500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chair: Big Man Approved

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I have found the best 500-lb. capacity heavy-duty portable chair that is verified to handle a heavy load in comfort and style…

Many chairs have the weight capacity label on them however we dug deeper and researched customer to see what real-life big boppers had to say about how these portable chairs really handled a heavy and wide load and I can comfortably say the following chair emerged as a clear winner…

When you need a nice place to sit outdoors, there’s only one choice: the King Kong chair.

This extra wide folding camp chair brings plus size comfort wherever it goes. And with its powder-coated steel frame and cushioned polyester khaki canvas, this sturdy chair is ready for anything. It even folds up compactly for easy transport.

From the beach to your backyard, or anywhere in between, you’ll never want to take this perfect chair anywhere without you.

The Best 500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chair Guaranteed To Hold Your Weight

King Kong is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable camp chair that will last them a long time. Assembling this camping chair is very quick and easy.

The King Kong Chair will probably be the most comfortable chair you will ever sit in. If you’re looking for a camping chair that’s easy to carry and very comfortable, then this is one of the best chairs to buy.

The King Kong is made out of heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric with double-stitched seams for durability. The chair comes with two cup holders and it has a weight capacity of 800 pounds.


ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair


ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair, Khaki, 38 x 20 x 38-Inch
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The King Kong Chair folds to a compact size for easy transport and storage. Its wide seat and high back provide comfort, while the reclining backrest allows you to get the most out of your relaxation time.

You’ll appreciate the high-quality materials that went into making this portable chair. The thick padding on the seat and backrest will keep you comfortable, while the convenient carrying bag will make transporting this camping chair a breeze.

Enjoy a great day outdoors with the extra support of this reinforced portable camp chair from ALPS Mountaineering.

Here Is What Consumers Said About This Heavy-Duty Portable Chair With 800-lbs Capacity:


The Ideal Portable Chair For Heavy People

I am a tad over 6′ 4″ and just under 350lbs. I now believe the manufacturer’s claim that it could hold 800lbs if needed because of the firm and steady feel when I sit in this chair. No creaking or straining sounds whether on sand or a hard deck.

  • I’m over 600 lbs and this has lasted me a few years.
  • This chair is sturdy. I weigh about 400 lbs and this chair has survived years of abuse. I have used it on the beach, camping, at events, etc.
  • This chair is ROCK SOLID. I don’t care if you weigh 350+lbs (we’ve had probably 550 in it with multiple people sitting on laps and whatnot). I don’t care if the ground is uneven, not level, in the grass, in the sand, on rocks, on a misshapen boulder, we have sat on this chair in every one of those situations and the chair has never done anything but increases my confidence in it, seriously!
  • This chair will hold me (6’2”, 220 Lbs) and two more like me without any problems with weight.
  • As you know I call them as I see them and this is one strong chair if I were you I would quit getting the other so-called 200-300 Lbs chairs and move on up to this one.
  • This chair is so solidly built, I have no doubt it would hold 800 lbs. as the manufacturer claims.
  • Attention all big guys, this is the one you need in your life.
  • At one point I was over 650 lbs and this chair held me with ease.

I bought this chair as I am definitely on the larger side, 6′ 4″ tall, and about 360 lbs. I got it for going to various car events with friends, sporting events, and even occasional camping. Let me tell you, this thing is a beast.

  • If you’re a big guy or gal, the last thing you want is to worry about your chair giving way and I’ve never been worried about that with this chair.
  • I honestly believe this chair can hold 800 lbs.
  • If it can hold me like I’m nothing, I could imagine what it could do with someone double my weight
  • It states an 800 lb. weight limit and it is true all the way. We even tested with two larger people and it withstood the abuse.
  • This one is a beast and has not even unduly flexed when I use the arms to push myself out of the chair.
  • I ordered this for a loved one who is around 6’2″ and 440 lbs.
  • My husband’s a big guy and he loved this chair.
  • Very comfortable for his 350+lb girth! He will love me for saying that but I know it’s helpful for other large folks to know the truth!
  • I am 6’3″ and 385 lbs so I can really give a chair a workout. 
  • This is a sturdy and comfortable chair for a big man. I go 6’ 3” and over 300 lbs. and this chair feels sturdy and comfortable.
  • I have lost some weight since I first got this, but it easily supported me when I was >450 lbs.
  • This chair can hold a 400+lbs person with ease. 

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A Very Durable & Heavy Duty Portable Chair

King Kong is the ultimate in camp chairs. The powder-coated steel frame gives it extreme stability and durability even in harsh environments, while also making it light enough to be portable. Its patented design allows for a comfortable reclining position in addition to the standard upright position, giving you options for how you’d like to sit.

The chair is heavy (keep this in mind if you have to tote it a long-distance) and sturdy, it does sit up higher than other chairs I’ve tried and the arms are durable enough to push up on when sitting. Dual cup holders and dual side pockets are nice as well.

  • This is the one for you, I’ve been to BBQs, water events, parks, church events, school events and just sitting on my porch enjoying the weather and this is still the best. I use it every week, one way or another.
  • It is a bigger chair, so it takes up a bit more space to store, but if that is what it takes to not be embarrassed in front of your buddies, so be it.
  • It is sturdy and well built and provides a secure place to sit on outings. And while it’s larger and supportive for them, it is also perfectly comfortable for me at 5’5″ (in fact, when it’s just me, I chose this chair over others).
  • Love it. The only chair of its type that I don’t have to worry about breaking when I sit down.
  • I bought this for durability because I intend for this to be my last camp chair for a long time.
  • There seem to be no obvious flaws in the design, everything is built very heavy duty. 
  • This chair is of great quality, and a little overkill for my needs, but hey, anything worth doing is worth overdoing. They spared no detail, from the adjustable armrests to the easy setup, powder-coated steel, and durable grommets.
  • I was pleased enough to order another…and would still recommend it to any person looking for a durable chair.

This Portable Chair Is Comfortable For Large People With A Wide Seat

The King Kong Chair is designed to be very comfortable, with a wide padded seat and two adjustable armrests. It can be used as an extra chair at a party, for camping trips, tailgating at sporting events, or even just relaxing in your own backyard.

If you want a wider seat that’s built to last, it doesn’t get better than the King Kong. With class-leading comfort, extras like a side cooler pocket, and ample proctoring for even the biggest guys, this outdoor chair is the champion of family gatherings.

  • It is extremely comfortable and has a wide seat for those with some plumper rumps.
  • You sit deep in a nice wide seat at the perfect inclination and it’s just like sitting in an armchair in your living room. The quality seems tremendous. Get this one even if you don’t see yourself as a gorilla.
  • The chair is not cheap in any aspect – it’s generously wide, generously deep (front to back) and the back is proportionately tall. No stinting on design at all that I can tell.
  • It is big, wide, comfortable, and easy to get up out of. Tons of pockets everywhere to stash stuff if you need to.
  • This portable chair has plenty of room for my wide frame and didn’t give a squeak or groan of protest when I sat on it.
  • I’m a big guy and these chairs have no problems holding me up. I also feel safe and secure. It’s plenty wide and I have no trouble getting up and out of them.
  • Sturdy, comes preassembled so there is nothing to figure out, wide seat, and will definitely support the extra weight.
  • This chair is big and wide and super comfortable! I have even taken a couple of naps in it on the front porch.
  • Quality fabric and the seating area are very wide, allowing plenty of room.

The Best 500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chair For The Money

This chair is a comfortable and sturdy solution to your outdoor seating needs. The taller design allows the user to sit up comfortably while still being able to have their feet flat on the ground.

The backrest is completely adjustable from 90 degrees from the ground to upright with a slight recline. The armrests are also adjustable, so you can put them in whatever position is most comfortable for you. With its ability to fully support up to 800 lbs. (363 kg), this chair is strong enough for even the largest people.

  • Really one of the best values I have found in folding chairs anywhere, well worth it.
  • The peace of mind that the chair will support them is priceless.
  • It is heavy but if you are large, like me, it is TOTALLY worth the money. As a matter of fact, now that I have the chair and use it so much and I am aware of the quality, I would pay double the asking price for it.
  • If you are large and in need of a camping/folding chair, do not hesitate to spend the money on this chair. It’s perfect.
  • I feel the extra money is well spent, I’d rather sit in something I know will support me rather than worry about one of those $20 convenience store boutique chairs breaking when I least expect it.
  • Best camping chair for the money.
  • I wasn’t thrilled about how much more expensive this was than some of the other models, but now I couldn’t be happier that I put the extra money into it.
  • I have no doubt it’ll serve me for years to come.
  • I’d definitely recommend it to the fellow big guy or just anyone that also subscribes to the philosophy of spending a bit more to buy the right thing the first time instead of replacements yearly.
  • A bit pricey but when you use these chairs you know where the money’s going.
  • This one is a different story definitely worth the money.
  • Don’t waste your money on cheaper camp chairs. Get the best!

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Other 500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chairs to Consider:


Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair

Coleman 2000026491 Chair Quad Oversized
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The Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Chair with Built-In Cooler has a unique design that’s made to last. The wide, comfortable seat and large support feet provide stability on any terrain.

But it’s the drain hole on the back of the chair and water-resistant sleeve (to seal up to a 16″ laptop) that are the real highlights.


Customers said:


  • I’m a BEEFY enchilada and I have no fear plopping down in this bad boy!!! Very comfy chair indeed.
  • Wow, this chair is heavy-duty. The legs and general build are very solid. I believe it will easily hold its rated weight though we are nowhere near that.
  • This is definitely more heavy-duty than a lot of the camp chairs we found at the big box stores.
  • I am a very large and heavy girl who has problems with my hips and knees. We were looking for a folding chair that would withstand my weight and girth and this chair did both.
  • The only really well-made, heavy-duty for big guys chair that really works.
  • Nice, wide seat. Also, see… Is Coleman A Good Brand

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KingCamp Heavy Duty Compact Camping Folding Mesh Chair with Side Table and Handle

KingCamp Heavy Duty Compact Camping Folding Mesh Chair with Side Table and Handle
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This chair is a convenient and useful item for camping and hiking. It’s very sturdy, comfortable, and folds up to about the size of a laptop, so it’s easy to carry around.

It has a side table built into the right armrest that’s deep enough for a drink or some snacks.

The mesh fabric is rugged yet still breathable for when you’re out in the sun, but the chair collapses down nicely and is small for storage or carrying. The legs fold under as well for even more compactness.


Customers said:


  • These are heavy-duty chairs, not cheap or flimsy. 
  • Love this chair, heavy-duty, but folds up easily and takes up little space.
  • THIS CHAIR WAS TERRIFIC!! My husband weighs 290 lbs and is 6 ft tall.
  • He has the tendency to be “HARD” on chairs. I am sure he will give this chair a run for its life!! It is built much sturdier than other fold-up, outdoor chairs.
  • The chair is very sturdy and has a wider seat than any other chair I looked at.

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Ozark Trail 500 lb Capacity XXL Director Chair

Ozark Trail 500 lb Capacity XXL Director Chair (red)
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The Ozark Trail Club 500 Lb Capacity XXL Director Chair is an awesome, big and comfortable outdoor folding director chair that can hold a maximum weight of 500 pounds.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and looking for a durable chair that is easy to carry with you on all your camping, fishing, or hunting trips. The fabric has been treated with an anti-mildew fabric protector.


Customers said:


  • This is the roomiest chair I’ve ever bought and I’m a very big guy outstanding quality heavy duty and good looking chair would recommend to family and friends you can’t go wrong with this chair.
  • I’m 6.5 tall and 500 lbs and still had space on the sides and did not worry about my weight as it held its find. The arms are very strong there where most folding chairs break.
  • This is the dream chair! It is very sturdy, wide, sits high enough for knee issues, I’m 450 lbs & I have plenty of room in this chair.
  • I weigh over 300 lbs this chair is bigger than me easily! Very comfortable plenty of room in it! I could get both our dogs beside me (Yorkies) with plenty of room to spare.
  • ATTENTION!! If you are a big person, and you are looking for a camp chair, DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER!! BUY THIS CHAIR!!
  • I’m 330 lbs, yes, I could stand to lose a few. But I digress. If you have ever wondered if the chair you were getting ready to sit in was going to support you, those days are OVER! This chair is wide and sturdy.
  • This chair is the best one we have found for my husband, who weighs 400+ lbs. It is steady and sturdy and quite comfortable.
  • I’m a big guy 6’3 370 lb and this chair is very strong and a comfortable option for us big folks!

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In summary, the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair is a fabulous chair for heavy people with many customers having no doubt it could hold as much as 800lb with no problems, and one particular chap who was 650lbs said he could use it with confidence.

The final chair on our list is the Ozark Trail 500 lb Capacity XXL Director Chair and it also has proven itself by comfortably sitting people as large as 500lbs and is well worth considering and has emerged as our clear second pick.

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