood easily with little effort or force.

Mid-range band saws – These are best for small shops or hobbyists who need powerful equipment without spending too much money. They offer enough power and cutting performance to handle a variety of projects without sacrificing quality or precision cuts. This series typically ranges from $200-$400 depending on size and features included with each model.

Budget-friendly band saws – These are perfect for beginners who just want something simple to do some basic tasks around the house or shop area. They may not be as powerful as their other models but they still get the job done when it comes down to it!

DEWALT 20V MAX* Portable Band Saw Kit, Deep Cut (DCS374P2)

1. Durable

One of the reasons Dewalt makes good band saws is its durability. They are built to last for years and can withstand abuse. By using metal for parts that need strength and plastic for parts that don’t, Dewalt has created a product that will stand up to years of use.

2. Fast Cutting

Another reason why Dewalt makes good band saws is that they cut quickly through various materials. The blade speed is high enough to cut through wood, metal, and other materials without slowing down. This allows you to get your work done faster than with other brands of band saws.

3. Easy To Change Blades

The blades on Dewalt band saws are easy to change out when they become dull or damaged. You don’t have to spend hours trying to remove them or replace them with another type of blade. The blades can also be replaced with a variety of different types of blades so you can switch from cutting wood to metal or plastic without having to purchase an entirely new saw!

4. Powerful Motors

Dewalt’s band saws are powered by robust electric motors ranging from variable speeds between 375-3100 SFPM (Surface Feet per Minute).

This is enough power to cut through almost any material with ease, including hardwood and metal sheets. The variable speed allows you to select exactly how fast or slow you want your blade to cut through material, which is critical for various jobs like precision cutting or rapid bulk cutting (depending on your needs).

5. High Quality

The Dewalt brand is considered to be one of the best when it comes to band saws. They are made with high-quality materials and they last a long time. There are many different sizes of Dewalt band saws, so you can find one that meets your needs.

6. Affordable

Dewalt band saws are affordable, but they are also very high quality. You will not have to worry about replacing them anytime soon because they last for such a long time. When you buy this brand, you get what you pay for and more!

7. User Friendly

Dewalt band saws are designed to be easy to use, even if you’ve never used one before. The controls are simple and the features are user-friendly, making this type of saw ideal for beginners as well as experienced users who want something fast and reliable.

8. High-Quality Blades

When you buy a Dewalt band saw, the blades are made of the highest quality materials possible. This means they will last longer and cut through most materials with ease. It also means they won’t get dull as fast as other types of blades might.

9. Multiple Blade Options

If you need to do something that requires a special type of blade, Dewalt has you covered with their variety of replacement blades available for purchase separately from your saw itself. Whether it’s metal cutting or woodworking, there is an option available to fit your needs perfectly!

10. Larger Blade Size

The blades on Dewalt band saws are larger than those found on other brands and models. This means they can be used on thicker pieces of wood or metal without having to worry about breaking them during use. You’ll also have more control over the cuts you make because of this larger size which can help you make precise straight lines and curves without worrying about making mistakes along the way!

6 Reasons Why Grizzly Is A Good Band Saw Brand

A band saw is a great piece of equipment for any serious woodworker. It has a variety of uses from cutting straight lines to creating intricate curves. Such a fantastic machine deserves to come from a brand that provides the same level of excellence. Grizzly Industrial is one such company that manufactures top-quality power tools for your everyday use.​

Here are 10 reasons why Grizzly is a good band saw brand:

1. Good Value For Money

One of the most important qualities of any product is how well it stacks up against the value of your money. You can pay a lot more for a band saw and still not get the same quality as you would from a Grizzly one.

Budget-Friendly – Grizzly offers an excellent alternative to other high-priced brands like Jet or Powermatic. You can find many of Grizzly’s tools at a fraction of the price of other brands without giving up on quality.

2. Quality Tools

When it comes to tools, you don’t want to compromise on quality. Grizzly provides that quality, giving you peace of mind that the tool is safe and won’t snap during use, or have other issues due to poor build quality.


Grizzly Industrial G0803Z - 9" Benchtop Bandsaw with Laser Guide


3. Long Warranty

Grizzly offers up some of the longest warranties available in their class, so if something does go wrong with your tool after purchase, you’re covered for longer than most brands will offer.​

4. Trusted Brand

Grizzly is a well-established brand with a great reputation for quality tools and excellent customer service. You know exactly what you’re getting, and thanks to their excellent support, you’ll be able to get help should any issues arise with the tool down the line.

5. Lots of Variety

Grizzly offers an excellent range of different sizes, styles, and models of band saws, so there’s something for everyone no matter what your needs are or your skill level. Whether you’re looking for a benchtop model or an industrial floor model, there’s something in the Grizzly catalog that will work well for you.

6. Excellent Customer Service

Grizzly’s main mission is to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase and the service they receive. They’ve been in business for over 40 years, and during that time, have offered support for any issue you might encounter with your tool. Not only will they help you troubleshoot any problem, but they’ll offer replacement parts if needed. With Grizzly, you can rest assured that you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

6 Reasons Why Milwaukee Is A Good Band Saw Brand

When it comes to band saws, Milwaukee is as good a brand as you can get. While there are other brands that offer similar products, it’s usually Milwaukee that sets the pace and the standard when it comes to quality and performance. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Milwaukee over any other brand.

That being said, if you’re new to band saws and you don’t know what the whole deal is about Milwaukee yet, here are 10 reasons why Milwaukee is a good band saw brand:

1. Good power-to-weight ratio

Milwaukee offers you some of the most powerful bandsaws in terms of cutting capacity. While it is true that bigger blades can cut thicker metals, larger saws will also make your job more challenging. This is especially true if you need to move around with your equipment for different projects.

Fortunately, Milwaukee offers you some powerful saws that do not compromise portability. They can be used even by people with smaller frames, thanks to their ergonomic design.

2. Versatility

Milwaukee offers you powerful bandsaws that can cut through many different materials including wood, metal, plastics, and even food products if you’re into delicatessen or bakery business!


Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Bandsaw Kit


3. High-Quality Blades

The blades on their saws are made of high-quality steel that holds an edge longer than most other brands. The blade will not dull as quickly, which means less time spent sharpening blades. This also makes the saw easier to use because the blade stays sharper for longer periods of time.

4. Wide Variety

Milwaukee makes a wide variety of saws, including tabletop models and portable ones. They even make a model with an adjustable blade depth so you can cut different thicknesses of wood without having to worry about the blade getting stuck in the wood. This is a great feature for people who work with wood on a regular basis or if you just want something that does not require much maintenance.

5. Speed

Milwaukee offers you some of the best bandsaw models that allow you to cut at high speed, and the best part is that the speed is variable. So, you can choose a high speed if you are looking to make fast cuts, or low speed to make precise cuts.

6 Safety features

When working with a power tool like a bandsaw, safety should always be your priority and that’s what Milwaukee offers you – great safety features in every model it makes. These tools come with blade guards; blade protection covers; protection doors for the engine; and an emergency stop button for extra safety.

10 Things To Look For In A Band Saw

When it comes to home workshop power tools, the band saw is a versatile and valuable addition. From cutting through materials as simple as wood to tougher mediums like metal, band saws are capable of cutting a wide range of materials.

With so many band saws on the market, it can be hard to determine which one is right for your needs. There are many different things to look for in a band saw when purchasing one, but there are some key things that you should keep in mind. Here are 10 things to look for in a band saw:

1. Size

The size of your project will determine what size band saw you will need. If you are planning on working with smaller pieces of wood or doing more intricate projects, then you will need a smaller band saw. However, if you plan on working with larger pieces of wood, then you will need a larger machine so it can accommodate those pieces. This is important because it will determine which projects you can do and not do with your machine.

2. Motor Power & Speed

You will also want to take into consideration the motor power and speed of the machine as well as any other features it might have like variable speed options. The higher the horsepower is, the more powerful the motor is and that means you will be able to cut through thicker pieces of wood than you would with a lower horsepower motor.

On top of that, keep in mind that the motor type can have an effect on the overall power and speed of the band saw as well. The different types of motors include induction, universal and direct drive. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks so choose the one that will work best for your needs.

3. Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity will also play an important role when it comes to choosing a band saw. The cutting capacity is determined by a couple different factors including throat depth, blade length, blade width, cutting height and blade thickness.

If you need to cut through larger pieces of wood or metal, then you will want to choose a band saw with a larger capacity. While this feature might not be as important if you are going to be using it for smaller projects, it can still make your life easier.

4. Blade Position

The blade position is determined by how close it is to the table, which is measured in distance from the throat. The throat refers to the distance between the blade and the edge of the table. Obviously, if you’re going to be cutting a lot of thicker materials, then you’re going to want more distance between the blade and edge of the table. However, if you’re going to be doing more intricate work, then you might want less space between them.

5. Table Size

The size of the table is another feature that you need to consider. You want one that is large enough for your project needs, but not too big if space is tight in your shop. There are a wide variety of sizes available from small table top versions up to huge industrial machines. Some tables have extensions available if you need more space from time to time.

6. Blade Guard System

The blade guard system is an important factor when considering any type of band saw since it provides protection for the operator. The guard should be easy to use and not interfere with the work being done, but provide ample protection from moving parts and flying debris.

7. Saw type, size and speed

What type of saw do you need? Do you need a horizontal, vertical or portable band saw? How wide of cuts do you need to make? What speed will the band saw operate at? Answers to these questions can help you determine which band saw is best suited for your needs.

8. Cutting material and thickness

What types of materials will you be cutting and what’s the maximum thickness? If you’re working with soft materials like wood, plastic or aluminum, you’ll need a band saw that can run at speeds below 3,500 surface feet per minute (SFM). But if you’re cutting harder materials like steel or titanium, you’ll need a band saw that offers higher speed ranges of 4,000 SFM or more. You’ll also need a high-speed saw if you plan on using bi-metal blades for thick cuts.

9. Blade tensioning

This is a feature that determines how tightly the blade is held in place when making a cut. A good band saw must have an adjustable tensioning system that can adjust to the type of metal being cut.

10. Coolant systems

A coolant system flushes water or other fluids over the blade while it cuts. It cools down the metal, reducing friction and preventing heat build-up that can warp metal or cause blades to snap or warp. Coolant systems are essential for band saws used in industrial settings but may not be necessary for those used in homes or smaller workshops.

In summary, Band saws are the best choice for making quick, accurate and precise cuts in a variety of materials. These tools have a long and storied history, but have evolved into the modern-day versions that are compact, lightweight and durable.

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