Best Artificial Grass That Looks Real (Realistic Fake Turf)

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Fake Grass That Looks Real

If you are looking for artificial grass that looks real then the following options are the most realistic artificial grass available…

Perfect for pets with excellent drainage capabilities, outdoor play areas, for those of you who love the feeling of grass on your bare feet, or even for those who hate mowing and maintaining lawns…

There are many benefits to artificial grass. The first and most important one is that it looks good. It looks just like the real thing, only better. It stays green year-round and cleans itself several times a year without any help from you.

It also doesn’t need to be watered often, and never needs fertilizing. This is a big saving on water bills, and a big time-saver for you, since you don’t have to spend as much time caring for the lawn.

Artificial grass also does not get torn up by your pets, or become muddy or dirty from rain or other natural elements. Since it does not need mowing as often as real grass, this leads to less wear on your lawnmower and other equipment. It also means there will not be as much to clean up after each mowing session because the clippings will not be as thick or numerous.

The durability of artificial grass makes it a better investment than natural grass. That is because the costs of maintaining the yard are reduced over time. Artificial grass will last for years longer than natural grass does, so it will need less repair or replacement in the future too.

There are many reasons for people choosing to install artificial turf; gardens, pools and spas, playgrounds, balconies, or courtyards. Artificial grass works well in both residential and commercial environments.

The Best Artificial Grass That Looks Real

LITA Premium Artificial Grass was made of 100 percent polypropylene fiber which is non-toxic, non-flammable, noise absorbent, and pollution-free. It is so soft that you can even supply it to children’s playgrounds or military camps. It is even wonderful for home gardens. The synthetic grass looks green all year round and it never flakes, mats or springs back.

LITAPremium Artificial Grass is made from high-quality materials and UV protection, this grass is gentle on your feet. It doesn’t cause bumps and injuries which lets you enjoy the realistic touch of nature. The grass is easy to install and clean up and requires low upkeep.  It features anti-static properties and blocks the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria to make it resistant to diseases.

Rain, sleet, or snow, this top-of-the-line artificial grass will help you create the perfect look for your outdoor space…


LITA Premium Artificial Grass 28 in x 40 in (7.7 Square FT) Realistic Fake Grass Deluxe Turf Synthetic Turf Thick Lawn Pet Turf


LITA Premium Artificial Grass 28 in x 40 in (7.7 Square FT) Realistic Fake Grass Deluxe Turf Synthetic Turf Thick Lawn Pet Turf -Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Landscape - Customized
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Imagine the perfect lawn – one that is so nice to look at, that you don’t need to mow it for a month for it still looks good. The beauty is that LITA artificial grass can give you this year after year!

Anyone can see a lush green lawn and want one of their own. The only problem is having it. Just think about it, how many times have you experienced mossy patches, water shortages, or constant fertilizing to keep up the desired appearance. When using artificial grass you will never have these problems again.

It is an artificial grass that provides you with year-round green and turf enjoyment. The 4 tone pattern on the grass looks realistic, while its soft plush feel make it comfortable to walk or play on. Perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects.

LITA Premium Artificial Grass is the best product: it has the most realistic look, and most importantly, it has superb durability and is very soft to touch. It will keep its perfect color for a lifetime…

Here Is What Consumers Said About This Artificial Grass That Looks Real:

It Looks And Feels Like Real Grass

  • I absolutely loved this product. The turf looks and feels like real grass and is perfect for our condo rooftop.
  • It looks real and feels soft. 
  • This looks wonderful and no one can tell the difference between it and real grass.
  • It is hard to tell the difference between real grass and this.
  • I have gotten several compliments on what a great job I did with the grass in the pool area.
  • But now that it’s on my roof it looks great and everyone who comes over loves it. You can’t pretend it’s real grass, but it looks good and feels good on your feet.
  • The product is thinner than real grass with a dirt base but is substantial enough and looks very real in terms of color and feels nice.

It looks great – it looks real – and I wish I would have bought the next bigger size. I’ve purchased two sizes and they both look comparable in color and really make my small yard look nice.

  • Better than real grass!
  • It looks and feels like real grass, soft, and very comfortable to sit on.
  • The grass looks great. Very thick and soft while looking like real grass. 
  • It looks like authentic grass!
  • Very soft and wonderful green color. We are using it under a picnic table in a screened porch lying directly on top of the outdoor carpet.
  • It tickles the toes and reminds you of being right outside! Love it, a great product.
  • This was the best find ever! We love how real this turf looks!
  • It has been down for a few months now and it is soft and lovely. It is so much better than real grass.
  • Feels so great to go barefoot on my patio.
  • It looks and feels like real grass.
  • Used on our balcony. Looks real and soft even on bare feet.
  • We love it, dogs enjoy laying on it and kiddos appreciate grass to play on.

Best Artificial Turf For Pets

Artificial grass for pets has long been in use by zoo professionals and their animals. Some people may not know, however, that artificial turf is also an outstanding option for modern pet owners who want the best possible experience for their furry friends and for their homes.

Artificial grass is a successful alternative for dogs and cats owners in areas where the natural types of lawns are not available or do not suit well. It is a cheap, practical application, which can stand the strong foot traffic and spare your beloved pet from some risky diseases that you expose them to when using natural grass.

The lawns on this type of grass look natural and inviting, so the animals will spend time on these landscapes. As a result, dogs can relieve themselves and won’t spread waste around the house.


LITA Premium Artificial Grass 28 in x 40 in (7.7 Square FT) Realistic Fake Grass Deluxe Turf Synthetic Turf Thick Lawn Pet Turf -Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Landscape - Customized

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  • We use this for a small outdoor pet area for two dogs who are used to heading for the “grass” to either layout in the sun or to take care of “business.
  • I use this for a potty pad on my deck for times when we can’t go outside. I clean it with a hose and urine pet odor remover and scoop like I would grass, with a potty poo bag.
  • It’s great for what I need and the dogs think it’s real.
  • I have one that won’t use potty pads because she was an outdoor pottier and I got her when she was 3, she will pee on this “grass”.
  • Looks great and the pets love to play on it.
  • So soft, pet-friendly, no odor, easy to install, simply love it.
  • The dogs took to this quickly and have been happily doing their business on the artificial grass. 
  • It’s incredibly easy to pick up dog poop from this artificial grass, which is an added bonus.

This is a truly quality product to take care of a difficult problem. Our dogs love it! Our backyard is attractive again!

  • The dogs LOVE this grass. Our Shiba enjoys lounging on it, and both dogs chase each other and play like crazy on it. So far this has been the best solution for our yard.
  • I highly recommend this product for any dog owners that want to use this for bathroom purposes or as a substitute for puppy pads.
  • Our dogs love to lay on it and walking barefoot is so much nicer on the “grass” than on concrete.
  • We have 5 dogs and this keeps them from tracking into the house. Stays flat dry quick … very happy!
  • The grass looks realistic and my cat loves it! 
  • I bought this for my cat to lay on and she LOVES it! The grass is soft and doesn’t fall out when you move it.

Durable Artificial Grass With Excellent Drainage

Aesthetically pleasing, and easy-to-maintain high-quality fake grass is becoming increasingly popular. LITA grass is a premium range of artificial grass with excellent drainage and is suitable for all situations.

Its durability, low maintenance, and eco-friendliness. This high-end grass is built to last for years while still staying green. If you’re looking for a product that works well indoors and outdoors, then LITA Premium Artificial Grass is the perfect option for your home renovation or outdoor space as it is waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, UV stabilized, and pet friendly.

Manufactured with a polypropylene backing that makes the product UV stable and extremely hard-wearing. The product can withstand dogs, horses, hard wear, and will retain color.



LITA Premium Artificial Grass 28 in x 40 in (7.7 Square FT) Realistic Fake Grass Deluxe Turf Synthetic Turf Thick Lawn Pet Turf -Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Landscape - Customized

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  • No problems with the drainage. It is very easy to manage and looks more natural than most.
  • The dog urine drains through easily so we haven’t experienced any urine smell, even when we’ve gone for over a week without rain. 
  • The grass looks very realistic and has been exposed to extreme Texas heat in addition to rainy conditions and it still looks brand new and doesn’t smell so I think it drains off very well. 
  • We are currently using the grass to clean our dog’s feet while returning from going out to the yard. The grass is also very durable, as I said, we have dogs constantly running on it.
  • Durable artificial turf. I even installed it myself. I have 4 dogs.
  • Worked great, was durable, long, and somewhat padded for the kids. This is nice stuff not like the old-school indoor outdoor carpet from the 90s, very realistic.
  • We’ve had a lot of rain plus 8 inches of snow and these are draining very well.
  • I am also pleased with the way the water drains through the surface.

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Other Excellent Artificial Grass That Looks Real You Should Consider:

Artificial grass is an important addition to the list of outdoor enjoyment opportunities. It provides a comfortable and safe surface for children and pets to play on during the summer months.

It allows for pet owners to get more enjoyment from their homes without having to worry about messy cleanup or damaged lawns, and it can even be used as a substitute for natural grass in areas that are too hot or dry for real grass to grow.

Artificial grass is also beneficial because it eliminates the need for mowing and watering, and can be used year-round whether it rains or snows.

So let’s look at some other great options…


SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs Pee Pads

SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs Pee Pads - Premium 4 Tone Puppy Potty Training, Easy to Clean with Drain Holes - Fake Astro Turf Dog Mat Pad - Non Toxic for Pet (Many Sizes)(17 in x 24 in)
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Are you tired of scrubbing dog urine off your lawn? Dog urine odor permeating throughout your home? Or tracking lawn chemicals on your carpets? All you need is a SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs Pee Pad!

The SavvyGrow pet grass is a set of artificial grass dog pee pads that has reportedly been helping many dog owners teach their puppies and dogs how to get rid of the potty training accidents on their litter boxes and pads.

Customers said:

Best Artificial Grass Rug I’ve Seen! This one is actually like grass, with depth and texture (not flat like the others). It’s substantial, too – doesn’t slide around.

  • High quality, very soft and the texture is like a real garden.
  • This grass is amazing. It looks and feels so real. It doesn’t get too hot in the sun and is my dog’s favorite spot on the deck. So easy to wash off too.
  • Works and looks like real grass!!
  • Beautiful and plush!! Love walking barefoot!!
  • It really feels like real grass. Beautiful and soft.
  • This grass patch is gorgeous, my dog loves it so much. 
  • Great for indoor dog potties.
  • My dog will whizz on nothing less.
  • Our dog loves it and doesn’t smell at all.
  • Excellent glass replacement for my dogs whenever it’s raining. This will be a lifesaver whenever they can’t go out to the yard.

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SMARTLAWN Professional Realistic Artificial Grass Rug

SMARTLAWN Professional Realistic Artificial Grass Rug, 5'X8'(40 SFT) Carpets for Indoor and Outdoor Use, 1.25" Pile Height Soft and Lush Natural Looking Synthetic Mats
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Landscaping is the most aesthetic & best way to enhance your outside properties – masterpieces like the swimming pools, tennis courts, and deckings. But what about a lawn? Most people think that it can only be created by using the normal grass that sprouts naturally from the earth.

But hey, there is a solution to create your OWN beautiful but artificial lawn – using the SMARTLAWN Realistic Artificial Grass mats.

SMARTLAWN is a rug of artificial grass, which is made of polyethylene materials. This product is eco-friendly and does not contain toxic. You can use it in the courtyard, on the balcony, or even in the garden. It will make your room or landscape more beautiful and auspicious. No chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, no insecticides used, no pungent odor…

Customers said:


  • It is very real in the sun, walking barefoot on the lawn and very comfortable.
  • I fooled my grandchildren, they thought it was real grass!
  • The artificial grass feels thick and looks real.
  • It feels and looks like real grass
  • Fake grass that looks like real grass. Easy to cut and install. Live in a townhome so had a small area, worked out great. No fertilizer, no weed killer, no mowing.
  • Great product….covered my hot patio with it for my small dog. Very high quality and it looks so real.
  • The artificial grass looks and feels natural and proved perfect ahead of Sport Relief!
  • The height of each grass is perfect. My kids love to play on it without their shoes on. Looks natural and feels natural! Good product!
  • All I can say is that it looks natural and feels natural barefoot.
  • Kids love it in our backyard.
  • I think it looks really natural to me and it’s maintenance-free. 

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Forest Grass 24in x 20in Artificial Synthetic Thick Lawn Turf Carpet Fake Grass for Dogs

Forest Grass 24in x 20in Artificial Synthetic Thick Lawn Turf Carpet Fake Grass for Dogs Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Landscape, 20inch x 24inch, Green
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Forest Grass 24in x 20in Artificial Synthetic Thick Lawn Turf Carpet Fake Grass for Dogs is real artificial grass, it has the perfect balance between softness and resistance to scratching and abrasion. Its high density (125 kg/m) helps it retain its initial shape. It’s 12 mm pile height ensures easy movement even on the highest foot traffic areas.

It will not fade over time. It looks natural like natural grass and can be used for dog houses, playgrounds, pet training mats, or replace your lawn & garden grass with this artificial grass carpet mat.

Forest Grass Turf Carpet is the perfect way to create a private oasis for your pet. With easy installation to solid surfaces such as concrete and asphalt, you can get your pet the perfect area they deserve in minutes!

Add value and color to your lawn or garden with our premium artificial turf. Whether putting in a new lawn, restoring natural grass, or sheltering delicate plants, this product is the ideal solution.

Using only the finest materials and most innovative technology, this brand has created a line of synthetic grass that exceeds industry standards while adding the spice of superior style to any environment.


Customers said:


  • Unbelievable. This turf looks more real than my professionally manicured creeping red fescue and miscellaneous other breeds, doted over and manicured weekly by professionals
  • The roll of artificial grass was probably better than expected. Blades look amazingly real.
  • This is some beautiful grass it looks and feels like real grass bought over 600 sf for the backyard no more mowing or watering.
  • Love that it feels and looks like real grass and also that I can water my plants without this item mildewing or ruining from the water like indoor /outdoor artificial grass does.
  • It really looks and feels like real grass.
  • I love how real it looks and it’s pretty to just look at.
  • Good quality, easy to work with and it looks real.
  • love this! My dog loves to lay on it! And all my friends say how cool my little porch is!! I actually had bought a cheaper rug, sent it back, and got this one! Love it!!
  • Looks great and my dog loves it. love not having to mow it.

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iCustomRug Thick Turf Rugs and Runners 8′ X 10′ Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass Shag

These dog-friendly, pet-safe synthetic grass rug runners and rugs are soft and comfortable for your pets, perfect to enjoy the cozy feeling of your home together.

If you want a nice and durable red area rug, this 2” red runner will be a perfect choice to decorate your patio or entryway. No more cleaning up the water or the dog shaking the water all over the floor after coming out from a long swim!

Its plush made from PP material is stylish, soft on your bare feet, and cost-effective. iCustomRug Thick Turf Rugs and Runners have no odor, of any type, so you won’t even know it’s not real until others tell you.

iCustomRug Thick Turf Rugs and Runners 8' X 10' Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Shag | Available in 48 Different Sizes with Binding Tape Finished Edges
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Total-Care artificial grass is 100% polypropylene with no fillers.

It is great for people with pets and children because it’s dog and pet-friendly, requiring no water, maintenance, or upkeep. Its thick construction makes it ideal for high-traffic areas in both residential or commercial settings.

Its 2mm pile height makes it perfect for grass replacement, pool, and patio applications due to being tuff enough to withstand weathering from salt spray, sun fade, or splashing water. It can also withstand up to 55 degrees of frost and UV rays.


Customers said:


  • We love the rug, it looks real and feels like real grass. Our terrace looks GREAT!
  • It is of excellent quality and can be cut to fit with scissors. The grass looks so real
  • Well made and looks as real as most!
  • Looks so real the neighbors’ dog ‘used’ it.
  • This “rug” looks great and looks real, and lays FLAT.
  • It really does feel like real grass.
  • Perfect for my dogs to have an area in my concrete yard to pee and poop.
  • It drains perfectly and is easy to clean with the hose.

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WMG Premium Artificial Grass 20”x24” Pet Turf with Drainage Holes & Rubber Backing

The WMG Premium Artificial Grass 20”x24 is an inexpensive alternative to a real grass lawn. This artificial turf with drainage holes and rubber backing is made with the highest quality material on earth. It is very easy to clean, just sweep or push off with a leaf blower.

WMG Premium Artificial Grass is the perfect addition to your home or office. The product is made from PE material, UV resistance, water absorption, and is pet-friendly.

WMG Premium Artificial Grass 20''x24'' Pet Turf w/Drainage Holes & Rubber Backing Green Synthetic Pet Grass Mat Fake Grass for Training Dogs Home Indoor/Outdoor Decorations, 1 Pack...
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Designed for absorbing pet waste and messes, this Premium Artificial Grass Pet Mat comes in a variety of different sizes and is designed to fit anywhere.

Whether you need an artificial grass mat for your dog’s bed or your living room floor, this mat is the perfect solution.

Our high-quality synthetic grass will not fade or turn yellow with sunlight, making it great for indoors or outdoors.


Customers said:


  • Now the dogs walk on this before coming in the house and no more mud is tracked in. Looks like plush real grass too.
  • The product is of high quality, the hand feeling is real and soft, my cats even tried to bite it.
  • Easy to install and looks like real grass.
  • Great for my small dog to use and keeps her out of the landscaping.
  • IT is twice the thickness of competitors and of much better quality.
  • The drainage is excellent and I feel that the grass overall is well made.
  • This is perfect. I am using a small area that gets no rain or sun, under an awning, so nothing grows. However, water runoff does occur so the holes for drainage are great.
  • Definitely allows drainage so I just put it over a pee pad in a rubber tray thing that I had bought for my plants to bring indoors and protect the floors.
  • I also like the fact that they have drainage holes so that it prevents water buildup on the mats and they dry quickly.

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Synturfmats 16inx32in Artificial Grass Carpet Rug

The Synturfmats 16inx32in Artificial Grass Carpet Rug is an excellent option for general or pet applications. It features a uniform and durable emerald modern turf which will bring out the best look and feel of any area you desire.

This synthetic green carpet looks like real grass and requires little maintenance. It’s also soft and comfortable for you to walk on, and the simple design makes it great for any room or office.

Synturfmats 16inx32in Artificial Grass Carpert Rug - Premium Indoor/Outdoor 4-Tone Synthetic Turf, 1 Inch Blades Height
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This Synturalfmats Artificial Grass is suitable for garden, patio, kindergarten, swimming pool, swimming pool, terrace, balcony, roof, terrace, and boat deck.

The artificial grass is made of PET plastic filament which can be turned into a blended fiber board by adding PE granule.

The blades of grass have the characteristics of flexibility and water resistance.


Customers said:


  • Takes a little time to flatten out since it’s rolled very tightly, but works great in my dog potty area and looks more “real” than some others I have purchased.
  • Looks like real grass, does great as an extra-large doormat.
  • Love it. We bought them to take with us and our dogs when we go camping. We put it in their pen, then when we pack up, we just hose it off, roll it up and keep it in our camper.
  • My dog loves it and helps add some greenery in the backyard full of rocks.
  • Great for traveling with your dog and training her to go potty on the boat while traveling.

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In summary, the LITA Premium Artificial Grassstands out as our best artificial grass that looks real and is ideal for pets with excellent drainage.

Another one that caught my eye was the SMARTLAWN Professional Realistic Artificial Grass Rug which also received very impressive including customers who commented on how real it looks also.

If you want to give your yard a tropical feel take a look at the Best Thatched Umbrella – it is made of artificial thatch but looks real.

If you are interested in real grass and lawn care see our article about electric lawnmowers.