Best Automatic Rocking Bassinet That Works (Comfy, Cozy, & Safe)

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Rock your baby with the touch of a button with an automatic rocking cradle swing. The WBPINE Automatic is a swing that’s built with some serious technology, ensuring that it has the ability to learn your baby’s motion and respond to her needs, making it one rocking swing you will want to cherish for years to come…

When researching for an automatic rocking bassinet that actually works it was one of the easiest results we have ever found because there was only one automatic rocking bassinet (at least on Amazon) that matched our inquiry…

The best automatic rocking bassinet that work

The Best Automatic Rocking Bassinet That Works Wonderfully For Improved Baby Sleep


WBPINE Baby Cradle Swing, Automatic Baby Bassinets Swing Crib for Baby Boy and Girls with Music



WBPINE Baby Cradle Swing, Automatic Baby Bassinets Swing Crib for Baby Boy and Girl with Music (Blue)
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This cradle cradle comes with a remote control for easy operation. Your baby will love the side-to-side motion of this swinging cradle and you will absolutely love how it helps to relieve colic, discomfort, sooth stress and promote a deep sleep. The perfect birth gift for everyone!


Here Is What Reviewers Said About This Automatic Rocking Bassinet:


An Automatic Rocking Bassinet That Actually Works


  • This bed is FANTASTIC! Not only was it easy to set up and look beautiful, most importantly IT WORKS!!! 
  • I love that this product can swing the cradle on its own without anyone having to push it back and forth.
  • My little one needs motion! I wanted so badly to find something where my little one would be comfy, cozy, and most importantly SAFE!!!
  • It’s beautifully designed and works great.
  • It works great and it’s a great value for what your getting.
  • Plug-in outlet and it works by itself depends on how fast you like it!
  • I liked this one. This worked well for my baby.
  • Cool idea! The rocking function is amazing, This bassinet was a lifesaver on our recent vacation.
  • This bassinet is great! Pretty simple to put together and looks just like the picture.
  • It’s sturdy and it looks so adorable. My baby girl loves the way it feels… the music, swing mode, the style. It has become a lifesaver and restored some of my sanity.
  • She’ll stay in it for a long time because the motion makes her sleepy.
  • It is her happy place and I am so happy I got this bassinet.
  • The swinging motion is quieter, a lot quieter than other swings.
  • I can cuddle up with my husband again finally and we’re so thankful we all have healthy sleep and are happy now. Before that, she would cling to one of us lol.

Automatic Rocking Bassinet With Music


  • This cradle has an MP3 plug function, I always choose some quiet and gentle music to help the baby fall asleep.
  • It came with remote to control the swing as well as music control.
  • This swing already has one music set up but it has access to a pen drive so you can play any sound on this set.
  • You can also adjust the volume of the music
  • I can change the music setting and speed of the swing with just a remote.
  • It is really amazing that I found this cradle, it swings, and also you can connect your phone and use white noise. My baby sleeps peacefully. It came with a remote so you can change speed and music as well.
  • I really like how it has music so my baby can fall to sleep. 
  • Music has perfect adjustable volume and the remote is the best part!

Helps To Get Baby To Sleep And Stay Asleep Longer


  • I wanted something that would lay down flat and still swing so I could feel good about leaving her sleeping.
  • My daughter loves this swing. without this, I am wondering how we would have managed her to go to sleep.
  • Easy to move, so I can put anywhere in my apartment, and see my baby.
  • My baby sleeps well and comfortably.
  • The perfect solution for baby sleeping.
  • My baby loves this swing, he sleeps longer than usual in this swing for at least 1 hour sometimes 3 hours. Love it!
  • Value for money, very useful. My daughter loves sleeping in it. 
  • The easiest way to put the baby to sleep

Foldable Rocking Bassinet Ideal For Travel or Moving From Room To Room


  • Perfect for traveling or to keep your little one safe and close.
  • It’s so practical as well, we traveled multiple times with it and it’s so easy to fold and transport. The best thing I ever bought.
  • In terms of its functionality, this bassinet is easy to set up and take apart.
  • I absolutely love this bassinet, it folds up so easy.
  • We took it camping with us and it was super easy to fold up.
  • Easy to install and folds by hand for less than 5 minutes. Super convenient.


The Best Automatic Rocking Bassinet For The Money


  • For the price, and with it being compact it’s worth the money
  • Absolutely loving it. Price is so worth it compared to similar ones in the market that are highly expensive and offer the same exact features!
  • Love it too cute and perfect size at a great price thank you.
  • This baby crib+swing is really good. We use this and it is so light, comfortable and at a good price. My daughter likes this very much.

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In summary, as far as the best automatic rocking bassinet that works is concerned we were really only left with one choice and that is the WBPINE Baby Cradle Swing – this link takes you to the blue color – if you prefer a more neutral color then use this link.

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