Is Altra A Good Brand? (Shoes For Running, Hiking, Walking)

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What Is The Altra Brand Known For?

The Altra brand is known for its trail running shoes…. The trail running shoes are different than all the other trail running shoes…. They are designed for people who want to feel like they are running barefoot…. It has a low-drop platform and will give you an excellent lower leg workout.

Altra shoes are known for being comfortable…. So, if you are looking for comfortable shoes, then this is the brand for you…. You will also find that Altra shoes are great for running in because they have a good grip and are lightweight

What Are Altra Shoes Good For?

The Altra brand is popular in the running industry, although it has branched out to other outdoor activities…. The company started out making shoes for ultra-runners…. Its specialty is shoes that are lightweight and flexible.

The design of the shoe is inspired by the barefoot movement…. In this movement, people don’t use any footwear, but rather go barefoot in order to gain traction on various terrains and improve their posture and form when performing different activities, including running.

When you look at the sole of the shoe, it features a broad but thin platform that has been made from 100% organic materials.

The shoe is wide enough to give you a stable footing during your run, while also being flexible enough for you to run comfortably on any terrain without having to worry about unnecessary pressure being put on your feet.

The upper part of the shoe has been constructed from mesh which provides optimum breathability and lets your feet remain cool even after several hours of running or hiking.

Below I have listed some of Altra’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Altra Is A Good Brand For Trail Running Shoes

The following Altra product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

If you’re looking for a shoe that can keep up with you on all terrains, look no further than the Altra Lone Peak…. Featuring the responsive AltraEGO midsole and our StoneGuard rock protection, this is a shoe that’ll make you feel like you’re flying on the trail…. Ready to conquer any terrain, the MaxTrac outsole returns in an updated design to deliver unparalleled traction on all types of trails.

The combination of our FootShape toe box and Zero Drop platform encourages your feet to spread out naturally while providing ample room for toes to move freely without constraint…. This helps reduce pressure points and hotspots by allowing your toes to wiggle (yes, it’s really what they do).

It also allows for a more natural stride that minimizes fatigue caused by repetitive impact or over-pronation…. By encouraging your feet to spread out naturally, the Lone Peak will help improve balance and stability thus reducing injury potential.


ALTRA Men’s Lone Peak 5 Trail Running Shoe


ALTRA AL0A547E Men's Lone Peak 5 Trail Running Shoe, Blue/Lime - 7 W US

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Are Altra’s Good For Hiking?

The Altra Lone Peak is the only shoe that combines our proprietary foot-shape fitting system with Zero Drop construction to bring your foot into alignment while encouraging its natural range of motion…. The combination of these two features creates a more comfortable, natural ride while reducing stress and fatigue.

The Lone Peak is the shoe that started it all…. It was designed by hikers, for hikers, and it’s made to stick with you on long journeys through rough terrain.

The Lone Peak was designed to give you a healthy dose of comfort without sacrificing performance or durability…. An extra-wide toe box lets your toes splay naturally while providing plenty of room for your feet to breathe, and the midsole’s AltraEgo technology absorbs shock without losing springiness…. The supportive arch shank locks down your foot so you can take on any trails with confidence.

A MaxTrac outsole provides traction for all surfaces, while still maintaining tough durability throughout your miles…. The updated StoneGuard technology offers extra protection for your feet against rocks and other trail debris.


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Are Altra’s Good For Running?

Altra’s Lone Peak trail running shoes feature the Altra Ego midsole and a ground-gripping Vibram outsole that delivers tons of traction…. The Zero Drop platform places your body into a natural, efficient running position that allows quicker movements and greater endurance for ultimate performance in the mountains, trails, and roads.

Run the trails in comfort with the Lone Peak 5…. Designed for high mileage days, these lightweight shoes feature increased cushioning and a built-in rock plate for durability without added weight.

These lightweight men’s shoes offer support, cushioning, and grip for playing or working out in parks, hills, or mountains…. They are designed with a wide toe box to let your feet move naturally, with bentonite-enhanced rubber soles for traction on wet rocks.

Are Altra’s Good For Wide Feet?

Finally, a running shoe that is good for your feet…. The Lone Peak from Altra has a wider toe box roomier than most for natural toe splay and a lightweight rocker bottom with a camber-like arc for a smooth roll.

The amazing thing about Altra’s is that they actually solve this problem for wide feet…. Their toe box is shaped to let your foot and toes expand and contract naturally with each step, making it an ideal shoe for runners with wide feet.

Any runner who has ever had problems with other types of shoes knows exactly how important this can be; you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when you’re wearing the right kind of shoe — not only will you be able to run more comfortably, but you’ll also be able to go longer (and therefore train harder).

Altra Is A Good Brand For Running Shoes

The following Altra product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Torin 4 is a performance shoe for high mileage training and racing…. The Torin’s unique combination of durability and lightweight performance makes it the ideal choice for those looking to take their racing to the next level…. The Torin 4 has been engineered to provide the ultimate comfort and protection while maintaining a lightweight feel that will help you go the distance.

It is designed for neutral runners who want a little more cushioning without a lot of extra weight or stack height…. The Torin 4 represents a shift in our approach to shoe construction, using fewer pieces in the midsole to provide a lighter, softer ride.

The upper has been designed with seamless upper construction, which provides a glove-like fit and an ultra-soft feel…. The mesh tongue and open mesh top offer superior breathability and moisture management…. A new printed TPU heel counter provides an enhanced fit while providing additional heel protection.


ALTRA Men’s Torin 4 Road Running Shoe


ALTRA Men's ALM1937F Torin 4 Road Running Shoe, Gray/Blue - 8 M US

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Are Altra’s Good For Walking?

If you’re a walker Altra shoes work very well, with their zero-drop construction…. That means you won’t need any additional heel support when wearing them…. The variable density midsole gives your feet the proper support they need, too.

Yes, Altra specializes in running shoes, but if you’re a walker the shoes are ideal…. Wearing shoes that are well-cushioned, light, comfortable and have a wide toe box are all things that will help you enjoy your walks more.

The wide toe box leaves plenty of room for toes to spread out naturally…. It’s the best of both worlds when it comes to walking and running shoes.

Abounding with features that set it apart from other running shoes, Altra is a fan favorite among runners and walkers…. Among other things, Altra excels at cushioning the feet while allowing the body’s natural gait for a healthy stride.

Altra shoes are athletic footwear that comes in a variety of styles, levels of cushioning, and widths for men and women…. You can find just what you need to keep your stride comfortable.

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Are Altra’s Good For Flat Feet?

Altra running shoes offer a blend of support, the ground connection, and anatomic fit that you will not find anywhere else…. The zero-drop platform allows the arch to fall naturally, providing plenty of room for your foot to naturally expand before each step.

This zero-drop benefit is especially important for people with flat feet because the ability to grow room under the arch makes Altra one of the best long-distance running shoes for flat feet.

Altra running shoes are built to treat many common biomechanical issues associated with running, including excess pronation, supinated feet, and over-striding…. The result is a comfortable, efficient shoe that provides you with state-of-the-art cushioning while encouraging a more efficient form.

With this blend of support, the ground connection, and anatomic fit, Altra running shoes are among the best you’ll find for flat feet…. Whether you’re out for a jog, training for a marathon, or simply finding your feet in the world of minimalist running, our Altra line has you covered.

Are Altra’s Good For Bunions?

Altra running shoes are designed to minimize injury and foot pain…. The design core is the FootShape toe box which allows the toes to relax and spread out naturally (instead of being forced together like most conventional designs)…. That’s important because spreading apart the toes aligns your feet, alleviates bunions, prevents black toenails, and strengthens muscles in the foot.

A major cause of bunions is toes that are forced into a cramped position within a shoe…. Altra’s FootShape toe box has been designed to prevent this from happening…. Because the toes can relax and spread out naturally, your bunions will be less likely to develop.

If you already have bunions, Relief Relief technology will relieve pressure on them from inside the shoe as well as from outside…. The result is an overall reduction in pain and other symptoms associated with bunions.

The roomy toe box also allows for ample forefoot splaying, which aids in balance and agility…. Many people with bunions prefer this extra room in the toe box because it helps relieve the pressure on their bunion.

Are Altra’s Good For High Arches?

As mentioned earlier the Altra Running Shoe is designed to be a neutral running shoe and it just so happens that if you have high arches then neutral shoes are the best shoes for you…. So, yes…… Altra’s are good for high arches.

The Altra running shoe is a neutral shoe designed to allow the foot to function naturally…. If you have high arches and wear a neutral shoe, then your foot will still function as it should.

If you have high arches then pronation control shoes are not good for you because they try to force your foot to roll in a way that’s not natural for high arches…. If you don’t understand this it’s okay…. Most people don’t get it until they get on an Altra shoe and try it out.

A neutral shoe would be good for anyone but it’s especially good for those with high arches. The goal of neutral shoes is to have a balance of the following:

  • Foot pronation – How much your foot rolls inwards when you run.
  • Over-pronation – The excessive inward roll of the foot during running.
  • Forefoot strike – Landing on the ball of your foot with a forefoot strike versus a heel strike.
  • Heel strike – Landing on your heel versus your mid-foot or forefoot.
  • Landing on your heel – The shock absorption from landing on your heel is better for high arches, but it can also cause stress fractures in some runners.

Altra’s are zero drop shoes which means that they have a 0mm drop from heel to toe…. The main difference between a zero drop shoe and a standard running shoe is that a zero drop shoe will help you with all the above qualities, while a normal running shoe typically will not help you with any of them.


Altra Is A Good Brand For Sneakers

The following Altra product has an excellent 71% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The ALTRA Men’s Cayd Sneaker is made to handle your workday…. A beautiful combination of comfort and durability, this genuine leather sneaker provides all-day cushioning with balanced cushioning, FootShape technology, and an OrthoLite footbed with odor control…. This professional shoe will keep you at your best, no matter what you face.

Built with premium leather, cushioned for comfort, and stylish to the bone, these well-made shoes will be your new go-to favorites! Altra has designed the men’s Cayd Sneaker with padded collars, cushioned tongues and insoles, and richly textured footbed linings for maximum comfort.

As good as your old tennis shoe, the ALTRA Men’s Cayd sneaker elevates you from the boardroom to the evening’s hot spot…. Just like your favorite pair of dress shoes, this casual shoe is more than a mere accessory…. It is built to let you express your style and individuality while accommodating your foot and ensuring consistently excellent fit and performance.


ALTRA Men’s Cayd Sneaker


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Are Altra’s Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

Altra Men’s Cayd Sneaker is lightweight and comfortable shoes that are good for plantar fasciitis…. The first shoe to incorporate a mid-foot strike landing area with a rocker sole for flattening the foot’s arch…. The result is a low drop running shoe that provides an effective cushioned ride.

The Vibram midsole uses Altra’s propriety foot-shaped toe box design that spreads the weight of the body over the whole foot…. The heel cradle support keeps the foot in proper alignment which helps with plantar fasciitis.

The ALTRA Men’s Cayd Sneaker has been specifically designed to cater to the runner who would be interested in a minimalist shoe, with a padded collar and a cushioned heel cup.

You’ll enjoy a secure fit with the tight mesh upper and a supportive heel cage…. If you have plantar fasciitis, these shoes have been designed to take pressure off your foot by using a neutral heel platform…. This will put less stress on your feet, knees, and hips while exercising.

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Altra Is A Good Brand For Cross Training Shoes

The following Altra product has an excellent 75% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Solstice XT is a versatile shoe that will work well for a variety of different training types…. The shoes’ lightweight and snug fit make it a great choice for speed training…. The mesh construction and wide toe box make these shoes breathable and comfortable for longer runs.

The outsole features an aggressive tread pattern to keep you stable during sprints and short runs, as well as a durable carbon rubber that promotes traction on a variety of surfaces.

A molded heel counter and padded tongue provide extra support and comfort for those who need it, but they can be removed for those who prefer a thinner shoe.


ALTRA Women’s Solstice XT Cross-Training Shoe


ALTRA Women's AL0A4QTN Solstice XT Cross Training Shoe, Navy/Coral - 6 M US

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What’s So Special About The Altra Cross Training Shoes?

The Solstice XT is a cross-training shoe for women that’s designed to help you build muscle and lose fat…. It’s built on the EVA BioMoGo midsole, which features ALTRA cushioning and a special blend of bio-based foam that cushions your foot without sacrificing stability.

The Solstice XT is the ultimate shoe for the cross-trainer…. No matter what activity you are doing, these shoes can handle it…. The N2 cushioning technology works to provide superior shock absorption during your workout routine.

The flex grooves in this shoe allow for maximum flexibility and movement, which helps to reduce stress on the ankles, knees, hips, and back…. This shoe also includes a rubber outsole with high abrasion-resistant durability to prevent slips on any type of surface.

The lightweight mesh upper has been treated with ALTRA Fresh, a breathable, antimicrobial coating that helps your shoes resist odor and stay clean even after a hard workout…. The dual-density collar also includes a hook-and-loop strap, so it can be removed without having to tie knots in the laces.

The outsole is made from ALTRA HTF, which provides durable traction as well as shock absorption to take some of the stress off your feet.

Because the Solstice XT is designed as a cross-training shoe, it offers greater flexibility than running shoes, making it easier to do movements such as lunges and squats.

In addition to its versatility as a solid cross-training shoe, the Solstice XT’s design offers a low heel-to-toe drop and a wide forefoot platform that makes it a great choice for runners who have overpronated or who need extra support.

The resilient midsole absorbs shock, which helps your feet feel less beat up the day after a tough workout…. As you run, the outsole flexes with every step, while the front of this shoe boasts some serious traction.
These shoes offer some serious perks for gym rats…. The Ortholite sock liner is impact-resistant and creates a supportive fit that moves with your foot…. The laces allow you to customize your fit, while the open mesh upper keeps your feet cool even when they’re working hard.

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In summary, Altra shoes are good for running, walking, hiking, and just about any other athletic activity…. Just choose the shoe that’s best for the activity you are currently doing.

There are some things that are better with Altra shoes…. Running on trails or off-road is better with Altra shoes, as is speed work.

A zero-drop sole means the heel and forefoot of the shoe are at the same level, so when you run in Altra shoes you land on your mid-foot rather than your heel.

The height difference between a zero-drop shoe and a standard running shoe can be as much as six millimeters…. That may not seem like much, but if you’re an avid runner who hits the pavement looking for an average of 10,000 steps per day, those millimeters can make a big difference.

After all, if you spend most of your waking hours on your feet and running is something you do to stay healthy and fit, wouldn’t it make sense to choose a shoe that’s comfortable?

If you are looking for running shoes, Altra is a good brand to consider…. The company specializes in running shoes, especially for people who have high arches or otherwise need special support…. They are also known for their thick soles and wide toe boxes.

Altra recognizes that there are not only different kinds of feet but different kinds of runners…. Some people’s knees hurt if they run more than three miles at a time, while others can run marathons…. So Altra offers several different styles…. And it is always working to develop better materials and designs.

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