Are Pyramid Patio Heaters Any Good?

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It’s Not Just The Added Warmth They Look Great Too

You would be hard-pressed finding anything more beautiful for your backyard, deck, porch, pool area, or backyard than how a pyramid patio heater looks at night…

People buy pyramid patio heaters because of how magical they look at night. The tall flame is mesmerizing to watch and they are real conversational pieces. Many buy more than one because the heat isn’t as strong as other patio heater options.

Pyramid patio heaters are a great way to make your outdoor living space enjoyable, especially if you enjoy entertaining friends or family.

Below you will find the top four selling pyramid patio heaters that also have high customer ratings…

No 1: Hiland Pyramid Patio Heater With Wheels


Hiland HLDSO1-WGTHG Pyramid Patio Propane Heater w/Wheels

Hiland HLDSO1-GTCB 91-Inch Tall Quartz Glass Tube Heater - Hammered Silver

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What Do Customers Think About This Hiland Pyramid Patio Heater?


This heater is so much easier to use and looks great. In the restaurant people will stop by just to check out the flame in the middle. If you are looking for a great outdoor heater this is the best I have found yet!


It Works

  • A great Patio heater, I’ve been trying others but this one so far is the best for me!
  • After living in Rome and seeing these everywhere, we wanted to have one for our patio. And it works.
  • Love it. Cheaper price than anywhere else but the same performance as any other one out there.
  • The best patio/deck heater ever. Heats my entire exposed deck.
  • This heater puts out just as much heat as the other style patio heaters.
  • Works great outside! Nice accessory and keeps you warm! Easy to use! Got quickly! Good value!
  • Love this heater. Works great and looks great on the patio.
  • This heater we bought for a single car garage during events, works great, we can keep the garage door open be inside or out, and heats well.
  • Good value. Attractive. Works great on our deck. Easy to move/store.
  • We love this patio heater, it looks good in our backyard. It works perfectly. Thank you.
  • Love it!!! So beautiful. Worked great on our patio to warm up at a party.
  • Looks nice and works well for our chilly Florida evenings.
  • This patio heater was very easy to assemble and works great! I would definitely recommend this to everyone who is looking to buy a patio heater.
  • The heaters are great. Works awesome and the price was a great buy.
  • We’ve had our heater for a year now. Continues to look and work great.


Looks Beautiful – Provides Great Ambiance

  • The best thing about this heater is seeing it. It is very aesthetically pleasing in form and the flame it makes.
  • I love sitting around it enjoying the warmth and watching the flames.
  • This is the coolest looking patio heater that is affordable!
  • Love this patio heater. Absolutely beautiful. Throws enough heat to take the edge off a winter day (in AZ).
  • If you’re looking for a good blend of illumination and curb appeal, this patio heater will definitely work for you.
  • Looks amazing! Was easy to build and turns on with no problem each time! I bought two of these and I couldn’t be happier!
  • These are beautiful and work so well! They look very high end and take our outdoor living space to the next level for parties in colder weather.
  • VERY nice-works well. It looks wonderful at night.
  • Love these. They not only work great but when the flame is going it looks like a piece of art.
  • If you are looking for a feature piece on your deck or outdoor area this is a heck of a deal!
  • This unit looks better and heats much better than the traditional patio heater.
  • They look fantastic and are always a talking point during any party. They put off just the right amount of light to add to the mood.
  • So far it’s been great and it looks totally amazing in the backyard. One of the biggest benefits I really didn’t expect was the amount of light that it emanates.
  • It looks great, and it quite a show stopper on my deck.
  • Bought this as a gift to my husband. He loves it, it looks great in our yard and I will likely order one or two more. Sets the mood and a beautiful ambiance.
  • Worth double the money. Seriously, this thing is beautiful.

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No 2: Thermo Tiki Outdoor Propane Patio Heater


Thermo Tiki Outdoor Propane Patio Heater – Commercial LP Gas Porch & Deck Heater

Thermo Tiki Outdoor Propane Patio Heater - Commercial LP Gas Porch & Deck Heater - Black

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What Do Customers Think About This Thermo Tiki Outdoor Propane Patio Heater?


It’s a great looking and functioning patio stand alone heater. Looks incredible on the deck, matches my superior Weber grill black coating and makes my neighbors feel like peasants. A must buy for the ruling class.


  • I like watching the flame dance in the glass tube. The heater works well & was very easy to assemble.
  • They work great and are very attractive on our restaurant patio.
  • It’s an eye-catcher and works great, delivers great heat, would definitely purchase again.
  • We love this Patio Heater. It works well between our two large chairs and puts out great heat. It also looks very sharp on the porch. We are very glad we purchased this.
  • It is MESMERIZING to look at! Everyone who sees it says “why would you waste $ on the old type that doesn’t heat as well nor look as KOOL?” WE AGREE.
  • The heater shoots a long magnificent flame that provides both heat and enough light to see the faces of your friends in the dark of the evening.
  • This patio heater is so nice. We love being able to move it around (not in use) with the wheels, we bought a cover on Amazon for it too, so nice.
  • Love this, it is so GORGEOUS – much better than the one with the round helmet, as I call it.
  • The glass tube makes it look fabulous – gives off great heat and great light.
  • Very good for kid present parties. This item puts out heat but no open flame to get burned on. Very safe, and it’s a cool accent to the pool area, for summer or winter.
  • These tiki outdoor patio heaters are beautiful. They give an ambiance and at the same time provide the necessary heat. I bought two.
  • I have purchased 4 of these Tiki Outdoor Propane Heaters for patio dining during phase 1 of the restaurant reopening on the outside. They are beautiful to look at when lit and do provide great heat.
  • Wow, this heater has far exceeded my expectations. I bought it more for the flame effect and boy does it deliver.
  • They are very large and produce nice heat and a very attractive flame.
  • This is the coolest outdoor heater. The flame is huge and really creates a nighttime ambiance.

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No 3: Legacy Quartz Pyramid Patio Heater


Legacy Heating Quartz Glass Tube Patio Heater, Visual Flame Heater, 40000BTU

Legacy Heating Quartz Glass Tube Patio Heater, Visual Flame Heater, 40000BTU

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What Do Customers Think About This Legacy Quartz Pyramid Patio Heater?


It’s bigger, taller, more durable (possibly heavier), and looks more expensive than the heater that got us into it initially. The adjustable flame is gorgeous. The patio heater investment is not cheap and we’d strongly recommend this product.


  • Looks very nice on our back deck. I love how the flame stays in the glass piece and doesn’t blow everywhere with the wind.
  • A very nice accent piece and heat source for the deck!
  • Can’t say enough great things about this. Mesmerizing to watch, great about of heat output, very easy to assemble and use.
  • This Heater is beautiful! It looks so good on our deck.
  • We bought 2 for our backyard bbq area. These are worth it!! And you can feel the heat! And they are tall!!
  • Great product to keep my patio warm while I’m watching TV outside, it also looks very cool.
  • The unit works well, generates lots of heat, and the flame with its flickering light is attractive.
  • This was an absolute hit at our fall gathering. It was a chilly evening, but this was perfect! It looks like a piece of art while providing heat. Excellent find!
  • These Legacy heaters really make your backyard setting stand out. Every person that sees them, wants one for their backyard.
  • I like the ambiance, the heat is awesome.

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No 4: BELLEZE Outdoor Patio Heater Pyramid


BELLEZE 014-HG-PH42-BRO Outdoor Patio Heater Pyramid w/Dancing Flame with Wheel

BELLEZE 014-HG-PH42-BRO Outdoor Patio Heater Pyramid w/Dancing Flame with Wheel, CSA C, Hammered Bronze

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What Do Customers Think About This BELLEZE Outdoor Patio Heater?


It is very pretty and when it became cool and breezy at our patio party, we turned the two that we had purchased on at each of the sides of the patio. Our friends moved close to it and quickly moved back because it really throws out the heat. Perfect!


  • The flames look amazing. Gives off good heat! Nice quality. Has the ambiance we wanted.
  • Beautiful heater, we love the middle size height and it puts out decent heat as well Love it!
  • I couldn’t be more pleased with the beauty and functionality.
  • We like the ambiance this heater provides and it gives a decent amount of heat too! Good size for our porch!
  • Easy to light pilot. This unit puts out a good amount of heat and looks good doing it.
  • Customer service is outstanding. They are willing to give you assistance on anything about the product. The Patio heater also works great and looks great on our Patio. Thanks again Belleze.
  • You can put your hands directly on the protective guards while the unit is running and not get burned.
  • The wheels are great for moving it around. I’d recommend this to anyone that wants a nice heater with style!
  • This heater is great on my deck. Helps to keep the chill away and looks great in the dark.
  • I bought two of these and they are amazing!!! I love the ambiance they bring to our patio and they put off enough heat to keep us warm.
  • We all love how and it looks and glows, added benefit it throws enough heat to take the chill off.
  • Big and beautiful. We love the way it looks while it is burning. Captivating. 

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In summary, the pyramid patio heater is probably the most beautiful you can buy in the way the flame flickers and adds ambiance to your outdoor setting.

It should be noted that the flame is totally safe as it is contained inside the glass.

They are only rated fairly for heat output depending on the size of your area and where you live. If you live in icy cold states then the heat will not be enough, especially from only one.

Most of these units are also commercial grades and are used in restaurants for their outdoor areas to add extra warmth and beauty to the surroundings.

All in all, if you want the best combination of attractiveness with practicality then a pyramid-style patio heater is the perfect match.

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