Is Anbull A Good Brand? Garage Tools, Air Compressors, Jacks, Etc

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What Is The Anbull Brand Known For?

With Anbull garage tools, any garage can be tidy and organized. With a variety of tool kits, sturdy tool racks, and cabinets, Anbull garage tools will not only help organize your garage but prevent large tools from taking up space in your house.

The Garage Works System utilizes the wall space in your garage to utilize it more effectively.

Anbull garage tools are sold in both North America and Europe. Anbull garage tools have a full assortment of accessories to select from so that you can customize your tool kit.

Tool kits range from wrenches, sockets, stands, and other automotive accessories. They also have excellent air compressors, hand pumps, ultrasonic machines, and more.

Let’s look at 7 of their best-selling Anbull products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

Anbull Is An Excellent Brand For PCP Air Compressors

The following Anbull product has an excellent 71% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

If you have a garage or a car, then you definitely need a PCP air compressor simply because it’s the most effective yet convenient way to fill up your tires, inflate balls, or air mattresses. The GX CS2 Portable PCP Air Compressor is an example of such a product.

The compressor is well built and pumps at a speed of 3.4 CFM with a maximum pressure of 200 PSI. It is quite small in size so you can use it even at home and is portable so you can take it wherever you want.

The GX Series is a range of portable air compressors that provide high performance and ease of handling in an oil-free, maintenance free, quiet design. Anbull GX CS2 portable air compressor has the perfect balance between ultra-high pressure and portability. It can be handled by one man easily, and it is able to do finish nail guns, spray guns, and staplers for construction sites and workshops.

The A-TECH Air Compressor is a brand new-style compressed air pump which can be used for the following industrial and daily needs…


GX CS2 Portable PCP Air Compressor,4500Psi/30Mpa, Oil-Free


GX CS2 Portable PCP Air Compressor,4500Psi/30Mpa,Oil-Free,Powered by Car 12V DC or Home 110V AC with Adapter (Included), Paintball/Scuba Tank Compressor Pump with Extra Moisture-Oil Separator

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  • The lightweight and compact design of the Anbull portable compressors makes them very convenient for outdoor camping, hunting, fishing, and outdoor travel.
  • It is also a great power-tool compressor to use for inflating tires or sports balls.
  • Air Compressors are usually the largest and often among the most expensive components of a pneumatic system.
  • A compressor that has too small a flow capacity is insufficient for the intended use; a large-capacity compressor wastes tire and motor energy.
  • Anbull has solved this problem by using an original piston compression mechanism to handle not only high-pressure but also low-pressure air.
  • The result is a GX CS2 that produces higher flow at low pressure than other models and completes its work with fewer strokes, so it uses less energy than other models.

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Anbull Is An Excellent Brand For Hand Pumps

The following Anbull product has an excellent 77% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

No need to be clumsy and wasteful. This hand pump is designed to be easy to use, and easy to use every day. GX PCP Hand Pump has a variety of uses such as a sports water bottle, filling the air for ball, inflating bedding mattress, car tire, bicycle tire, inflatable boat, pool toy, power tools, and so on.

The Anbull GX PCP Hand Pump is an electronically controlled piston hand pump with 3.5 stage high pressure of 1900 psi/140 BAR. It has the most advanced suitable oil filtration system, which can ensure the oil in perfect condition. It is widely used in extraction of hydraulic oils, various machine oils, and engine oils, etc. It has smaller volume and weight than traditional hydraulic pumps.

The Anbull GX PCP handheld air gun is designed especially for oil-based drilling muds, high pressure for good stimulation, and non-aggressive well-completion fluid…


GX PCP Hand Pump -Oil-Moisture Filter, 3.5 Stage High-Pressure 30Mpa/4500Psi


GX PCP Hand Pump with Oil-Moisture Filter, 3.5 Stage High Pressure 30Mpa/4500Psi Air Rifle Filling Stirrup Pump,Stainless Steel Body for Paintball,Scuba Diving

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  • Professional grade: Anbull GX PCP Air Compressor is powerful and sturdy for long time use.
  • It is constructed with heavy-duty metal housing, woven-in moisture filter, piston ring made of high-quality carbon steel, and so on.
  • An air compressor makes bicycle maintenance fast and easy.
  • Anbull GX PCP hand pump adopts a plastic tool with stable performance, multiple functional pressure gauge, and is easy to use.
  • Compatible with an oil-free, moisture-free, and oil-water mixture lubrication system, it is also applicable to the tires of the car, boat, motorcycle, bike, and other pneumatic tools or sports equipment.
  • The combination of high-pressure air, oil, and moisture filter system provides the ultimate solution to all your inflating and deflating needs.
  • The Anbull GX PCP is designed for inflating or deflating sports balls, air beds, inflatable kayak.

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Anbull Is An Excellent Brand For Deep Impact Socket Sets

The following Anbull product has an excellent 79% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Anbull 9pc 1/2″ Drive Deep Impact Socket Set is the ideal solution for home & auto use. This sturdy & durable set contains a variety of sockets to fit all your needs. The sockets are made from a high-quality strong steel material that can withstand daily hammering & pounding.

The ANBULL 1/2″ Deep Impact Socket Set comes with high quality and durable construction with attractive appearance. It is suitable for work in heavy mechanical field such as car, furniture, machinery and agriculture domain. The ANBULL 1/2″ Deep Impact Socket Set is made of professional alloy steel, chrome plated surface with anti-corrosion treatment. The sockets are heat-treated with Anti-wearing and anti-slip design makes it useful and durable.

Anbull drive axle nut socket set is suitable for a wide range of 3/8″ – 1″ impact sockets, which is not easy to off or damage even if you accidentally impacted the corners…


Anbull 1/2 Inch Deep Impact Socket Set, 9PCS Drive Axle Nut Socket Set


Anbull 1/2 Inch Deep Impact Socket Set, 9PCS Drive Axle Nut Socket Set 29mm 30mm 31mm 32mm 33mm 34mm 35mm 36mm 38mm Hex Socket Set with Heavy Duty Storage Case

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  • The Anbull Set of 9PCS 6 Point Drive-Axle Nut Socket is made for garage, home, shop, and agricultural use, easy to work by hand.
  • The sockets are specially made from Chromium-Molybdenum alloy steel (CoCrMo) with a 99.9% purity chrome plating surface and the flats are precision machined and tempered local for precise fit and durability under extremely heavy-duty conditions.
  • The sockets are designed to fit over the fastener without distorting and are spaced further apart to enable easier access to awkward areas.
  • The Anbull W58 12 Point SAE 1/2 Inch Deep Impact Socket Set, 9PCS Drive Axles Nut Socket Set are a must-have for any serious carpenter or mechanic and easy to store in your toolbox.
  • They are precision manufactured to deliver top-notch quality and durability.
  • The Full Chrome Vanadium Steel Alloy has been tested to withstand the most demanding applications, providing you with confidence in products that can be used time and time again.
  • With the Hardened Chrome Finish, these sockets provide extra protection against corrosion and rusting.

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Anbull Is A Good Brand For Pneumatic Jacks

The following Anbull product has a good 63% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Anbull Heavy Duty Portable Triple Pneumatic Jack is a revolutionary product in the air jack category. It features our exclusive three-piece design, which allows you to store it in a much smaller space.

The Anbull Air Jack is primarily manufactured for a wide range of applications like lifting and repairing cars and vehicles. It can also be used for the work of heavy-duty trucks, trailers, buses, etc. The jack is designed with a triple-bag structure which makes it very sturdy. This ensures safety and stability to people who use the product.

Quicker, easier, safer lifting! The Anbull Portable 3 Ton Pneumatic Jack Triple Bag Air Jack 6600lbs is an ideal solution to most of your lifting, pulling, and loading duties. It’s based on the simple concept that pumping air into a bag makes it lighter and thus easier to handle heavyweights…


Anbull Portable 3 Ton Pneumatic Jack Triple Bag Air Jack 6600lbs, Quick Lift Heavy Duty for Garage Car Lifting Repair


Anbull Portable 3 Ton Pneumatic Jack Triple Bag Air Jack 6600lbs,Quick Lift Heavy Duty for Garage Car Lifting Repair,Up to 16 Inch

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  • The Triple Bag Air Jack gives you 27% more lifting height in the same footprint as a two-bag jacking system.
  • Built with high-quality material and designed for years of trouble-free performance, it is the quietest and most powerful jack you can buy.
  • The built-in filter keeps out dirt and moisture to give you years of trouble-free operation.
  • Anbull 3 Ton Portable Jack 6600lbs is a kind of air jack, which can be used to lift cars, trucks, or other vehicles for repair or moving.
  • It is easy to be used and safe, which is equipped with a triangle handle for easy hoisting.
  • The quick-release valve is enlarged and thickened so as to assure long-term use.
  • A large pedal is added on the floor, which ensures your safe lifting.
  • Be amazed as the Anbull portable jack raises your car up to 2″ in just seconds.
  • Using its triple bag feature, this lightweight jack has a maximum lifting weight of 3 tons, making it perfect for any spare tire that may need a quick fix.
  • Durable steel construction lets you get on with your day with the confidence that Anbull is strong and sturdy.

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Anbull Is A Good Brand For Portable Band Saws

The following Anbull product has a good 66% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

This is a brand new portable band saw that is small but powerful. It can cut at 45-degrees to 90-degrees (the saw head can tilt from side to side) to give you the freedom to cut any shape you desire.

The saw has an easy-grip handle and an adjustable base that lets you change the height of the blade; this lets you cut different kinds of objects without having to change blades. Anbull is a respected brand that has been around for years and knows what its customers want.

The Anbull Portable Band Saw is the right tool for your professional and DIY needs. It comes with a removable alloy steel base, and 45°-90° pivoting table, making it the perfect saw for cleaning up metals, wood and plastics. The band saw is portable and compact enough to be a must have for most workshops and co-worker battles.

The revolutionary Anbull portable band saw has been created to give the ultimate in high-quality precision and accuracy at a fraction of the price of other leading brands…


Anbull Portable Band Saw with Removable Alloy Steel Base, 45°-90° Metal Cutting


Anbull Portable Band Saw with Removable Alloy Steel Base, 45°-90° Metal Cutting, 10A 1100W Motor, 5-inch Deep Cut, with .025-by-44-7/8-Inch 14 TPI Saw Blade and Led Spotlight

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  • It can be used for cutting shaped metal, angle iron, and pipes with a diameter of up to 35mm.
  • The sturdy blade guard provides safety when the saw is in use, and when folded allows for easy storage.
  • The Anbull Portable Band Saw can cut through thick metal with ease, ideal for a range of applications from DIY to professional use.
  • As the blade is operated by a motor, there is no ear danger and allows you to operate these tools without receiving any type of training.
  • The durability of this band saw is of top quality used not only by homeowners but professionals as well.
  • You can now enjoy the benefits of a band saw in your home or workshop with the Anbull portable band saw.
  • Just clamp the Anbull saw base into place and begin cutting.
  • Compact enough to use in small workshops, the Anbull is perfect for building projects, metalworking, and other jobs around the house.
  • A versatile, easy-to-use band saw for any user.

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Anbull Is An Excellent Brand For Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Machines

The following Anbull product has an excellent 73% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Anbull is a global manufacturer of high-quality cleaning products, and its 6.5-liter professional ultrasonic cleaner is one of its most popular products. The first thing that most people notice about the Anbull 6.5L is its design: the stainless steel casing, digital timer, and LCD display make it an attractive addition to any laundry room.

However, it’s not just a pretty face. The Anbull ultrasonic cleaner was designed to be as effective as it is aesthetically pleasing, with a maximum cleaning capacity of 6.5 liters and a removable deep tank that makes it easy to fill and empty.

Anbull is a professional grade 6.5L ultrasonic cleaner that works to remove harmful bacteria’s, odor, and other forms of contamination from water. Built with a 304 stainless steel interior and power cable, this Anbull cleaner is durable and works best for people looking to clean corrosive liquids and other tough liquids.

This is an Anbull 6.5L Professional ultrasonic cleaning machine with a digital time-delay heater, 304 stainless steel tank, and accessories. Used to clean pieces of jewelry, medications, antiques, sculptures, small or expensive precision instruments, and so on…


Anbull 6.5L Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine with 304 Stainless Steel and Digital Timer Heater


Anbull 6.5L Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine with 304 Stainless Steel and Digital Timer Heater for Jewelry Watch Coin Glass Circuit Board Dentures Small Parts

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  • No more pouring or scrubbing.
  • Put dirty dishes, jewelry, and other items in your Anbull 6.5L ultrasonic cleaner and choose the cleaning cycle.
  • It will clean them with hot pressurized water and use ultrasound waves to remove grease and bacteria thanks to a stainless steel 304 food grade tank which can be cleaned easily.
  • The Anbull ultrasonic cleaner is a great all-around machine at an affordable price.
  • Professional ultrasonic frequency creates a powerful cleaning effect that lifts away grease and grime, leaving your jewelry brighter and squeaky clean.
  • This machine comes with an automatic shut-off feature that helps eliminate accidental over-heating, which can cause damage to your jewelry.
  • The digital control panel gives you complete control of the process, from the cleaning unit to the heater inside.
  • Don’t settle for a generic cleaner – with the Anbull you get high quality at an affordable price.

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Anbull Is An Excellent Brand For Power Supplies

The following Anbull product has n excellent 77% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

This product is designed for home and business use, with a built-in circuit breaker and indicator light, a base for stable positioning, and a detachable AC cable for easy storage.

With a built-in cooling fan and silent operation, it is a great choice for powering your LED lights, LCD monitor, computer, and other office and home electronics.

Anbull SMPS 110V AC to 12V DC Converter Power Supply Adapter Switch Transformer Max 50A 600W (New Version) is small, lightweight, portable and can be easily stored. It is designed for all kinds of electrical products with 110V AC input voltage such as refrigerators,air conditioners,lamp lighting, transformers etc. It has a strong ability to transmit current and protect your devices from damage.

Look no further than the 110V to 12V AC Adapter for your power needs. This is an exact replacement for the one that came with your electronic device so you can be sure it is a perfect fit. It powers everything from gaming systems and tvs to electrical razors and hair dryers…


SMPS 110V AC to 12V DC Converter Power Supply Adapter Switch Transformer Max 50A 600W (New Version)


SMPS 110V AC to 12V DC Converter Power Supply Adapter Switch Transformer Max 50A 600W (New Version)

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  • This compact SMPS will convert 110V AC power to 12VDC power supply, ideal for supplying power to mobile devices and appliances which have high power consumption such as DSLR camera, laptop and so on.
  • This device is very small and light in weight.
  • With screw terminals at both ends, it is convenient for users to connect through the power cable directly.
  • The Anbull 12V DC to 110V AC converter power supply is a powerful and smart device to convert 120V electricity into 12-volt energy on the go.
  • It can be used in various applications such as travel trailers, motor homes, truck campers, boats, marine vehicles, or anywhere you want 12V power for your electronics.
  • It offers a high current output of up to 60 amps and 600 watts for a variety of demanding electronic devices.
  • Keep your valuable electronics powered when you’re out and about with this handy Anbull Converter-It can handle current needs from 5A to 50A, changing 110VAC power into 12V DC power.
  • This high-speed efficiency converter meets UL/CUL safety standard.
  • When plugged into a wall outlet, it is the perfect addition for laptop computers, digital cameras, iPods, cell phone chargers, rechargeable batteries, and other small electronic devices.

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