Is Artist Loft A Good Brand? (Art Supplies For Beginner Artists)

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What Is The Artist Loft Brand Known For?

Artist Loft art supplies are a brand of quality, environmentally friendly arts and crafts supplies that combines the affordability of store brands with the quality of name brands.

Artist Loft art supplies are the #1 choice of beginners and professionals. Artist Loft products help artists to create a wide range of art, from simple finger painting to intricate customized paintings.

Artist Loft, which makes quality drawing materials, is the right brand if you’re looking for student-grade color pencils and specialty brushes. Artist Loft art materials are made of superior materials and come in fun colors for all occasions.

Let’s look at some of the best-selling Artist Loft products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

Artist Loft Is A Good Brand For Crafts Creative Centers

The following Artist Loft product has an AMAZING 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Artist Loft, full-service art, crafts, and creative center, located in Historic and Artistic Downtown Flagstaff, offers an environment complete with a variety of Art and Craft classes, an Art Shop with a wide selection of hand-crafted items, and a Craft Shop with a large selection of textiles, ceramics, and other craft items.

Artist Loft is a unique and fun place to draw, paint, cut, or stitch your next masterpiece! You will find all of the things you need to create and store your creations here: drawing materials, paint, paint brushes, clay, paper, and more. Plus, they offer a large selection of affordable art supplies for sale.

The Artist Loft is a compact desk and storage that provides the ideal creative space for artists of all ages. This folding desk – that’s also a craft table, is made with rugged eco-friendly fast-growing bamboo and has a clear coat finish, so you can paint and stain it any color or style you like…


Artist’s Loft Arts, and Crafts Creative Center – Art Desk and Craft Center with Storage


Artist’s Loft Arts, and Crafts Creative Center – Art Desk and Craft Center with Storage

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  • The Artist’s Loft is our new work of art – a 3-in-1 workstation designed for artists who live and create in small spaces!
  • The Loft includes A chic, two-tiered work desk & Craft center with storage, a roomy acrylic Craft box with 18 compartments, and two Arrange-a-Shelf units that accommodate everything from paint and pastels to clay slips and scrapbook stencils.
  • Take your home studio to new heights with the Loft!
  • This Artist’s Loft Desk and Craft Center offer an adjustable, warm-mahogany desk space with a matching chair.
  • In a roomy compartment are built-in shelves that provide storage for books and supplies.
  • It features an arts and crafts center with a wide work surface, adjustable table clamp, and wood anatomy chart.
  • This Loft Style Art Desk is the perfect solution to organize your art supplies and provide a working room for your craft projects.
  • Its industrial look, large work surface, and ample storage make any space more complete.
  • This desk will be a great addition to any home or studio.
  • It has a large work surface with storage for your favorite coloring books, markers, pens, paints, scrap-booking material and so much more. Learn to draw and design with this versatile art desk!

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Artist Loft Is A Good Brand For Easel Sets

The following Artist Loft product has a good 69% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

This Artist’s Loft Painting Easel Set is the perfect solution to your home art studio needs. The sturdy, lightweight Design Master Easel boasts what artists really want–a tabletop that tilts.

The paper holder gives students a place for paper and pencils, while the paper roll holder has enough space for the paper roll.

The Artist’s Loft Easel Set is a quality, canvas and Wood easel that folds to fit into an easy to carry tote. This complete set features a full-size easel with clamp, a canvas holder, and two palette trays for mixing paint. The easel also has four clips to keep your painting secure.

Other features include two-segmented trays for holding brushes, paints, and more, an adjustable palette, four clips to hold paper or canvas in place, and removable tray inserts. This easel sets up quickly and collapses easily for transport to class or exhibitions…


Artist’s Loft Painting Easel Set


Artist's Loft Painting Easel Set

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  • The Artist Loft Dual Easel Set with Canvas Cart provides the perfect balance of storage space, simplicity, and economy for a small artist’s studio.
  • The Artist Loft Easels fit perfectly together, store standing on the Cart, offer plenty of storage space underneath the shelf, and can be folded down flat for easy transport if desired.
  • The Artist Loft Easel is an innovative and versatile easel set that will help you paint the most detailed of paintings.
  • The upper tier features a ‘paint can’ cup which holds the paint upright for easy dipping, while the outer ledge provides a place to rest your brush.
  • The lower tier provides an adjustable palette that can be raised and lowered.
  • The Artist Loft Easel comes complete with two chalk trays and a built-in carrying handle for portability.
  • It is the perfect starter package for any artist aspiring to become a professional.

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Artist Loft Is A Good Brand For Colored Pencils

The following Artist Loft product has an excellent 70% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

When it comes to colored pencils, quality, durability, and ease are all important. These colored pencils by Artist’s Loft meet the standards for superior quality pencils.

Made of high-grade artists’ non-drying wax, these 72 count colored pencils come with a built-in sharpener in the end cap and are available in eight vibrant colors at a low cost.

If you’re a pencil lover but don’t know where to get pastel shades, Artist Loft is the place to go. From vibrant purple to soft lavender, their colors are so rich they’ll turn a drab drawing pad into a colorful masterpiece in no time. They also offer 24 different colors in 48-count boxes, so you can bring out all your pencils and don’t get stuck with any that go unused.

Create bright and colorful works of art with the Artist’s Loft Colored Pencils. This set contains 72 colored pencils that are perfect for artists of all ages and features a convenient carrying case to keep them organized…


Colored Pencils by Artist’s Loft, 72 Count


Colored Pencils by Artist's Loft, 72 Count

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  • Artist’s Loft Colored Pencils 72 Count is perfect for drawing, doodling, and creating various artwork.
  • This pencil set features rich, vibrant colors and soft, thick cores.
  • The strong leads are pre-sharpened to a point for easy, smooth application without the need for a sharpener.
  • The cedar case makes for easy storage and portability.
  • These artist pencils are made to last with long-lasting and vibrant coloring power without fading or smearing.
  • Glides across paper smoothly and will not tear artwork when sharp.
  • Each Artist’s Loft Colored Pencil set contains a balanced selection of bright and beautiful colors designed to enhance the most detailed images.

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Artist Loft Is A Good Brand For Markers

The following Artist Loft product has an AMAZING 85% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Artist’s Loft 24 Color Dual Tip Markers is a set of 24 highly pigmented dual tips markers from Pebeo. These water and alcohol soluble markers have a smooth, acid-free, non-toxic water-based ink that is fast drying, low odor, and washable when completely dry.

The Artist’s Loft 24 Color Dual Tip Markers are a brand new product. These new markers are designed with the ultimate in convenience in mind, allowing you to create precise lines and details with ease. The dual tip system ensures that you are able to draw with a fine point, while at the same time, giving you the option to draw with a thicker line. You can even switch between the two tips in the blink of an eye.

It is a fantastic yet simple tool that can be used to create art whether it be on a wall, movie poster, or piece of paper…


Artist’s Loft 24 Color Dual Tip Markers


Artist's Loft 24 Color Dual Tip Markers

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  • The Artist Loft Dual Tip Markers from Copic are vibrant and consistent, offering either a fine tip or broad tip that ensures a rich, smooth color lay-down every time.
  • Ideal for artists who are only familiar with one type of brush tip, these dual-tip markers provide versatility in coloring techniques.
  • Take your artwork to the next level with crisp, clear lines.
  • These dual-tip markers allow you to go from fine lines to thick ones with ease – no change out of tips required.

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Artist Loft Is A Good Brand For Acrylic Paint Tube Sets

The following Artist Loft product has an AMAZING 88% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned AMAZON Choice status…

An art lover will always have a need for decorative items to decorate their homes, and these tubes from Artist’s Loft are great for decorating a variety of surfaces.

The tubes come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, ranging from 1/2 to 5/8″ in diameter, and are made of durable acrylic. The tubes are also available in sets of 24, 36, and 48 tubes.

Artist’s Loft acrylic paint tube set contains 48 assorted acrylic colored tubes in a variety of popular colors and large sizes. Artist’s Loft paint is perfect for kids, beginner, intermediate and professional artists.

Create a colorful world with the Artist Loft acrylic paint tube set. This studio-quality paint is made to achieve a variety of stroke techniques and comes in 48 different colors for endless options…


Acrylic Paint Tube Set by Artist’s Loft, 48 Count


Acrylic Paint Tube Set by Artist's Loft, 48 Count

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  • These paints have been formulated to create color-rich, vibrant artwork, and each tube contains enough paint to make approximately 10 -12 1″ to 2″x1″ size paintings depending on the thickness of application.
  • The Artist Loft Acrylic set packed with all the basic colors you need to begin creating artwork.
  • This is the perfect set for young artists that want to experiment with different color combos.
  • This acrylic paint tube set is conveniently packaged in a durable carrying case with a comfortable handle for transporting.
  • The case contains a large selection of tubes in assorted colors.

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Artist Loft Is A Good Brand For Sketch Markers

The following Artist Loft product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Artwork will look fresh and bright on nearly every surface when used with these markers. The set is packaged in a beautiful gray box designed to make it a great gift for any artist or art student.

Mix and match the rich color of Artist’s Loft Sketch Markers to create a variety of tones and shading. These water-resistant colored pencils are made from a high-quality blend of pigment and clay for a creamy consistency. Their triangular shape is easy to hold and allows you to shade, line, or draw in any direction.

Art made easy and fun! Artist Loft features a variety of colorful Gray Sketch markers for any use…


Gray Sketch Markers by Artist’s Loft


Gray Sketch Markers by Artist's Loft

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  • Capture those ideas and creative thoughts around your home or in the workshop.
  • This set of twelve gray sketch markers offers non-toxic pigmented ink that can be used on most surfaces.
  • The broad tip allows for wide strokes and the fine tip is perfect for detail work.
  • Artist Loft Sketch Markers are artist-quality, yet affordable, general-purpose drawing and sketching pens.
  • They are a professional tool for any kind of project.
  • They have a durable metal casing and water-based dye inks that dry to the touch in seconds without leaving stains or streaks.
  • They can be used on paper, canvas, wood, fabric, glass, and other smooth surfaces with beautiful results.
  • The Perfect set for beginners and professional artists who cherish quality!

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In summary, Artists need a lot of supplies, and it can be hard to find them all in one place – well, Artist Loft has you covered.

From paper to paints and everything in between, Artist Loft has got your art covered, from start to finish. Artist Loft art supply stores have all of your favorite materials in stock and ready for use.

Artist Loft is the world-leading art supplies brand for schools. It has a full range of products including artist paints, drawing pencils, crayons and pastels, presentation markers, highlighters, school glue sticks, and much more.

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