Is Bed Head A Good Brand: Why Bed Head Stands Tall in the Hair Care Arena

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Is Bed Head A Good Brand? Well, if you’ve had a hair day or two in your life (and who hasn’t?), then you’ve probably come across TIGI Bed Head. Dive into the world of hair care, and you’ll find that TIGI is a name that pops up more often than not, especially when hunting for a product that promises to transform those unruly locks.

Now, let’s get one thing straight: Bed Head isn’t about bed bugs, insects, or even your cozy mattress. And nope, it’s not related to Bed Bath & Beyond either, though I can see why the bed connection might get you there.

When people rave about Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver or the Bed Head Hair Stick, they aren’t talking about some trendy headboard or the latest bed frame design. It’s all about hair, my friend. These products, including their popular shampoo, hair spray, wax, and hair conditioner, are top-tier.

They aim to give you that just-got-out-of-bed look, minus the mess and with all the style. Now, I get it. With so many brands out there, why trust TIGI Bed Head? Well, it’s simple: they know hair. Whether you’re aiming for beach waves or taming frizz, they’ve got a product for that.

Their range of hair care products doesn’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk. So, next time you’re thinking about shaking things up in the hair department, give Bed Head a go. They might just become your hair’s new best friend.

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In a Hurry? Quick Answers…

Is Bed Head’s Product Quality Consistent?

  • Bed Head is known for maintaining a high standard of quality across its product range.
  • Their formulations are often enhanced with nourishing ingredients tailored to specific hair needs.
  • Consistency in product performance has been one of the hallmarks of the TIGI Bed Head line.

What Do Customer Reviews Say About Bed Head?

  • The majority of customer reviews praise Bed Head for effective and long-lasting results.
  • Popular products like Bed Head Shampoo and Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver frequently receive positive feedback.
  • Some users appreciate the brand’s commitment to diverse hair solutions, from Bed Head Hair Stick to their range of conditioners.

Does the Bed Head Brand Have a Good Reputation?

  • Bed Head, under the TIGI umbrella, has established itself as a reputable brand in the hair care industry.
  • Their innovative approach to hairstyling and care has garnered them a loyal customer base.
  • Collaborations with professional hairstylists and salons further enhance the brand’s credibility.

Are Bed Head’s Products Fairly Priced?

  • Bed Head offers a range of products catering to various price points, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience.
  • While some premium products may be on the higher end, users often find the quality justifies the cost.
  • Periodic sales and discounts on platforms that sell Bed Head make the brand even more appealing to budget-conscious consumers.

Is Bed Head’s Customer Service Responsive and Helpful?

  • Bed Head prides itself on providing excellent customer service, addressing queries and concerns promptly.
  • Their dedicated team ensures that any product-related issues are resolved efficiently.
  • Feedback from customers indicates satisfaction with the brand’s post-purchase support and assistance.

Dry Shampoo Recall: A Safety Alert for Hair Enthusiasts

In a recent turn of events, several beloved dry shampoo brands have issued a recall, raising concerns among users. The brands in question, including Dove, Nexxus, Suave, Rockaholic, Bed Head TIGI, and TRESemmé, have taken this step due to the detection of benzene, a compound linked to potential cancer risks.

Dry Shampoo Recall

Specifically, the recall encompasses certain lots of aerosol dry shampoo sprays from these brands, all manufactured before October 2021. The discovery of benzene in these products has understandably set off alarm bells, given the substance’s potential health implications.

To ensure the safety of consumers, the companies have issued a stern advisory. Users are strongly encouraged to discontinue the use of the affected products immediately. Proper disposal is crucial, and it’s recommended to follow the disposal instructions provided on the product packaging to a tee. Moreover, for those looking for compensation, visiting the official company website can provide information on eligible product reimbursements.

Importantly, this recall has not gone unnoticed by regulatory authorities. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the loop regarding this situation, reinforcing the seriousness of the matter.

For those who have purchased any of these products and are seeking a reimbursement or have further queries, they are advised to reach out to the respective company’s customer service.

Remember, while dry shampoos have revolutionized hair care for many, it’s essential always to prioritize safety and well-being. Stay informed, stay safe.

The Bed Head Phenomenon

The world of haircare has seen numerous brands come and go, but very few have created as significant an impact as Bed Head.

This iconic brand, with its unmistakable bold packaging and innovative product names, has become synonymous with modern hairstyling. But what’s in a name? And how did a brand like Bed Head manage to redefine the boundaries of hair care?

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Bed Head vs. Bedhead: Clearing the Confusion

First things first, let’s tackle a common point of confusion.

  • Bed Head: This is the brand we all know and love. A product line under the TIGI umbrella, Bed Head is renowned for its vibrant packaging and trendsetting products.
  • Bedhead: A general term that refers to the tousled, just-out-of-bed hairstyle. While the brand certainly capitalizes on this concept, it’s essential to distinguish between the style and the product.

The Legacy of TIGI in the Hair Care Industry

The story of Bed Head cannot be told without mentioning TIGI, the powerhouse behind it.

  • Roots in Professional Excellence: Founded by the Mascolo brothers, TIGI has its roots deeply embedded in professional hairdressing. This expertise laid the foundation for products that professionals could trust.
  • Innovation at its Core: TIGI has always been at the forefront of haircare innovation. Whether it’s the formulations or the packaging, they’ve consistently pushed the envelope.

How Bed Head Transformed Modern Hair Styling

  • Embracing Individuality: Before Bed Head, hair products were often about fitting in. Bed Head turned that notion on its head, emphasizing unique styles and individual expression. Products like the Bed Head Hair Stick made it easy for anyone to craft a unique look.
  • Bold Marketing and Packaging: Let’s be honest, a significant part of the Bed Head allure is its packaging. Bright colors, edgy designs, and catchy product names made these products stand out on the shelves.
  • Versatility in Products: From shampoos like the Bed Head Resurrection to styling tools like the Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver, the brand offers a diverse product range catering to various hair needs.
The Bed Head phenomenon isn't just about great hair products; it's about a brand that understood its audience and dared to be different. In a world of conformity, Bed Head stands out, proving that sometimes, messy, tousled, and unique is precisely what we need.

Quality Over Hype

In an age where marketing can make or break a brand, it’s essential to discern the genuine quality of a product from the noise of its promotions. As one of the most talked-about haircare brands, Bed Head has its fair share of supporters and skeptics. Let’s dive deep and separate the facts from the fiction.

Bed Head has its fair share of supporters and skeptics.

Is Bed Head Good for Your Hair? The Science Behind the Products

  • Advanced Formulations: Bed Head products are crafted using advanced scientific research. Their formulations often combine nourishing ingredients with protective agents, ensuring hair is not just styled but cared for.
  • Tailored Solutions: Recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all, Bed Head offers products tailored for different hair types and concerns, from dryness to color protection.

Bed Head Shampoo: Good, Bad, or Just Alright?

  • Diverse Range: The Bed Head shampoo line is vast, catering to various needs – from the Bed Head Resurrection for damaged hair to specific solutions for curly or colored hair.
  • Ingredient Analysis: While most of their shampoos are lauded for their effectiveness, it’s always a good practice to check the ingredients. Some may contain sulfates or silicones, which might not be preferred by all users.

TIGI Hair Products: Beyond the Bed Head Line

  • Expansive Portfolio: TIGI isn’t just about Bed Head. Brands like TIGI Catwalk and TIGI Professional cater to specific niches, showcasing the company’s comprehensive approach to hair care.
  • Consistent Quality: Across the board, TIGI products maintain a high standard of quality, reinforcing their reputation in the industry.

Professional vs. Consumer-grade: Is Bed Head Salon Quality?

  • Salon Heritage: Given TIGI’s roots in professional hairdressing, many of the Bed Head products are developed with a salon-quality benchmark.
  • Versatility: While professionals widely use them, Bed Head products are designed to be user-friendly for consumers, ensuring top-notch results even at home.

Debunking Myths: Is Bed Head Bad for Your Hair?

  • Understanding Ingredients: There’s a common misconception that certain ingredients, like sulfates, are inherently bad. However, the context matters. For many, these ingredients might pose no issue, while others might prefer alternatives.
  • Listening to Your Hair: The best judge for what works for your hair is, well, your hair! It’s always wise to observe how your hair reacts to a product over time.
While Bed Head and, by extension, TIGI enjoy a prominent market presence, it's not just because of clever marketing. Their commitment to quality, backed by a deep understanding of haircare, ensures that in the battle of quality over hype, quality triumphs every time.

The Bed Head Product Spectrum

Navigating the world of haircare can be a dizzying experience with a plethora of products vying for attention. However, certain brands and their offerings stand out, creating a lasting impact on consumers and professionals alike. Bed Head by TIGI is undoubtedly one of those trailblazers. Let’s explore some of their standout products and what makes them so special.

Bed Head A Wave We Go Tourmaline Ceramic Adjustable Hair Waver | Create Different Types of Waves

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver and its Prowess

  • Innovative Design: The Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver is more than just a hair tool; it’s an innovation. With its unique barrel design, it creates deep, beachy waves that last.
  • User-friendly Features: With multiple heat settings and rapid heat-up time, this tool caters to both beginners and seasoned stylists.

Bed Head Hair Stick and Modern Hairstyling

  • Versatility in a Stick: The Bed Head Hair Stick offers a fuss-free way to style, tame flyaways, and add texture. Its wax format allows for pinpoint application, making it a favorite among those seeking a modern, textured look.
  • Travel-friendly: Its compact size makes it a go-to for on-the-go touch-ups.

Bestsellers: Bed Head Hair Spray, Wax, and Hair Conditioner

  • Hair Spray: Known for its stronghold without the crunch, the Bed Head Hair Spray ensures hairstyles stay put, come rain or shine.
  • Wax: Whether it’s for spiky, textured, or tousled looks, Bed Head Wax provides the grip and finish desired by many.
  • Hair Conditioner: Beyond styling, Bed Head knows the importance of hair health. Their conditioner range offers solutions for every hair type, ensuring tresses are soft, manageable, and healthy.

The Men’s Line: Bed Head for Men

  • Tailored Solutions: Recognizing that men’s hair has its unique needs, Bed Head for Men offers products from shampoos to styling gels, ensuring every gentleman finds his perfect match.
  • Effortless Styling: The line focuses on creating effortless, natural looks, resonating with many who seek a no-fuss approach to hairstyling.

The TIGI Brand Beyond Bed Head

  • A Holistic Approach: TIGI doesn’t stop at Bed Head. With brands like TIGI Catwalk and TIGI Professional, they cater to a broader audience, offering salon-quality products for every hair concern and type.
  • Educational Initiatives: Beyond products, TIGI is renowned for its educational programs, helping hairstylists around the world hone their craft and stay updated with the latest trends.
The Bed Head product spectrum is a testament to TIGI's commitment to excellence and innovation. Whether you're a professional stylist, a hair enthusiast, or someone looking for reliable haircare, there's a Bed Head product waiting to transform your hair game.

Where and Why of Bed Head

When it comes to hair care, Bed Head by TIGI is a name that resonates with many. But what makes it so sought after? Let’s dive into where you can get your hands on these products, why they’ve garnered such a following, and the story behind this iconic brand.

Where Can You Buy Bed Head Products?

Who Sells Bed Head Products? The Trusted Retailers

  • Salon Partners: Many high-end salons carry Bed Head products, emphasizing the brand’s professional quality and standing in the haircare industry.
  • Big Retail Chains: Large retailers, known for their vast beauty and haircare sections, often have a dedicated space for Bed Head, showcasing its popularity.
  • Authorized Online Retailers: Websites with a reputation for selling authentic beauty products often feature Bed Head in their line-up, ensuring customers get genuine products.

Where Can You Buy Bed Head Products? From Online to Offline

  • Official Bed Head Website: An obvious choice for the latest launches and exclusive deals.
  • Beauty and Cosmetic Stores: Both brick-and-mortar and online beauty retailers frequently stock up on Bed Head due to its high demand.
  • Salons: Apart from offering Bed Head treatments, many salons also retail the products, allowing customers to continue their haircare regimen at home.

Bed Head Reviews: What Do Users Really Think?

  • Overall Satisfaction: Most reviews highlight the effectiveness of Bed Head products, with users praising everything from their fragrances to their long-lasting results.
  • Diverse Product Range: Users appreciate the vast range of products catering to different hair types and concerns, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
  • Styling Favorites: Products like the Bed Head Hair Stick and Deep Waver often receive special mentions for their innovation and results.

Bed Head Brand: The Story Behind its Inception

  • Beginnings in London: Bed Head was born out of the innovative minds of the Mascolo brothers in London. Their vision was to craft products that catered to the latest trends while ensuring hair health.
  • A Brand with Attitude: From its quirky product names to its vibrant packaging, Bed Head was always designed to stand out, resonating with a younger, trendier audience.
  • TIGI’s Backbone: As a part of the TIGI family, Bed Head has always had a foundation of professional expertise, ensuring top-notch quality and performance.
Bed Head isn't just another brand on the shelf. It's a movement, a statement, and a testament to quality haircare. Whether you're scouting for it in salons, stores, or online, one thing's for sure: Bed Head promises to transform your hair experience, one product at a time.

Bed Head Alternatives and Comparisons

Navigating the vast world of haircare can be daunting, especially with so many brands vying for attention. While Bed Head by TIGI has carved a niche for itself, it’s essential to understand how it stands in comparison to other brands and clear up some common misconceptions. Let’s dive in!

Bed Head Alternatives and Comparisons

TIGI vs. Other Brands: Where Does It Stand?

  • Quality and Reputation: TIGI, the parent company of Bed Head, has built a legacy in the haircare industry. Its reputation for quality products, borne out of professional salon expertise, sets it apart from many commercial brands.
  • Innovation and Diversity: TIGI often leads the pack in terms of product innovation. Their diverse range, catering to various hair types and concerns, makes them a favorite among professionals and consumers alike.
  • Price Point: While TIGI products might be priced higher than some drugstore brands, users often feel the quality and results justify the cost. The brand sits comfortably between luxury and affordable, offering good value for money.

Bed Head vs. Bed Bath & Beyond: Clearing Up Common Misconceptions

  • Name Confusion: It’s easy to confuse Bed Head with Bed Bath & Beyond due to the similarity in names. However, while Bed Head is all about haircare, Bed Bath & Beyond is a retail giant offering a vast range of home goods.
  • Product Placement: Bed Head products might sometimes be found in Bed Bath & Beyond stores, further adding to the confusion. However, it’s essential to remember that they are two distinct brands with different focuses.

Navigating Bed Head and TIGI Product Variations

  • Understanding the Lines: TIGI offers several product lines, with Bed Head being the most popular. However, they also have other lines catering to specific hair needs, ensuring a holistic haircare approach.
  • Reading the Labels: With Bed Head offering everything from shampoos to styling products, it’s essential to read labels and descriptions. This ensures you pick products suited to your hair type and desired results.
  • Consulting Professionals: If ever in doubt, consulting a haircare professional can guide you in choosing the right TIGI product. Their expertise can provide insights into what might work best for your specific hair needs.

Comparing Bed Head Products and Bed Head vs Other Brands

ComparisonIn-depth Detail
Bed Head A Wave We Go Vs Deep WaverThe “A Wave We Go” adjustable waver offers various wave sizes, whereas the Deep Waver creates deep, luxurious waves. Both are from Bed Head and are popular for creating beachy waves.
Bed Head Blow Out Freak Vs RevlonBed Head’s “Blow Out Freak” is a one-step volume booster and dryer, designed for quick styling. Revlon’s One-Step Volumizer is widely popular for its ability to dry and style simultaneously.
Bed Head Curls in Check Vs Curlipops“Curls in Check” is a diffuser hairdryer aimed at defining curls without frizz, while “Curlipops” is a curling wand range from Bed Head, known for creating distinct curl styles.
Bed Head Deep Waver 1 Vs 2The two versions of the Deep Waver might have minor design differences, with the second possibly having updated features or improved technology.
Bed Head Deep Waver Blue Vs PurpleBoth are color variants of the same product, offering the same functionality but catering to different aesthetic preferences.
Bed Head Dryer Brush Vs RevlonBed Head’s dryer brush is designed for creating volume and shine. Revlon’s One-Step Volumizer is known for its oval brush design and ability to create salon-like blowouts at home.
Bed Head Dumb Blonde Vs Serial BlondeBoth are from Bed Head’s color-treated hair range. “Dumb Blonde” is known for repairing damaged blonde hair, while “Serial Blonde” might focus more on preserving blonde tones.
Bed Head Good or BadA generalized query about the brand’s reputation. Bed Head, by TIGI, is generally recognized for its edgy packaging and effective hair products.
Bed Head Hard to Get Vs Manipulator“Hard to Get” is a texturizing paste for creating a tousled look, while “Manipulator” is a more versatile texturizing cream for spikes and twists.
Bed Head Little Tease Vs Voloom“Little Tease” is designed for creating voluminous, teased hairstyles. Voloom is a hair volumizing iron that adds lasting volume by creating structure in the under-layers of the hair.
Bed Head Makin Waves Vs Wave Artist“Makin Waves” is a curling iron for creating beachy waves. “Wave Artist” is a deep waver for sculpted waves and is one of Bed Head’s popular products.
Bed Head Manipulator Vs Matte Separation“Manipulator” offers a funky, punky style with a strong hold, while “Matte Separation” provides a more natural, matte finish with a hold.
Bed Head Masterpiece Vs Hard Head“Masterpiece” is a massive shine hairspray, while “Hard Head” is known for its strong hold, ensuring hairstyles stay in place.
Bed Head Motor Mouth Vs Small Talk“Motor Mouth” is a thickifier with gloss, great for adding volume. “Small Talk” acts as a 3-in-1 volumizer, energizer, and styler, perfect for giving hair body and oomph.
Bed Head One or Two WordsA query on the brand name’s correct spelling. It’s typically spelled as two words: “Bed Head.”
Bed Head One Step Hair Dryer Vs RevlonBed Head’s One Step Hair Dryer aims to dry and style simultaneously. Revlon’s One-Step Volumizer is a fan favorite for achieving smooth blowouts with one tool.
Bed Head Pure Texture Vs Matte Separation“Pure Texture” is a molding paste for creating textured styles with a natural finish. “Matte Separation” is a workable wax for hold and definition with a matte finish.
Bed Head Recovery Vs ResurrectionBoth are from Bed Head’s Urban Antidotes range. “Recovery” is for dry, damaged hair needing moisture, while “Resurrection” is formulated for severely damaged hair needing repair.
Bed Head Self Absorbed Vs Moisture Maniac“Self Absorbed” shampoo boosts the hair’s ego, feeding it with mega nutrients, while “Moisture Maniac” conditioner calms frizz, defining curls and adding shine.
Bed Head Small Talk Vs Motormouth“Small Talk” offers body, volume, and energy to the hair. “Motor Mouth” is great for thickening the hair while adding a UV glow.
Bed Head Swerve and Curve Vs Wave ArtistBoth tools are designed for wavy hairstyles. The “Swerve and Curve” offers versatility in wave styles, while “Wave Artist” provides deep, beachy waves.
Bed Head Vs American CrewBed Head is known for its trendy, edgy products aimed at a younger audience. American Crew targets men’s grooming with a more classic, refined approach.
Bed Head Vs CatwalkBoth are TIGI brands. While Bed Head focuses on trendy, daily haircare and styling, Catwalk is more about runway-inspired looks and treatments.
Bed Head Vs ChiBed Head offers a wide range of hair products with a fun, edgy branding. CHI, on the other hand, is recognized primarily for its hair tools and silk-infused products.
Bed Head Vs Conair WaverWhile both brands offer hair wavers, Bed Head is often recognized for its trendy design and effective results, whereas Conair is a broader brand known for various hair tools.
Bed Head Vs Hot ToolsBed Head is known for its hair products and tools with edgy branding. Hot Tools specializes in professional hair styling tools with a more classic design.
Bed Head Vs JoicoWhile Bed Head is known for its edgy, fun products, Joico is often recognized for its professional-grade hair care and color solutions.
Bed Head Vs KerastaseBed Head’s products come with a fun, youthful approach. Kerastase is a luxury haircare brand known for its salon-quality products and treatments.
Bed Head Vs LorealBed Head offers a niche range of hair products with a trendy branding. L’Oreal is a global brand with a comprehensive range of hair and beauty products.
Bed Head Vs NexxusBed Head’s range is edgy and youthful, while Nexxus is often associated with salon-quality hair repair and nourishment.
Bed Head Vs RedkenBoth are professional haircare brands. While Bed Head is edgy and trendy, Redken offers a comprehensive range of products, often recognized for its scientific approach to haircare.
Bed Head Vs Revlon Hot Air BrushBed Head offers various hair tools with trendy designs. Revlon’s Hot Air Brush is widely popular for its ability to dry and volumize hair simultaneously.
Bed Head Vs TousledWhile Bed Head offers a range of products for various hair needs, “Tousled” often refers to a specific wavy, messy hair look, which can be achieved using various Bed Head products.
Bed Head Vs TresemmeBed Head’s products have a trendy, niche appeal. Tresemme is known for its salon-quality products at an affordable price point, with a broader market appeal.
Bed Head Wave Affair Vs A Wave We GoBoth are wavers from Bed Head. While “Wave Affair” is designed for professional-looking waves, “A Wave We Go” offers adjustable settings for various wave sizes.
Bed Head Wave Artist Blue Vs PurpleThe blue and purple variants of the Wave Artist might have minor design differences but essentially offer the same wavy results.
Bed Head Wave Artist Generation 1 Vs 2The two generations might have design or technological improvements, with the second version possibly having updated features.
Bed Head Wave Artist Vs ConairWhile Bed Head’s Wave Artist is popular for its deep wavy results, Conair offers a range of wavers and might have a design more suited for broader waves or different hair types.
Conair Vs Bed Head Curling WandConair offers a wide range of affordable curling wands. In contrast, Bed Head’s curling wands, like “Curlipops,” are known for their distinct barrel shapes and vibrant colors.
Hot Tools Deep Waver Vs Bed HeadHot Tools’ Deep Waver is recognized for its professional-grade results. Bed Head’s deep wavers, on the other hand, are more trendy and accessible for everyday users.
Hot Tools Vs Bed Head Dryer BrushHot Tools specializes in professional hair tools, including dryer brushes. Bed Head’s dryer brush is more consumer-friendly, designed for quick and easy styling.
Ikt Wax Stick Vs Bed HeadWhile “Ikt” might refer to a specific wax product for hair styling, Bed Head offers a range of waxes and pomades, like “Manipulator,” for various textured looks.
While Bed Head stands tall in the haircare realm, understanding its position in the broader TIGI universe and its comparison with other brands is essential. Whether you're loyal to Bed Head or exploring alternatives, knowledge is the key to making informed haircare choices.

Special Considerations

When choosing hair care products, it’s not just about the immediate results they deliver, but also about understanding the brand’s ethos, the ingredients they use, and how they cater to various hair types. Bed Head by TIGI is no exception. Let’s dive deeper into some special considerations surrounding this brand.

Is Bed Head Cruelty-Free?

Is Bed Head Cruelty-Free? Ethical Considerations in the TIGI Line

  • Cruelty-Free Commitment: Bed Head prides itself on not testing its products on animals. Their commitment to ethical practices places them in the good books of many animal lovers and ethically conscious consumers.
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Products: While Bed Head is cruelty-free, it’s essential to check individual product labels if you’re seeking vegan or vegetarian products. Some might contain animal-derived ingredients.

Bed Head Ingredients: What’s Inside the Bottle?

  • Transparency: One of Bed Head’s strong suits is its transparency. They provide a comprehensive list of ingredients on every product, ensuring users know precisely what they’re applying to their hair.
  • Natural vs. Synthetic: Bed Head products combine both natural and synthetic ingredients. While they harness the power of nature through essential oils and plant extracts, they also utilize safe synthetic components for performance and consistency.
  • Safety First: Concerns like parabens and sulfates are often on users’ minds. While not all Bed Head products are free from these, many are. It’s always a good idea to read the label if you have specific ingredient preferences or allergies.

Bed Head for Different Hair Types: Curly, Straight, Colored, and More

  • Curly Hair: Bed Head offers products like curl creams and defining sprays that enhance and define curls, combatting frizz and adding moisture.
  • Straight Hair: For those with straight hair, Bed Head provides products that add volume, shine, and smoothness. Their range ensures straight hair doesn’t fall flat or look lifeless.
  • Colored Hair: Protecting color-treated hair is vital. Bed Head has shampoos, conditioners, and treatments that ensure color longevity and vibrancy.
  • Special Needs: Whether it’s hair in need of intense hydration, volume boost, or heat protection, Bed Head has a product line tailored to address it.
When choosing Bed Head products, understanding the brand's ethical stance, ingredient philosophy, and how they cater to different hair types can make all the difference. It ensures not only great hair days but also peace of mind knowing you've made informed and conscious choices.

The Future of Bed Head

Hair care trends come and go, but certain brands manage to maintain their presence and continuously adapt to the changing landscape. Bed Head by TIGI is one such brand, and as consumers, we often wonder about its future. Let’s address some common queries and see what lies ahead for this iconic brand.

The Future of Bed Head

Is TIGI Going Out of Business? Addressing the Rumors

  • Dispelling Myths: Despite what some rumors might suggest, TIGI is not going out of business. Like many brands, they might face challenges or shifts in the market, but they’ve shown resilience and adaptability over the years.
  • Consistent Presence: Walk into any salon or browse online retailers, and you’ll still find Bed Head products prominently featured. Their enduring presence is a testament to their brand strength and consumer trust.

Bed Head Innovations: What to Expect in the Coming Years

  • Eco-Friendly Shift: As the beauty industry moves towards sustainability, expect Bed Head to introduce more eco-friendly packaging and formulations. They’re likely to invest in research to minimize their carbon footprint without compromising product quality.
  • Diverse Product Line: With changing hair care needs and emerging trends, Bed Head will continue to expand its product line. Whether it’s addressing concerns like hair thinning, scalp health, or introducing products that cater to evolving styling trends, innovation will be at the forefront.
  • Digital Engagement: Bed Head recognizes the power of digital platforms. Expect more interactive online campaigns, virtual hair consultations, and perhaps even augmented reality experiences where users can ‘try on’ different products virtually.
  • Global Expansion: While Bed Head already has a strong global presence, they’ll likely push into emerging markets and strengthen their foothold where they’re already loved.
The future looks bright for Bed Head. With a commitment to innovation, responsiveness to market trends, and a deep understanding of consumer needs, they're poised to remain a significant player in the hair care industry for years to come. So, if you're a fan, rest easy knowing your favorite products aren't going anywhere! And if you're new to the brand, there's plenty to look forward to.

Frequently Asked Questions

The world of hair care can be a maze of products, ingredients, and brands. And when it comes to Bed Head by TIGI, there’s no shortage of questions. Let’s dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about this iconic brand.

Is Bed Head Shampoo Sulphate Free?

  • While some Bed Head shampoos are sulphate-free, others may contain sulphates. It’s essential to check the ingredient list of the specific shampoo you’re interested in.

Are Bed Head Products Bad for Your Hair?

  • Bed Head products are formulated to be effective and safe for hair. However, individual reactions may vary, so always do a patch test and consult with a hairstylist if unsure.

Is TIGI Bed Head Cruelty-Free?

  • TIGI is committed to ethical practices, and many of their products are cruelty-free. However, always check the packaging for specific cruelty-free certifications.

Who Owns Bed Head?

  • Bed Head is a line under the TIGI brand, which was founded by the Mascolo brothers. Over the years, it has seen changes in ownership, but the Mascolo influence remains strong.

Which Bed Head Shampoo Is Right for Me?

  • This depends on your hair type and needs. Bed Head offers a range of shampoos for different hair concerns – from volume to hydration. Consulting with a hairstylist can provide personalized recommendations.

Is Bed Head Good for Colored Hair?

  • Yes! Bed Head has specific products formulated for colored hair, ensuring color longevity and vibrancy.

What Does TIGI Stand For?

  • TIGI stands for “Toni & Guy International,” a nod to the founding Mascolo brothers’ association with the Toni & Guy salon chain.

Does Bed Head Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

  • There’s no evidence to suggest that Bed Head shampoos cause hair loss. If you have concerns, it’s always best to consult with a trichologist or dermatologist.

Where Can I Find Discontinued Bed Head Products?

  • Some online retailers or specialty beauty stores might carry discontinued products. However, be cautious and ensure you’re purchasing from a reputable source to avoid counterfeit items.

How to Use Bed Head After Party?

  • Bed Head After Party is a smoothing cream. To use, take a small amount on your palms, rub them together, and apply to mid-lengths and ends of damp or dry hair. Style as desired for a smooth, shiny finish.


Navigating the vast ocean of hair care products can often feel like a daunting task. With countless brands vying for our attention, it’s the legacy and commitment of brands like Bed Head by TIGI that truly stand out.

Having been a staple in the hair care industry for years, Bed Head has not only transformed the way we style but has also set a gold standard for innovative hair solutions. Its iconic status isn’t just a result of flashy marketing but comes from a genuine understanding of hair care needs and consistent delivery of quality.

On a personal note, diving into the world of Bed Head has been nothing short of a revelation. From the funky packaging to the delightful fragrances and the actual results, it’s clear why so many swear by these products. For those who’ve just dipped their toes into this brand, my biggest recommendation would be to explore and find what works for you. The versatility and range are bound to have something for everyone.

For the enthusiasts and loyalists, you already know the magic these products can weave. Stick around, for the future of Bed Head promises more innovation, more style, and more fabulous hair days.

In the grand tapestry of hair care brands, Bed Head's vibrant thread is hard to miss. Whether you're a newbie or a veteran, this is one brand that deserves a spot on your shelf. After all, great hair doesn't happen by chance; it happens by appointment, and with Bed Head, it's an appointment with excellence.