Are Tosot Dehumidifiers Good? (You Will Love The Pump Feature)

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What Is The Tosot Brand Known For?

The TOSOT Dehumidifier is virtually maintenance-free and is a great unit for Basement, Crawl Spaces, Laundry Rooms, Garages, and more…

The Tosot Dehumidifier has reached Amazon Choice status and has an excellent 77% of consumers rate it 5 out of 5 stars and is ideal for anyone living in a humid climate.

It has an energy star rating, and an auto-defrost feature, and can be programmed to automatically turn on and off.

The digital controls are easy to use and let you view settings, such as humidity levels, and set up reminders for filter changes. The TOSOT Dehumidifier features an internal pump, so no ductwork is required.

With the help of TOSOT’s innovative humidistat function, it’ll be easy to keep your house at the optimal humidity level.

Where Are People Using The Tosot Dehumidifier?

Tosot dehumidifiers are designed to optimize the humidity level in your home and people are using them in their garages, cabins, basements, crawl spaces, studio apartments, electrical rooms, workout rooms, bathrooms, hallways, closets, playrooms, bedrooms, motor homes, condos, cellars, and more.

TOSOT 50 Pint with Internal Pump 4,500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier Energy Star - for Home, Basement, Bedroom or Bathroom - Super Quiet (Previous 70 Pint)

Example of comments from Tosot Dehumidifier:

I use this dehumidifier in my 3-car garage. We live in SW Florida with the garage facing east. Before I received the humidifier, the typical humidity was around 70-75%. With the TOSOT it runs at 35% and there is a noticeable difference in the temperature. This unit is a solid work horse. The bucket is EASY to unload and dump.

  • I am using this in a basement that is usually a damp area. It is now very comfortable to work in.
  • We use this in a cabin to keep mold from growing on everything. This unit is just perfect for us.
  • I use this in my pet grooming salon. We have lots of hair and this powers through!!
  • It is used in a finished, conditioned basement. My husband has a train layout that is very sensitive to humidity and here in the South we really have high humidity.
  • I live in a humid environment averaging 75-80 percent humidity. This dehumidifier works great.
  • Attractive and quiet, the dehumidifier that is….. Using in a 1300 sq. ft. basement.Has removed 4 gallons in 24 hrs.
  • I love this thing. I put it under my house to keep my crawl space dry, super easy to set up and I love the built-in pump.
  • Have a 1600 sq ft garage with a cathedral ceiling. This device brought it from 72% to 45% in less than 6 hours.
  • I live in a small studio apartment – 300 square feet. I got the 50 pints because the humidity is extremely high (80+) and an ongoing problem.
  • We are using this dehumidifier for the basement of our ranch house.
  • I use this to dehumidify a large basement in a large mountain vacation home.
  • Within ONE day of use, the basement was transformed. 
  • We use this machine to maintain humidity in a room with very sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Used this in our basement that, with heavy rain, gets a little damp.
  • A convenient solution to damp rooms or basements.
  • Quiet operating, efficient de-humidifier…. used in the basement area that houses a finished golf cart garage and workshop and storage area that is open to the crawl space.
  • I bought the TOSOT 50 Pint Dehumidifier to use in a 1900-square-foot basement.
  • For baking and candy-making purposes, I need the humidity to be less than 50%.
  • Love it. I own a fitness studio with 2 workout rooms and the humidity was out of control.
  • We use the Tosot in an area at the entrance to the bathroom and just outside the closet.
  • Quickly removes the humidity out of a 10 × 14 addition to a house used as a playroom!
  • I am using this device to keep my laundry room dry. It moves a ton of air on the highest setting.
  • I’m using it in a 200 sq. ft bedroom and I’m amazed at how quickly the humidity goes from 70% to 45% with the bedroom door closed!
  • We use this dehumidifier in our motor home and it has worked out perfectly. It’s quiet and efficient.
  • Love this machine! Our condo was too humid (about 67%) but this dehumidifier quickly lowered the humidity to a much better level.
  • I love it!! Have it in the cellar, now, and it works quietly and stays cool. Great product!!

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What Do People Love About Tosot Dehumidifier?

One of the most loved features of the TOSOT Dehumidifier is the pump system that allows you to set it up in such a way you never have to empty it.

Of course, the fact that it works wonders has a stylish unobtrusive design, is easy to use, and has an excellent energy star rating, are other major features loved by owners of this machine…

Example of comments from Tosot Dehumidifier:

We love the fact that you can hook up a hose and keep it running all day by placing the hose in a shower etc. Without the hose, it will automatically shut off when the reservoir is full.

  • Love the pump that drains the pan and the notification when the filter needs to be cleaned.
  • We love the pump feature and the stylish unobtrusive design. Have already recommended it to friends.
  • I live in a humid climate which is problematic inside a home, the plants love it.
  • Love it….live with Florida humidity. Very efficient…provides comfort at a higher temperature, therefore, saves electricity on the air conditioner.
  • We put one in our home basement and it took the humidity right down. Love these units at an unbelievable price. A quality product.
  • We love our new Tosot! It works efficiently and is much quieter than we thought it would be.
  • I recommended it to a co-worker for her basement apartment, she LOVES it and it’s keeping her place nice and dry and mold-free.
  • Especially love the drain…hooks to a garden hose that empties into the sump pump.
  • We absolutely love this dehumidifier. It has worked wonders in our basement. Very fast, efficient, and quiet!
  • Love that it has wheels to easily move it around.
  • This dehumidifier works and looks great in the house. Love the fact that it includes a pump so you never have to empty it!
  • Easy to clean and love the pump system that allows me to place tubing into a drain.
  • I love the fact you can remove and clean the filter.
  • Great value and love the energy star.
  • Love the look. So easy to clean the filter. The option for the internal pump is why I purchased this model. Great value.
  • I love how you can set it and forget it. All the moisture on my basement walls is gone since I started using this unit.
  • Very impressed with how quiet it is. Love the programmable features, too.
  • I love the window on the front that shows the water level.
  • Absolutely love this!!! It is so easy to use. Has the wheels to easily move around. And, I especially love the water bin with the handle. So much easier to dump the water!!!
  • It is a workhorse, I love how quiet it is! It is very easy to install and run.
  • This unit is replacing an old loud unit. Love the digital display.
  • We love this dehumidifier as it is quiet, portable, and gets the job done.
  • I love this dehumidifier because it does its job very quietly and effectively.
  • This machine works well! It is not too loud either. We love the design of it.

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Is The Tosot Dehumidifier Worth It?

High humidity increases your electric bill and makes your house hard to live in. The Tosot dehumidifier helps reduce the moisture level significantly and will virtually pay for itself just in saved electric bills over the years.

Example of comments from Tosot Dehumidifier:

It pulls a TON of water out of our finished basement each day, easily a gallon or more, and has really made the area feel much nicer and more comfortable, less damp and cold. I find my kids spending more time playing and relaxing down there as a result. And that’s more than worth the price of this thing! Plus it’s quiet and I’m guessing vastly more energy efficient than the older unit we had.

  • Design – Technology – Manufacturing – Performance – – – All Perfect. GREAT VALUE!
  • This was well worth the money to knock it out in no time and make our basement so much more comfortable.
  • I highly, highly, highly recommend this fabulous item! Btw, we purchased the hose so we don’t have to empty the tub. Well worth it!
  • Self-pumping of the reservoir makes this unit a high-value, efficient product.
  • Worth every penny. An amazing purchase!
  • It works great down our basement. Worth the money.
  • As good or better than any similar items that are higher priced.
  • Powerful and effective. Well worth it.
  • SO Worth It! This product saved my basement! When we moved in it reeked of mildew and mold. After a day of this running at 50% humidity, my basement smells fine! Seriously can’t believe the results!!!
  • Works great in my 100-plus-year-old home’s full large basement. Truly gets rid of the dampness and improves the
    smell. Not cheap but well worth it.
  • Bought this to address my basement humidity. It’s a rockstar. Love the long tube and the ability to drain up. Worth it.
  • Moved to a new house with lots of windows and massive condensation issues. The humidifier quickly solved the problem. Good features make it a great value for the price. Nice!
  • We put one in our home basement and it took the humidity right down. Love these units at an unbelievable price. A quality product.

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Where To Buy Tosot Dehumidifiers?

You can purchase a Tosot Dehumidifier online from their website or at their Amazon Store

In summary, TOSOT dehumidifiers remove enough moisture from your home to safeguard you against mold and other respiratory issues. 

You can enjoy controlled humidity levels with extended family living in the same home or individual bedrooms for each child.

So you can focus on your hobbies, spend time with family and friends, or enjoy relaxation without worrying about getting sick.

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