USB Lamps For Bedroom (Including Wonderful Nightstand Lamp Combo)

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Bedroom lamps are one of the most practical, necessary items which we use on a daily basis. Regardless if you use it to finish your late-night work, to read a book before bed, or simply to check your social media before sleep, it is a necessary item.

If you suffer like most of us, from lack of chargers and you have to choose between turning a lamp on or charging your phone, then you need to consider buying a bedroom lamp with USB ports in the lamp base. 

Reading lamp for bedroom


In a hurry?

Our best lamp with USB port is the Brightech Madison – Narrow Nightstand with Built In Lamp, USB Port

The cheapest USB lamp is the Lampat Dimmable LED Table Lamp with USB Charging Port

Most gorgeous pair is the Castine Modern Accent Table Lamps Set of 2

Best table lamp combo is the Bedside Nightstand Table with Built In Lamp and USB Ports


First, let’s start with the best USB lamp and most popular…

Discover Why The Brightech Madison Table & Lamp Combo Is The Ideal Solution For Your  Bedroom And Living Room!

Brightech Madison – Narrow Nightstand with Built In Lamp, USB Port, Shelves for Bedrooms


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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Brightech Madison Bedroom Lamp with USB Ports…


We Love That It Has An Outlet And 2 USB Charging Ports!


I absolutely love the convenience of having two USB ports and one plug so readily accessible. When the grandchildren come for a visit, there is no more fighting over outlets to charge their cellphones. They are easy to reach, no more bending over and trying to plug something in behind the couch.

  • The USB ports work great and charge smartphones quickly. Very convenient.
  • I ordered this because it had 2 features we were needing: a lamp and USB plug-in. 
  • Our outlets are behind the couch in a very difficult spot to reach, so the 2 USB plug-ins and one regular plug-in are AMAZING and work just as well as a normal wall outlet! 
  • It has lots of storage space, and the two USB ports and additional outlets are so very useful for anyone who is charging their phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc. I love the look and function of these, and wouldn’t replace them for anything.
  • I REALLY love having the USB plugs on the table; I use one pretty much every day.
  • The outlet/USB port on the front of the nightstand is GENIUS.
  • I’m able to charge my smartphone, smartwatch, and keep a random USB port open for whatever else I need charging while in bed.
  • This thing is adorable, has a wireless charging station in the top, USB, and regular plug.
  • I bought it because I was looking for a way to provide additional USB ports and outlets to guests in my old farmhouse’s guest bedroom. This nightstand provides that AND looks stylish at the same time!

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Wonderful Table And Lamp Combo!


Brightech Madison - Narrow Nightstand with Built In Lamp, USB Port, Shelves for Bedrooms - Mid Century Modern End Table & Attached Floor Lamp For Living Room -Side Table & Reading Light - Havana Brown


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I really like that the lamp is essentially built into the table, since it takes up a fraction of the space a tabletop lamp would AND my cats can’t knock it over.

  • The lamp can be moved side to side if needed. Even came with a light bulb.
  • It’s really convenient to have the lamps built right in, and the USB chargers are a useful bonus!
  • By having the lamp attached, we no longer knock off the lamp. Yea!
  • I like that the lamp pole is at the back of the table allowing you to use almost the entire surface.
  • My living room only has one wired light – everything else is lamps, so this is much better than having a table and a separate lamp.
  • The outlets on the end are amazing and the built-in lamp is a great space saver. 
  • Love love love this lamp table! Was looking for a nightstand where a lamp would not take up too much surface space. Found this and it’s totally the answer to what I was looking for!
  • I like the way the lampshade moves to meet your needs.
  • It acts as an end table, lamp, power source, and bookshelf.
  • I have limited space in my living room, and cats who like to knock things over, so when I found an end table with a built-in lamp, I was sold.
  • This table works great. I like the idea of the lamp attached cause it leaves more room for things I need close by.
  • We bought 2 of these tables for our guest room and they are beautiful. The lamps being built into the table leaves more room on the tabletop for your bedside items.

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I Have This Next To My Bed In My Bedroom And As My Primary Light Source And It’s Very Adequate Light Level!


Brightech Madison - Narrow Nightstand with Built In Lamp, USB Port, Shelves for Bedrooms - Mid Century Modern End Table & Attached Floor Lamp For Living Room -Side Table & Reading Light - Havana Brown

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Awesome. My daughter is using it for a night stand beside her bed. Great to charge her phone while she sleeps without cords strung all over the bedroom.

  • I bought 3 for my new apartment, 2 for the bedroom, and one for the living area and they are excellent night/side tables.
  • These nightstands are just a wow. They look great in a modern bedroom.
  • I needed a table and lamp to put next to my new recliner in the reading nook of my master bedroom.
  • These are amazing. I have four in my living room and two for each bedroom.
  • I purchased this as a nightstand for a guest bedroom and love it so much I may be purchasing another for my own bedroom!
  • My kids all now want the same lamps for their rooms!
  • I’d definitely recommend these lamps & plan to buy more for the other 3 bedrooms in the future.
  • We like them so much, we’re buying 2 more to use in our bedroom, as well!
  • The shade is ingenious! Looks great in my white bedroom.
  • Totally love it, so worth the money and looks so good in the bedroom as a nightstand.
  • This makes our guest bedroom look almost like a high-end hotel room.

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Today, there are many types of bedroom lamps and we will focus on presenting to you the best, affordable bedroom lamps with USB ports that will make your nights easier. And don’t worry about the prices, we are offering solutions and honest reviews for everyone’s wallet, so, let’s get started…


Best of The Cheapest Bedroom Lamps with USB Ports Under $30

Lampat Dimmable LED Table Lamp with USB Charging Port

The Lampat Dimmable LED Table Lamp with USB Charging Port is the ultimate cheap, minimal desk lamp that has a modern, slick design. It comes in two colors: black and white, and due to its neutral, minimal look it will practically match and go well with any design…


Lampat LED Desk Lamp, Dimmable LED Table Lamp Black, 4 Lighting Modes, 5-Level Dimmer, Touch-Sensitive Control Panel, 1-Hour Auto Timer, 5V/2A USB Charging Port)

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Lampat Table Lamp with USB Ports


This is a very good lamp. I have had zero issues. I have one on my desk and one on each night stand in my bedroom. Works great charging our phones while we sleep.


  • I love the USB charging port on the side.
  • The relax and sleep modes, which emit warm yellow light, are nice for when I’m watching movies or reading novels on the bed.
  • I use this to charge my wireless headphones, portable headphone amp, Kindle, etc.
  • The lighting settings are easy to use with a touch of your finger. The “reading” mode is great for reading in bed or on a desk.
  • I love having the ability to charge something at my desk or near my bed whenever I need it.
  • USB port which turns out to be very useful if this lamp is next to your bed.
  • I love this lamp! I originally bought it since I like to read in bed at night.
  • This would be a great bedside lamp with various settings and a sleep timer.
  • I like the sleep mode because I often fall asleep while watching TV and now I don’t have to get out of bed to put off the light, it will go off automatically.
  • My husband & I are using these lamps in our bedroom & love them! Great space-saving bedroom table lamps.
  • I bought this lamp to use while reading in bed. It’s perfect, just the right size, sleek design, and many nice features such as a USB port for charging.
  • This is our third lamp purchase – we had two bedside lamps and have enjoyed them so much that we bought one for our desk.
  • I would highly recommend this as a cheap but effective office or bedroom lamp solution.
  • The BEST Bedside Lamp You’ll Ever Use!
  • Great bedside lamp. The best bedside or desk lamp you can get at this price!

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USB Bedside Table Lamp, MOICO Square Fabric Shade Nightstand Lamp with 2 USB Charging Port and one AC Outlets

The MOICO Square Fabric Shade Nightstand Lamp has a more traditional lamp design which comes in two colors: beige and grey-silver; it is cheap and practical, and at the same time it offers you 2 USB ports and 1 AC outlet which enable you to charge your phone or some other electronic devices while still using the lamp…



MOICO USB Table Lamp, Bedside Nightstand Lamp Square Fabric Shade with 2 USB Charging Port and 3-Prong AC Outlets, Modern Design Desk Lamps for Bedroom, Living Room, Kids Room, College Dorm, Bookcase

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The MOICO Bedside Table Lamp 


I LOVE this lamp! It’s perfect in my bedroom/college dorm because it’s petite but also nice and bright. It’s not overly large and bulky which is just what I needed for my room. No need to worry about if this lamp fits well with the style of the room or furniture because it can pretty much mesh with everything. I also extremely appreciate the USB outlets and the power outlet featured in the lamp. It’s incredibly convenient because I can save space and charge multiple things at once without having to worry about too many cords.


  • Extremely cute soft bright light! Perfect for decorating the bedroom.
  • Perfect nightstand light. It’s got a nice small footprint, clean modern look. It has 2 USB charging ports on one side as well as a plug with the ground on top for anything you need to plug in on top.
  • Love this light. An inexpensive and stylish way to add a power receptacle and USB chargers to an end table.
  • I purchased two of these lamps for my bedroom. I love the style, color, and that there is a plug on top of the base.
  • This is the perfect small modern lamp for a bedroom. Everything works great, easy to assemble, and sturdy.
  • We got these for the nightstands In our bedroom and we love them. They are simple and get the job done.
  • Perfect for my guest bedroom. Fits perfect on a small nightstand.
  • Great little bedside table lights I’m using in my guest bedroom.
  • The table lamp with a USB port and plug is an essential feature for convenience.
  • Great spend for our guest bedroom. Makes it easy to charge phones.

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Best Bedroom Lamps with USB Ports Under $60

Aluminum Alloy Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

The aluminum Allow LED Desk lamp has a premium aluminum allow construction which doesn’t allow it to get heated easily and with that protects and prolongs the LED lifespan. The design is extra slim, light, minimal, and simple, so it works with any style and interior and is meant for everyone, boys and girls…


TaoTronics Aluminum Alloy Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, Table Lamp for Office Lighting, 3 Color Modes & 6 Brightness Levels, Philips Enabled Licensing Program

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The TaoTronics USB Lamp 


Taotronics also produces fabulous space heaters and you can read more about them here… Taotronics Is A Very Good Brand & Its Space Heaters Are The Best


These TaoTronic Desk Lamps look great on your home desk or bedroom table, and sensational on a desk at your place of work. In short, if you’re looking for a tangible upgrade from a fluorescent or incandescent desk lamp, these lamps are MONEY.


  • Worth every dollar, as good as a $250 designer table lamp. 3 different light tones, 5 brightness settings, and a USB charger.
  • Looks beautiful in both the bedroom and in the office. The hidden USB port is a nice feature.
  • Fantastic Bedroom lights! Great for headboards.
  • These are by far the best lights we have ever gotten for our bedroom.
  • While many use these for desk or table lamps, we’ve found them to be excellent as bedside lighting. We have one on each bedside table.
  • I definitely recommend this lamp for anyone who needs a great quality table lamp and not a super expensive price tag.
  • Looks beautiful, takes up very litter table space, and I love the USB charger! And a great value!!
  • I use it for my night table lamp beside my bed and it works perfectly.
  • Very low profile, easy fit for my cluttered bedside table. Light can be set, dim, or bright (or in between) but also can be adjusted for color.
  • I already love this lamp for my bedside table, and my boyfriend wants one to match his side too! I love the fact that there are no physical buttons, you just place your finger on the desired brightness and mode of light.
  • It’s sleek, functional, good looking, and has a small footprint. It’s a perfect lamp on our bedside table.
  • I am loving this product sooo much! Doesn’t take up a lot of space so I can put it on the side table while still having room for decor pieces, the lights are great

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Modern Bedside USB Table Lamp and 2.0 AMP Charging Port with Integrated Phone Stand

The classical, modern, rectangular design of a Bedside lamp with a base made of black, matte metal, and a honey beige fabric shade. The design has an easy-access rocker switch and it offers support for your phone when you charge it, so you can literally lean your phone on it and watch/read something while charging it…


Kira Home Lucerna II 14" Modern Bedside USB Table Lamp w/ 2.0 AMP Charging Port, Integrated Phone Stand, Honey Beige Shade + 7W LED Bulb (Energy Efficient, 3000K Warm White), Matte Black Finish

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Kira Home Bedside USB Lamp 


Possibly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made on Amazon. I love this lamp. It was purchased for my son’s nursery. He has a very low table next to the rocker and I wanted a touch light with a shade that would shield the bulb so that it wasn’t blinding from standing height. This works perfectly. It’s a soft glow, very easy to turn on/off.


  • This lamp is PERFECT as a lamp for a table beside a bed.
  • Well worth the price. This touch feature makes this ambient lamp the best light I have bought in years.
  • This little lamp is the best touch lamp that I’ve ever had it is on my nightstand and you couldn’t ask for a better lamp.
  • Great bedside lamp. Touch base makes it easy to turn on and off.
  • Soft lighting for just before bed or getting up in the morning. Easily one of the best lamps in the house.
  • Design is modern looking and makes the bedside look elegant. USB is super useful and charges relatively fast.
  • Touch works great, and the USB chargers are very useful. The dimension is great for my bedside table, which is quite small. So glad I bought it!
  • Love it, great accent lamp in my bedroom especially the USB charging platform.
  • Incredible quality and they look amazing. My wife and I absolutely love these lamps. The touch base works on every tap.
  • Love the look it gives to my room and the touch Led feature is super convenient.

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Best Bedroom Lamps with USB Ports Under $100

Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp, Office with USB Port Touch Control Night Light

Stylish, sleek, modern, and quite flexible design that offers more colors, and bright levels. This lamp is made of durable full metal which has a scratch-free surface; the modern, greyish look goes well with almost everything…


TaoTronics TT-DL16 Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp, Office 5V/2A USB Port, 5 Color Modes, 6 Brightness Levels, Touch Control, Timer, Night Light, Official Member of Philips Enabled Licensing Program
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About This Taotronics Night Light


I love everything about this table lamp, the different light levels and that I can charge my kindle on it. I like to read my e-newspapers in bed in the morning and often the battery gives out, so just having to reach over to plug the kindle charger into the lamp on my nightstand is soo convenient!


  • I set up at my bedside. It is as advertised — truly wonderful. Works like a dream. I am able to read in bed which is one of the main reasons I ordered it in the first place.
  • This lamp is gorgeous and is made very well so I am extremely pleased with this purchase.
  • The multiple light settings are great with the nighttime mode my favorite as I send to read and play on my phone while in bed and it provides just enough light that I’m not doing those in the dark.
  • I typically leave use it on low setting, warm at night when, say, watching a movie in bed, and use my “favorite” setting (brightest, white light) when reading. I purchased two of these I like it so much.
  • Sleek, sturdy design. Loads of different settings/shades and intensities that work well for anything from illuminating every corner of your bedroom to winding down with a book. I use it most frequently to study/code from the comfort of my bed.
  • I’m using it on my nightstand as a reading lamp for the bed and it is perfect.
  • Finally found what we were searching for!! This is a wonderful bedside reading lamp that adjusts brightness and direction to our desired specifications.
  • We bought two for each side of the bed. The nightlight and timer functions are bonuses we weren’t thinking of but appreciate.
  • We also like that it doesn’t take much table space and is low profile in the room.
  • No lampshades to get dusty and tattered.

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Bedside Nightstand Table with Built In Lamp and USB Ports

Tall, traditional, mid-century, and unique, this bedside nightstand table lamp comes in 3 colors: white, black, and brown; Furthermore, it has quite a specific design as it is much higher than usual lamps to provide space for your other items and avoid being knocked. Additionally, due to the traditional look, it will work in almost any room setting, from the living room, halls, to bedrooms, next to reading chairs, etc…


Brightech - Madison LED Floor Lamp with USB Charging Ports - Mid Century Modern Bedside Nighstand Table - End Table with Shelves for Living Room Sofas - Havana Brown

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About This Brightech Table With Lamp Attached


I got two of these to use as bedside tables in our guest room. Assembly was straightforward, the tables are sturdy, the lamps are a great height for bedside use, and the size of the tables is just right to fit on each side of the bed in the smallish space. It’s really convenient to have the lamps built right in, and the USB chargers are a useful bonus!


  • Wonderful table and lamp combo! May actually buy another! Will certainly buy from Brightech again.
  • I’m very, very happy with this lamp + end table combo. I was looking to replace a floor lamp and an end table separately and just stumbled across this.
  • Love the lamp + table combo. 
  • Perfect lamp and table combo! I bought this for my husband for his birthday. He likes tables with built-in lamps, and like more modern furniture.
  • I was very pleased with the look and the quality of this lamp and table combo!
  • I love the USB outlets on the side of the table, very convenient.
  • Perfect table-lamp combo for small spaces! Plus it comes with 2 outlets to charge phones and tech items.
  • It is sturdy, easy to assemble with great instructions, and just the right size for tiny areas, especially bedside.
  • We love this table lamp combo! The shade is stylishly neutral and goes well with our décor.
  • It is very useful as it contains the USB port and the lamp is attached. It also has 2 shelves for stacking periodicals or mail.
  • I just love this table/lamp combo! It’s the perfect size for a corner or bedside a chair, and with the built-in USB ports, it’s very convenient.

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Best Bedroom Lamps with USB Ports Under $150

Castine Modern Accent Table Lamps Set of 2 with USB Charging Port Mercury Glass White Drum Shade

The Castine Modern Accent Table Lamp has an elegant, modern design that works well in any surroundings. The best part is, you get a set of 2 USB table lamps for under $150. Both lams have a greyish base made of mercury glass in interesting shape with round metal base and white drum shade…


Castine Modern Accent Table Lamps Set of 2 with USB Charging Port Mercury Glass White Drum Shade for Living Room Bedroom - 360 Lighting

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About These Castine Bedroom Lamps


I ordered these for my bedroom and I really love them. They’re the perfect height for bedroom lamps and I like the USB charger built in to the base of the lamps which makes it super convenient to charge your devices right on your bedside tables. I also love modern shape and sparkly look that gives a touch of bling to your room


  • Beautiful Lamps! I bought these lamps for my bedroom, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint!
  • The USB port is great also: I can charge my phone without having to use one of the outlets, which in turn, frees up the outlet for my C-PAP machine. The phone will charge whether the lamp is on or not.
  • Elegant and I love the USB charging capability.
  • These are so cool! I love the color of the glass and the USB charge port is so useful. They are the perfect size for my nightstands.
  • Perfect size for my nightstands and the mercury glass is awesome with my “shabby chic” like decor. The USB ports work great and are so convenient.
  • I love these lamps. They’re very pretty and work perfectly on my nightstands. I love the fact that they each have a USB port on the base. At $100 for the pair, you can’t beat them.
  • These lamps are stunning. They are elegant and chic. I especially like the USB port in the back.
  • Love these lamps they are the perfect size for bedroom lamps. Look great.
  • These look great and I love the USB port! Makes it easy to have your iPhone charging and be able to use it from bed at the same time.
  • I got these lamps for the nightstands in my guest room and they’re PERFECT! Not only are they beautiful, but they also allow guests to conveniently charge their cell phones as well.

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Hugo Mid Century Modern Table Lamp with USB Charging Port Wood Column Drum Shade

The Hugo Mid-Century Modern table lamp comes in white color, with a wood column in a whitewashed vintage finish topped with oatmeal fabric shade. Eye-catching and creative, a perfect mixture of the traditional look, and modern practical design, this lamp can simply be described as elegance come to life…


Hugo Mid Century Modern Table Lamp with USB Charging Port Wood Column Drum Shade for Living Room Bedroom Bedside Nightstand Office Family - Franklin Iron Works

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About This Hugo Mid-Century Lamp


I finally found a mid-century style lamp with dual lights that was not too tall and complemented my simple style. The USB Port and and plug-in were an added bonus. They do not show on the lamp base. Very happy with the quality.


  • Nice to find a good looking bedside lamp that had plug and USB in the base that didn’t look like a motel room.
  • Great lamps. Good quality. USB and AC ports perfect. Very attractive lamps

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Best Bedroom Lamps with USB Ports Under $200

Traverse Modern Table Lamps Set of 2 with Hotel Style USB Charging Port

The Traverse Modern Table Lamp is actually a set of two lamps, with USB portals on each of the lamp’s bases. The lamps come in two colors: bronze – which has brownish/bronze, metal base, and oatmeal fabric drum shades, and white – which has both white metal base, and white fabric drum shades…


Traverse Modern Table Lamps Set of 2 with Hotel Style USB Charging Port Gooseneck LED Bronze Oatmeal Shade for Living Room - Possini Euro Design

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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About This Traverse Modern Lamp


I had been looking for lamps like these for a long time. They are a little bigger than I expected but they are perfect for our bedside tables. They are high, hotel quality lamps. I was also impressed with how they were packaged very carefully.


  • I like the height, which is perfect for sofa side tables, and for a nightstand on either side of my bed, which is pretty tall.
  • The switch is at the base so it is within reach – no more stretching to turn the dial under the shade.
  • I looked for a while, for lamps with a switch on the base, but they all looked like the hotel type lamps. Not these; they blend very well with my decor style.
  • They have a USB port on the side of the base, as well, for easy-reach charging.
  • They have a telescoping light for reading, which I love because I read in bed and it’s better than the softer, ambiance light from the main shade.
  • I like to cross-stitch, too, so now I can do that while sitting on my sofa!
  • The small telescoping light is great! You can have both, the main shade and telescoping light on at once; or just one. They each have their own switch.
  • Very nice lamps, and I like that they have the reading light.
  • My husband and I are so happy with these. They’re easy to assemble, durable, and super practical. I can turn on the reading light in bed without waking him up.
  • We have these on our nightstands and they work great.

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In summary, you just can’t beat the combination of a gorgeous lamp with the practicality of USB ports. They look good and they are so convenient at the same time.

My best goes to the Brightech Madison – Narrow Nightstand with Built In Lamp, USB Port and I also like the table lamp combo especially if you are looking for tables with lamps attached…  Bedside Nightstand Table with Built-In Lamp and USB Ports

Light is one of the most important things you need to consider when decorating your home. Lamps don’t only contribute to the interior and make it more synchronized, they are also a practical solution and can really help you get the most of your nights.

When choosing your table lamp make sure that you check all the information, and choose something that is not only within your budget but also is practical and offers you more than one solution, as it is the example with these lamps which offer both light and charging. We hope that our choices will help you make the right choice for you!

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