Is Arteza A Good Brand? (Top-Notch Budget-Friendly Art Supplies)

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What Is The Arteza Brand Known For?

Arteza is a line of high-quality art supplies that makes it easy for anyone to create incredible works of art. The company’s dedication to providing a high level of customer service is also worth mentioning…. Arteza is an award-winning company that is well-known for its quality.

If you’ve ever seen the company’s television ad, you’ll know what we mean—the commercial is a true testament to the company’s dedication to providing customers with high-quality, professional art supplies.

Their products are a great choice for both beginner artists and experienced artists who demand high-quality, professional supplies.

In this day and age of digital art, we know it can be tempting to use a laptop or tablet instead of color pencils and paints, but when you do, you’re only painting with half the rainbow.

That’s why Arteza created its glowing line of premium art products…. Using high-quality pigments means beautiful, brilliant colors that last for years

Let’s take a look at 8 of the best-selling Arteza products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

Arteza Is A Good Brand For Brush Pens

The following Arteza product has an excellent 79% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and it is an Amazon Choice product…

Arteza is a company that offers high-quality art supplies at affordable prices…. One of their most popular products is their watercolor brush pens.

These pens are no ordinary markers, but actually brush tips with watercolor paint inside…. Arteza is the first real brush pens with REAL watercolor ink, 48 colors for total beginner as well as expert artists.

The Arteza Real Brush is a brand of art supply made by the Arteza company that is designed to be similar to the way a brush is used on paper.

The brush tip can be used for fine detail art, and also for special effects…. This set includes 48 colors to work with, and is a good set for beginners to start with and get a feel for different kinds of paper, pens, and other art supplies.

They’re soft and flexible, so you can create the most subtle paint strokes…. And they flow well, so there’s no need to constantly shake the pens for more ink.

They are great if you want to experiment with watercolors or if you just want to try a new medium.

Arteza Real Brush Pens, 48 Colors for Watercolor Painting

Arteza Real Brush Pens, 48 Colors for Watercolor Painting with Flexible Nylon Brush Tips, Paint Markers for Coloring, Calligraphy, Drawing with Water Brush, Art Supplies for Artists and Beginners

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Example of comments from Arteza:

I am one happy customer of Arteza brand art products…. They have never been a disappointment + they are reasonably priced.

  • I have tried two other brands of equal price, and Arteza gives the best performance and quality.
  • The brush tips glide so smoothly across the paper.
  • I like these better than the big name brand sets which seem more like flexible markers than brushes.
  • The tips keep their shape.
  • I am such a huge fan of Arteza…. I used to spend way too much money on the so-called, ‘big name’ art brands….but I am obsessed with Arteza!.
  • These are unique Real Brush Pens and while it’s tempting to go for a similar brand for lesser money I doubt you’ll find the quality and charm Arteza has put into these.
  • Trust me when I say the quality is #1…… I have bought other brands and these Arteza brand markers are the bomb.
  • I think this is my new favorite art brand…. Aesthetics are important to me when purchasing anything, I’m so particular and these really hit the mark for me.
  • The colors in the paints, markers…etc….are vibrant, they are easy to use, and soooo much fun when creating art of any kind!
  • These are the best watercolor brush pens I’ve used…. I purchased other brands and they were terrible.

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Arteza Is A Good Brand For Acrylic Paint

The following Arteza product has an AMAZING 87% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and it is an Amazon Choice product…

Creativity has never been so easy and affordable! Arteza paints are completely odorless, non-toxic, acid-free, and water-soluble.

Great for adult coloring books, children’s paintings, school projects and more! Arteza paints come in a convenient storage box with 60 color tubes.

Each Arteza paint tube contains 22ml of water-based, color-fast pigments…. This collection of 60 colors has been carefully selected to provide you with a palette of rich paints, including bold jewel tones, iconic colors, and neutral shades.

Add a splash of color to your next masterpiece with the Arteza Art Set…

Arteza Acrylic Paint, Set of 60 Colors/Tubes (0.74 oz, 22 ml) with Storage Box

Arteza Acrylic Paint, Set of 60 Colors/Tubes (0.74 oz, 22 ml) with Storage Box, Rich Pigments, Non Fading, Non Toxic Metallic Paints for Artist, Hobby Painters & Kids, Art Supplies for Canvas Painting

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Example of comments from Arteza:

I love the brand the color etc….. I would argue this is good for any level of expertise….. from beginner to expert.

  • Overall exceptional quality for the price, a bit glossy but some people prefer that and I don’t find it to be a fault, also this brand has the best customer service/interaction ever.
  • Such a good deal for this amazing brand! The colors are vibrant
  • One thing that this brand does really well is metallic paints…. Holy moly it is wonderful.
  • The quality of this paint outstanding for the low price, I will use no other brand…. Can’t beat the price/performance ratio.
  • PERFECT…. With so many bright colors and variety, the quality of this paint is spot on I absolutely love this brand.
  • These paints definitely hold their own against several other much more expensive brands in my opinion.
  • Seems to be a great value and product for the money…… high-quality brand!
  • This was the first time I ever tried this brand of acrylic paints, and all I can say is they are awesome!!
  • I have to say that they are just as good as high-end, name-brand expensive acrylics – but for a fraction of the price.
  • I will probably NEVER use another type of paint.

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Arteza Is A Good Brand For Colored Pencils

The following Arteza product has an AMAZING 82% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and it is an Amazon Choice product…

Despite all the new digital technology out there, artists still need to put pencil to paper every once in a while…. And that means having a wide selection of colors handy.

It’s not easy to get all the colors you need with a limited set of pencils; even the best set of 12 or 16 colors can quickly get lonely since some colors are just too hard to mix from a limited palette.

Thankfully Arteza has come up with a solution: 72 vibrant colored pencils that you can mix and match to create any color you need, and never run out of the color of your dreams.

They’re ideal for artists and architects involved in color matching, and provide good coverage with minimal amounts of lead breakage.

With professional art tools, like the Arteza Colored Pencils, you can create some amazing works of art.

This set of 72 pencils will last for a long time since you get a wide variety of colors…. These pencils are made from high-quality wood, and they sharpen very easily…. The colors are vibrant, and the lead is thick and pigmented…

Arteza Colored Pencils, Professional Set of 72 Colors

Arteza Colored Pencils, Professional Set of 72 Colors, Soft Wax-Based Cores, Art Supplies for Drawing Art, Sketching, Shading & Coloring, Vibrant Artist Pencils for Beginners & Pro Artists in Tin Box

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Example of comments from Arteza:

Coloring with these are like driving a brand new Cadillac off the show room floor! What a smooth ride! Why did I wait so long in purchasing these? If you color, you gotta get a set of these pencils!

  • They glide across the paper effortlessly and incredibly smoothly.
  • So far they have worked great in all of my coloring books, doing all the blending, shading, etc…. that I like to do at a fraction of the cost of professional pencils.
  • There is no scratchiness at all even with a pinpoint sharp tip.
  • If you love to COLOR in coloring books, but still want good pencils that are not going to frustrate you, these are awesome.
  • Great upgrade from the store brands.
  • I really like the Arteza brand pencils…. They don’t disappoint…. Way better than the Staedtler brand I’ve bought in the past.
  • Easily stand up to Prismacolor…. The colors actually appear more saturated…. They are easily blendable, and the finish on the pencil is beautiful!
  • Everything I have used of this brand has yet to disappoint, I love how brilliant the colors are and how nicely they color and blend.
  • The Arteza brand is wonderful for beginners and others
  • This brand is really top-notch, as an artist myself they are a great deal for the value.

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Arteza Is A Good Brand For Coloring Books

The following Arteza product has a good 68% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Arteza’s adult coloring books are a different kind of coloring book for adults…. These books are filled with illustrations and designs that are beautiful, yet not overly complicated or intimidating.

The designs are also varied, ranging from mandalas, floral patterns, cityscapes, animals, and much, much more! Because these books are designed for adults, the designs are intricate and detailed, but not overly complicated.

The artwork in this coloring book is printed on high-quality paper, which means the colors will pop off the page and provide a great coloring experience, no matter what medium you choose.

Arteza is a brand that specializes in illustration and design, and their Arteza Coloring Book for Adults is a collection of whimsical animal art that anyone can enjoy.

The book contains a wide variety of illustrations, including pets, zoo animals, and even dinosaurs, all with an artistic flair that makes them fun to color and admire.

Transform your workday into a fun-filled adventure with Arteza Coloring Book for Adults! You’ll be amazed at the art you can create as you work some stress away…

Arteza Coloring Book for Adults, Animal Illustrations

Arteza Coloring Book for Adults, Animal Illustrations, Gray Outlines, 72 Sheets, 100 lb, 6.4x6.4 Inches, for Anxiety, Stress Relief & Relaxing, Detachable Pages

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Example of comments from Arteza:

This set of drawings is beautiful and very intricate…. This book is made for those who want to spend time and thought coloring…. I’ve been working on the buffalo for days! These drawings will be small pieces of art when colored.

  • I love the fact that the pages are one-sided and the inks/markers/pens do not bleed!
  • Please realize that these are very tiny, pocket-sized books.
  • I would highly recommend these books to someone who enjoys a lot of detail.
  • It’s amazing, small, compact, all these pages and they’re easy to color.
  • I love all of Arteza’s products…. I have tried many different coloring books and Arteza is by far my favorite.
  • Designs are unique and vary in complexity (some have significant fine details).
  • I love the small size of the pages.
  • I love the quality of the paper and how thick it is.
  • The Arteza gel pens glide on so smooth and bright.
  • The pages tear out extremely easily.

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Arteza Is A Good Brand For Fine Point Pens

The following Arteza product has an excellent 74% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Arteza’s oil-based ink is pigment-based so it won’t run or bleed through paper and you can use them with any type of paper…. They are available in a set of 72 or individually so you can choose the colors you need.

One of the great things about oil-based ink is that it won’t run or bleed through paper…. This makes them a great choice for people who work with thin paper or are concerned about accidental smearing, smudging or bleeding.

Arteza has 72 markers in this set, and all of them are lightfast…. The ink is also waterproof, will not smudge or bleed, and is acid-free…. They can be used for coloring, sketching, fine art, or even lettering.

The markers also have tips that are .03 to .07 mm in tip size, in a range of fine tip sizes.

The Arteza Inkonic Fineliners create beautiful colored lines whether drawn freehand or traced…. The 72 pens range from light to intense colors that blend well.

Set includes 72 fine point fine liner pens in a rainbow of vibrant colors with color labeling on the pens…. Ideal for illustrating, drawing, and crafting, these elegant pens are perfect for almost any drawing project…

Arteza Inkonic Fineliners Fine Point Pens, Set of 72 Fine Tip Markers with Color Numbers

Arteza Inkonic Fineliners Fine Point Pens, Set of 72 Fine Tip Markers with Color Numbers, 0.4mm Tips, Ergonomic Barrels, Brilliant Assorted Colors, Art Supplies for Coloring, Drawing & Detailing

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Example of comments from Arteza:

I’m a professional artist and I’ve tried just about every brand on the market – from cheap to steep! These pens are fantastic! The colors are exquisitely rich and nuanced…. There are vivid ultra brights and subtle shades…. The bibs are sturdy and the flow it exceptional…. Honestly I’m kind of raving over this set…. I’ve paid far more for pens that were vastly inferior!

  • Similar performance to a more expensive brand and with 72 colors!
  • These are much cheaper than the name brand my son wanted…. I’m shocked at their quality.
  • They are even better than the more expensive name-brand pens.
  • I love pens, colors, and markers…. I love this brand is one of my favorite ones so far.
  • If you are looking for something the is of good quality but at an affordable price, you should give this product the chance…. You won’t regret it.
  • So impressed with these pens…. Better than most brands found in the likes oh WHSmiths!
  • Amazing color range, strong nibs, smooth to color with.
  • This brand is one I have used several times and have never been disappointed.
  • These pens are top quality and outstanding value for money, they easily match other more expensive equipment but are not so harsh on the pocket.
  • Fantastic pens bought other brands but these have better quality.

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Arteza Is A Good Brand For Sketch Books

The following Arteza product has an AMAZING 88% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Creative expression is all about the journey, not the destination…. With Arteza 9X12″ Sketch Books, you can stretch your imagination without limits.

Its super-sketchy medium-tooth paper has a weighty texture that makes every mark and expressive gesture come alive…. The books open flat, so it’s easy to transfer your creative ideas from page to page.

The idea sketch pad is an ideal companion for artists who enjoy drawing or sketching…. The paper doesn’t bleed through and the 8×11″ size allows it to lay flat while you work, allowing for more detailed sketches.

The book is loaded with 200 pages of sketch paper that is perfect for consistent sketches that feature a smooth, non-glare finish made with high quality and acid-free material.

What’s more, the spiral binding makes it easy to take the pages out and share your art project with others.

This convenient spiral-bound book is great for sketching, writing, drawing, and making notes…. Use the back of each page for one project and flip it to the front for the next.

Arteza sketchbooks are a great sketching book for both kids and adults to practice their drawings…

Arteza 9X12″ Sketch Book, Pack of 2, 200 Sheets

Arteza 9X12" Sketch Book, Pack of 2, 200 Sheets (68 lb/100gsm), Spiral Bound Artist Sketch Pad, 100 Sheets Each, Durable Acid Free Drawing Paper, Ideal for Kids & Adults, Bright White

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Example of comments from Arteza:

I love Arteza products, but especially the paper…. I have been using one of the sketchbooks heavily since they arrived and it’s holding up really well…. They arrived in perfect shape, so no worries over the spiral binding…. The paper is thick enough for some heavy pencil work…. I will continue to buy this brand.

  • The sketchbook is made out of very good quality for the price you are paying for.
  • Perfect for those who like to sketch and draw.
  • I love these sketchbooks…. Each book feels heavy but each page is quite light.
  • The paper can withstand heavy scribbling and draw as well as charcoal drawings.
  • I use these books for woodworking plans and it definitely holds up well with all the use.
  • These are great sketchbooks, with heavyish paper that stands up to on-the-go drawing.
  • I love that each page is perforated, allowing me to remove them if I so choose instead of destroying the entire book to get one page out.
  • These are really nice…. Great size for wandering around…. I give them to my grandchildren as gifts, they love them.
  • My 13-year-old artist daughter says “These are the best!” She’s been busy creating more art ever since getting them on Christmas Day.
  • These are excellent, wonderful value…… The thickness and feel of the paper just tell you quality, quality, quality.

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Arteza Is A Good Brand For Watercolor Pencils

The following Arteza product has an AMAZING 82% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

Arteza is perfect for watercolor artists and kids alike…. With a set of 72 professional watercolor pencils, 8 color brushes, eraser, and sharpener they are ready to create their next masterpiece.

On the other hand, if you just wish to try your hand at drawing then with this set you have everything you need.

In a class of their own, Arteza Professional Watercolor Pencils deliver brilliant color, rich intensity and velvety texture for results you can see and feel.

The finest graded watercolor pencils, sold at an affordable price…. These are professional-grade quality watercolor pencils available for artists of all skill levels.

Activate the colors with just a touch of water for a wide range of hues—from light washes to bold tones.

Arteza Professional Watercolor Pencils are made from natural materials and the pigments are wood-derived, not synthetic…

Arteza Professional Watercolor Pencils, Set of 72

Arteza Professional Watercolor Pencils, Set of 72, Multi Colored Art Drawing Pencils in Bright Assorted Shades, Art Supplies for Coloring, Blending and Layering, Watercolor Techniques

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Example of comments from Arteza:

I am so glad I purchased the Arteza Watercolor pencils…. First of all, they blend and dissolve in water beautifully…. They are vivid in color…. I feel like these pencils are so good how can they be selling for such an inexpensive price?

  • The real selling point for me as a colorist is that THEY DO NOT BLEED THROUGH COLORING PAGES!
  • These pencils can also be blended dry with a regular colorless blender pencil.
  • Colorist needs these pencils and I will buy them if they ever come out with a larger set of maybe 150?
  • The color name/number/and lightfastness writing is pretty big and easy to read for people who may have eyesight problems.
  • I really was pleased with the pencils…. So many color choices.
  • I love that I can take the kit with me and start a drawing, and turn it into a watercolor.
  • So cool when I was traveling!
  • They are just as good as other name-brand pencils that I own.
  • These are a great inexpensive price for tones of vibrant colors and are perfect for just about anyone who is interested in watercolors, coloring books, and art in general.
  • These watercolor pencils are so great for Bible journaling! They are my absolute favorite medium now.

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Arteza Is A Good Brand For Gouache Paint

The following Arteza product has an AMAZING 85% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

Arteza Gouache Paint, Set of 60 Colors/Tubes is a paint that is designed for artists of any skill level by the Arteza company…. This paint is designed to last longer than other paints and to be easier to use.

The product is packaged in a case and comes with a palette, a stirring stick, and a paint-mixing chart.

The colors have a more intense pigment and mix better than other paints…. The paint is made to be rich in color and to dry evenly.

Arteza Gouache Paint offers the artist a range of 60 colors, including the purest pigments, that mix and blend easily for expressive color creation.

The superior quality of Arteza gouache paint gives it remarkable brightness, with a high pigment load that dries to a matte finish.

Treat yourself or a loved one to Arteza gouache paint…. Gouache is a brilliant, versatile opaque watercolor paint that offers artists a wide range of possibilities…

Arteza Gouache Paint, Set of 60 Colors/Tubes

Arteza Gouache Paint, Set of 60 Colors/Tubes (12 ml/0.4 US fl oz) Opaque Paints, Art Supplies for Canvas Painting, Watercolor Paper, Toned Paper, or Using with Watercolors and Mixed Media

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Example of comments from Arteza:

I am amazed by the strength of the colors which are highly pigmented…. They are very opaque right out of the tube, but diluted with water they become translucent…. The metallics are just luscious…. I work mostly on wood and really wish I had tried these earlier…. Oh, the possibilities….

  • One of my favorite brands of paint…. Gouache is a new favorite as I started with acrylic.
  • I bought this set of gouache paint to see how the Arteza brand worked compared to brands I tried before…. After playing around with these paints on paper and canvas, I am pleased with the color coverage.
  • This gouache set has a wonderful selection of colors to choose from.
  • The colors from this set work wonderfully for me when I do manga and abstract paintings.
  • I am beyond pleased with the brand and plan to buy a variety of supplies in the future.
  • This brand will be my go-to for gouache paints.
  • I am really starting to like the Arteza brand as a whole, I have also used their real brush pens and acrylics and this could apply to both of those products as well.
  • When it comes down to it with this set and others you are getting a great value for excellent quality.
  • I’m continually amazed by how rich and vibrant the colors are, and such a variety!
  • I love the pearlescent colors for touches of interest in my landscape painting…. They re-wet like a dream.
  • I fully prefer this set to the brand of gouache I used to use, which checks in at a similar but slightly higher price point (Reeves).

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In summary, Arteza is a budget art supply company that makes budget versions of high-end art supplies, and judging by the customer feedback and ratings they are an outstanding brand!

It is a well-known company that produces quality art supplies for professionals and amateurs alike.

They have a diverse selection of items from paintbrushes to paint tubes and many other products in between.

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