Can You Put Bananas In A Breville Juicer? (Um… Why Would You?)

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It may be tempting to throw your bananas into a juicer, but I encourage you not to! Not only will it be too mushy to drink, but you’ll also probably end up clogging your juicer and they are best eaten raw anyways.

While a banana is a healthy fruit, it’s not the ideal juice-friendly food… You may be able to stuff a few down your juicer, but the results likely won’t be tasty — And it’ll be a waste of time and money, as the juicer will quickly clog and you’ll have to clean it.

I know bananas are very nutritious and you are thinking the juice would be great but it’s really not and they don’t actually contain a great deal of juice anyway.

Juicing a banana is a bad idea… I know, I know — You probably had this revelation yourself, but just because it’s common knowledge doesn’t mean it’s not true.

What Happens If You Put A Banana In A Juicer?

What would happen if I put an ENTIRE BANANA in a juicer? Would I get anything out of it, or would the mouth of the juicer turn into a gaping vortex of banana nothingness?

If you put a banana in your juicer, what happens? You get sticky and smelly pulp all over the place, and you don’t have a lot of juice to drink!

Bananas are delicious and healthy, but they’re not great for juicing—and if you try to force them, they can clog up your juicer or even turn to mush in the process.

You get a whole lot of mess and virtually zero juice and here is why…

Bananas Have Limited Juice

Unlike other fruits, bananas contain a thick layer of fiber around the fruit. Therefore, they can’t be juiced the same way fruit juices are squeezed from grapefruits, oranges, or apples.

Trying to juice them would put a strain on your juicer and it wouldn’t be fruitful.

But fresh banana taste and potassium-rich nutrition aren’t something you should overlook. The simple fact of the matter is if you want to enjoy nice tasty banana recipes you need to make smoothies and for that, you need a blender, not a juicer.

So once again… Bananas have no juice! Well, almost none. Bananas can make for a tasty smoothie, but you wouldn’t want to juice them.

If you want to take advantage of the goodness contained in bananas stick to using them in smoothies or mixing your other juices with the banana in the blender for a lovely concoction. You could even add ice.

Is Banana The Only Fruit Without Juice?

Don’t worry the banana is not a lone wolf outcast when it comes to fruit that can not be juiced.

Other fruits that are no good for juicing are avocados, cherries, blueberries, and mangos.

Ironically, every one of these fruits makes the most divine tasting smoothies. So why not stick to their strength and use them in smoothies and give up on trying to squeeze every last drop of juice out of them.

Can You Juice A Banana Peel?

So can you juice a banana peel? The fact is, you can do a lot of crazy things in the name of health and get away with it, but juicing a banana peel is definitely not one of them.

However, the peel is actually loaded with nutrients that can help prevent several health conditions.

Plus, the peel is not toxic, so don’t worry about getting sick. I would wash it thoroughly in case of pesticides and try to buy organic bananas.

I have actually tried some of the suggestions for incorporating banana peels into my diet. (I didn’t last long)

One way was to make banana peel tea. Simply boil water in a pot with the banana peel – it wasn’t the worse thing I’ve tasted. Also a long way short of the best:)

Another way I tried was to blend the banana peel into a smoothie. If you have a powerful blender it does grind the banana peel down to nothing – you don’t even notice this in a banana-flavored smoothie.

However, that is for a blender. You can not juice a banana peel.

Can You Put a Banana in a Juicer

Okay… so Breville can’t do it but what about other Juicers?

One question that often comes up when using a juicer is whether or not certain fruits and vegetables can be juiced. While most people are familiar with juicing citrus fruits, leafy greens, and other common juicing ingredients, some people wonder if it’s possible to juice more unusual items like bananas.

So, can you put a banana in a juicer? The short answer is no, you cannot put a banana in a traditional juicer.

Let’s face it… the Breville Juicer is very good so if can’t do it none of the others can either!

This is because juicers are designed to extract juice from fruits and vegetables by breaking down their fibers and separating the liquid from the solids. Bananas do not have a lot of juice to extract, and they are not made up of the type of fibers that can be broken down by a juicer.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of bananas in your juice. One option is to blend bananas with other juicable fruits and vegetables in a blender to create a smoothie-like drink.

Or, you can slice a banana and mix it into a glass of freshly-juiced fruit and vegetable juice for added flavor and nutrition.

So, while you can’t put a whole banana in a juicer, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate this tasty and nutritious fruit into your juicing routine.

In summary, don’t bother trying to put a banana in a Breville juicer or in any other juicer for that matter.

You won’t get much juice and you will get plenty of mess. The banana is best used in a blender for smoothies… So stick with what works best!

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