Best Automatic Touchless Trash Can That Looks Good

If you are looking for the best touchless trash can that opens automatically with incredible sensor technology then this hands-free trash can is exactly what you are after. Plus it looks good too…

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The motion sensor keeps it neat and clean and gives you a hands-free experience. The split doors provide greater clearance under low countertops.

The infrared sensor will recognize and open the lid as soon as your hand gets close, allowing for quick and easy disposal of unwanted items.

As a bonus, there’s an external manual Open and Close switch for manual operation in areas where infrared sensors are undesirable…

The Best Automatic Touchless Trash Can That is Sleek and Attractive

HomeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can for Kitchen

hOmeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can for Kitchen - Stainless Steel Garbage Can with No Touch Motion Sensor Butterfly Lid and Infrared Technology
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What Reviewers Said About This Automatic Touchless Trash Can:


When Your Hands Are Full of Garbage You Just Need to Stand Near the Sensor and It Opens Like Magic!

The countdown on the lid closing is AMAZING. I haven’t seen that with my others, and it is a huge advantage.

Not only does it tell you when it is closing but, more importantly, it gives you immediate feedback if the sensor detected your hand for a second time to keep it from closing. With my others, you had to hope that it saw your hand.

  • Holding your hand or a solid object over the sensor quickly opens the flaps.
  • You can move the sensor to the side or top, keep the top open, it stays open, and counts down with red dots visible before it closes.
  • The automatic close with a countdown timer is a nice touch.
  • Open and close functions are smooth and the sensor works well.
  • Then the LEDs count down for six seconds and quickly and quietly close.
  • The motion sensor has an open and close sensor.
  • I like the idea of not having to touch anything while working in the kitchen when trying to put something in the trash.
  • You can also have it stay open and then touch the sensor to close it when you are done.
  • The motion sensor is very sensitive, which is a plus when both my hands are full of trash.
  • You can see the red light countdown so you know when it will close too.
  • The motion sensor works really well and I love that you can cancel by hitting “close” at any point instead of having to wait for it to time out.
  • The sensor works great and it looks good, for a garbage can.

I didn’t want an eyesore in the kitchen and I thought this stainless steel trash can looked pretty nice and the automatic motion is great!

  • This thing is well-designed and TOP QUALITY. 
  • Nice looking automate trash can!
  • Being looking for a slim trashcan that uses 13-gallon kitchen trash bags.
  • Trashcan is easy to set up and looks GREAT.
  • The stainless steel look makes this can fit in well with the rest of my kitchen and I love that trash bag edges don’t show.
  • I love that this product is stainless steel.
  • It looks so nice and elegant.
  • My family loves the way this one looks and works.
  • It definitely compliments my other stainless steel appliances.
  • This is a must-have for convenience as well as having a nice stylish looking trashcan.
  • Looks good in any space.

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A Touchless Trash Can With A Stylish Look!


hOmeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can for Kitchen - Stainless Steel Garbage Can with No Touch Motion Sensor Butterfly Lid and Infrared Technology

If you have used other airfryers it cooks fast but it has no color on the out side and it’s soft inside and out but this can give a good crisp texture to meats and vegetables gives a nice look to food too, people have asked how food was made and it’s hard to believe this did it in a fraction of time .

Now I know what to buy for a gift in the future we’ll worth the money so far.

  • Not only does it have a stylish and sleek look, but it also opens and closes perfectly without ever having an issue!
  • The way the top opens is great and it looks really nice in my kitchen. 
  • This touchless trash can looks great, takes up less space than the other can I had, and sits nicely in the kitchen.
  • A trashcan is a trashcan but this one is a pretty can!
  • Easy to operate and doesn’t look bad in the kitchen.
  • We all know a trashcan is necessary but this one adds some design.
  • It has a very attractive look, with great functionality!
  • Easy to set up and it looks really nice.
  • This trash can looks so much better than most other trash cans on the market.
  • The stainless really resists fingerprints and looks great. 
  • It looks great, the bag holder inside makes it easy to keep the clean lines, and it is easy to use.
  • Very durable garbage can and it looks very sleek and modern.
  • This motion-sensing garbage can looks good and works well.
  • It was very easy to set up and it looks great in my kitchen matching all of my other appliances.
  • This trashcan looks sleek and modern, so I don’t mind that it sits out the insight of people in the kitchen.

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The Best Big Size Hands-Free Trash Can For The Money

hOmeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can for Kitchen - Stainless Steel Garbage Can with No Touch Motion Sensor Butterfly Lid and Infrared Technology

This trash can works great under our kitchen countertop. It’s attractive, easy to use and prevents odors from escaping into the room.

We don’t have to buy special, expensive liners; it uses regular garbage bags that are inexpensive, easy to install and don’t show out of the sides of the can. Even though it was more expensive than many others, it is well worth the money.

  • Even though it was more expensive than many others, it is well worth the money.
  • This one is definitely worth the money because it’s an excellent quality product!
  • The best motion sensor operated garbage can out there on the market for the price and its size.
  • It also is very big in size which is a big reason I purchased it.
  • Holds more than my previous traditional “kitchen size” trash can, but uses less space.
  • The size is perfect, and it holds your trash bag securely, without the bag sticking out.
  • Right size and super easy to use.
  • Large size but slim and doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • I liked it a lot because it’s a good size and the color matching my kitchen.
  • Great size, works well and is easy to keep clean.
  • The size is perfect as it holds 20-gallon bags and sits at the end of my cabinet.
  • Sturdy, classy, no mess, durable, our family loves this can …. my 5 years old thinks he has the Jedi force to open the can bwahaha… seriously well worth the money!!!! 

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Other Excellent Automatic Touchless Trash Cans To Consider:


13 Gallon Touch-Free Automatic Stainless-Steel Trash Can

13 Gallon Touch-Free Automatic Stainless-Steel Trash Can Garbage Can Metal Trash Bin with Lid for Kitchen Living Room Office Bathroom, Electronic Touchless Motion Sensor Automatic Closure & Opening
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The iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Stainless Steel Trash Can is a space-saving, touch-free / trash can combo with an oval shape, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

The stainless steel finish is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of your kitchen and bathroom alike.

With this trash can you save time since you don’t need to bend over to put in or take out the garbage bag. By simply stepping on the pedal, the top lid opens and closes automatically.

Fits all normal 13-gallon bags that are sold at grocery or home improvement stores and have a handle made of plastic or paper.


Reviewer Comments:

These are outstanding! The sensors are just the right sensitivity and they can be overridden with the open and close buttons.

Very quiet. Regular 13 gallon bags fit in the big one and the grocery store plastic bags fit in the little one.


  • Very convenient, you don’t even have to get your hands dirty the trash can is automatic(sensor) and lid life up or if both hands are full stand by the sensor and it will open for you, it’s a lifesaver.
  • Nice looking very quiet when opening and closing.
  • I love this type of garbage can because when your hands are dirty with cooking you don’t have to touch the top to open it.
  • Perfect garbage pail if you have pets.
  • My dog was always getting into my regular pail but not after I purchased this.
  • Grandkids love throwing out the garbage now too!
  • The square shape makes it easy to place in a small apartment.
  • Very pleased with the way it works and looks.
  • The height really works out well since it is just the right height for easy use.
  • We love our new stainless steel touch free trash can!
  • The no-touch lid is nice while cooking.

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New Black 13-Gallon Touch-Free Sensor Automatic Kitchen Office

New Black 13-Gallon Touch Free Sensor Automatic Kitchen OfficeClick here to view on Amazon

Reviewer Comments:

I love the trash can, gives me total hands-free access. It is used in the kitchen therefore it gets a lot of action. The color (black) coordinates with all my other appliances. A great finishing touch to my kitchen.


  • The trash can is far quieter than the previous cans that we have used.
  • Enjoying my hands-free motion trash can.
  • It is well made and a joy to have in my kitchen.
  • A great trash can, the sensor works really well and it looks great!
  • Once you try this you will never use a regular trash can again.
  • It’s been a wonderful addition to our kitchen. Looks good and we have had it for about a month and it works great!
  • Even the kids like to throw out their own trash, for now.
  • The black works better against a black refrigerator and I have not seen this color in stores.
  • This one is better because once your hand approaches it, it opens and also closes on its own
  • The price is really good too.

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Costzon Trash Can, 13 and 2.3 Gallon, Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can for Kitchen

Costzon Trash Can, 13 and 2.3 Gallon, Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can for Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Office, Set of 2 (Stainless Steel)
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Reviewer Comments:

Excellent product for our kitchen! When I have messy meat wrappers, I can easily open trash can without spreading raw meat on the trash lid.

We use the smaller trash bin for our office and love that our fur babies can no longer pull tissues out of the trash.


  • These cans are working flawlessly.
  • They are very sensitive, opens & closes perfectly.
  • The trash can set is perfect for use in the house, great quality, and works expected.
  • Use a big one in the kitchen and a small one in the bathroom, great value!
  • Liked no hands touching the garbage can lid.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Looks good sitting out in the kitchen.

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iTouchless 13 Gallon Sensor Trash Can with AC Adapter and Odor Control System

iTouchless 13 Gallon Sensor Trash Can with AC Adapter and Odor Control System, Great for Kitchen and Office, Stainless Steel
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Reviewer Comments:

I’ve had several over the years and this is my absolute favorite. I like that it doesn’t need batteries to operate and that the power cord separates from the lid without problems making it very easy to remove the filled garbage bag.

The lid opens completely so I’ve endured no messes. It was money well spent as far as I’m concerned.


  • I love the more compact size yet still takes all the trash my larger one did.
  • Also, odor control is super!
  • Everything I expected… great I don’t have to buy any batteries.
  • Love it, the only problem is I find myself waving my hand over other cans.
  • Quiet opening.
  • Easy to put a standard garbage bag in it without the bag showing.

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Dkeli Kitchen Trash Can for Bathroom Bedroom Home Office Automatic Touch Free High-Capacity Garbage Can with Lid

Dkeli Kitchen Trash Can for Bathroom Bedroom Home Office Automatic Touch Free High-Capacity Garbage Can with Lid Brushed Stainless Steel Waste Bin 13 Gallon / 50L - Black
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The Dkeli trashcan is equipped with a motion sensor and magnetic technology, which prevents the lid from accidentally falling on hands, adding to the safety of its users.

Additionally, it has an advanced automatic opening, as long as you put your hand in front of the trash can, you do not have to take out your hands anymore, just the movement of your hand opens the garbage can lid automatically.

There is no need for batteries. When taking away the physical barrier by virtue of eliminating the mechanical switch, high-tech and humanized design change the human living environment.


Reviewer Comments:

I really like this trash can! It has a motion sensor to open and then it closes automatically after 10 seconds or so.

It also has a button to press to open or close it if you want to use that feature too. I’m so glad to be able to ditch my old trash can that had a foot pedal to open it.

It is also pretty wide so it is easy to get your trash out without having to tug too much!

It has a nice plastic rim as well to keep the garbage bag in place! Very nice trash can for the money.


  • This one is smaller but it looks great in my kitchen and it works so well. Very happy with it, and the price was great!
  • I will never use any other trash can.
  • These are the bomb, especially for the money.
  • The sensor is great. Love using it when I am cooking.
  • This is an absolutely perfect product for kitchen trash… I put 2 trash bags in this at the same time and could separate dry and wet trash.
  • What a great purchase for the money!!!
  • This trash can is amazing, the technology is only one part what I like the most is that it seals shut and keeps odors contained.
  • Color is awesome, very attractive, and eye-catching.

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iTouchless 2.5 Gallon Sensor Garbage Can with AbsorbX Odor Filter and Fragrance

iTouchless 2.5 Gallon Sensor Garbage Can with AbsorbX Odor Filter and Fragrance, Touchless Automatic Stainless Steel Trash Bin, Perfect for Bathroom and Office
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Keep your kitchen germ-free with a Trashcan that doesn’t touch hands or smell.

It’s a 100% touchless trash can, the motion sensor opens the lid automatically when you place your hand near it and closes again when you remove your hand.

With an adjustable leash, it is easy to attach to cabinet doors and walls with 4 strong suction cups and a swivel mount to make it stay firmly in place.

The AbsorbX odor filter and fragrance disc absorb odors and release a pleasant aroma each time the lid opens.


Reviewer Comments:

I never thought these would work but I was wrong. I love them. They work great you can’t smell a thing in your garbage can.


  • This has worked wonders!
  • The filter reduces the scent temptation and the wheels make it too difficult to knock it over.
  • We got the one on wheels so I can move it to where I’m cooking.
  • This can make full use of the 13-gallon bag in a small footprint.
  • Opens readily at motion, automatically shut.
  • The motion sensor is great while cooking, too.
  • Using these makes a huge difference in the smell!!
  • This trash can is narrow, so it can fit in more discreet places.
  • Looks very nice with my other stainless appliances.
  • The touchless feature is nice!
  • Love the wheels great when doing prep work for meals.

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In summary, the HomeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can for Kitchen is clearly our best touch-free trash can with an automatic sensor. It is the best trash can in so many ways including attractiveness, design, size, and technology.

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