15 Reasons Why The RabbitAir Air Purifier Lives Up To Its Hype

Homeowners who have taken the leap and purchased the RabbitAir MinusA2 are adamant it lives up to the hype. This air purifier works perfectly with smoke with cigarette and cigar smokers singing its praises and their non-smoking family members even more so.

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It has proven to be effective in combating forest fire smoke and all sorts of pet odors including dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, etc. Pet dander, dust, and kitchen odors are no problem either.

The RabbitAir has multiple settings however most people love the fact that you can leave it on auto mode and it will go about its work without you having to mess with it.

The machine is whisper-quiet for the most part and even the turbo mode is quieter than most other air purifiers. This air purifier can be mounted to the wall (or not you have the option) and it looks sleek and pretty…

An Air Purifier Is Something That Is Run 24/7 So You Might As Well Get The Best!


RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier w/WiFi (SPA-780N, White, Germ Defense)


RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier w/WiFi (SPA-780N, White, Germ Defense)

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Here Is What Reviewers Said About The RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier:


This is one of the top of the line air purifiers on the market and is one of the only air purifiers that is wall mountable. In addition, rabbit air uses a brushless motor which lasts longer and is more efficient, this alone sets it apart from other top tier brands since everybody else uses brushed motors.


  • The RabbitAir Minus A2 Air Purifier is the best air purifier there is on the market!
  • Best air filter we have owned. Have owned other competitors and will not go back. Rabbit Air is the best.
  • The best in the industry… This product is exceptionally effective. It is a must-have for anyone who cares about their health.
  • Opening a window/s is not always an option, this is the next best thing. I’ve owned a few different air filters/ionizers over the years, after only a few weeks of use I can say this is the best I’ve ever owned.
  • Best filter hands down! I never dreamed I could have something so quiet with Air this fresh!
  • Works great, easy to install, & does a great job. I have had my Rabbit for almost a year now. Best Air Purifier on Amazon!
  • I’ve had six air purifiers over the years and this is the best one so far.
  • This is the best air filter my wife and I have ever bought.
  • Amazing! I cannot recommend it enough. We have tried so many air filters over the years. Best air cleaner ever.

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This Is The Best (Most Efficient And Quietest), Air Filter, I Have Tried!


RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier w/WiFi (SPA-780N, White, Germ Defense)

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  • I’m confident it’s one of the best Air-cleaner available.
  • What a great product! The Best air cleaner period.
  • Absolutely excellent product. Not only does it do its stated job, but it’s also very clearly of high quality. If you are thinking of getting an air purifier, it’s worth spending a little bit extra to get the best.
  • Rabbit Air MinusA2 gives the best results for an air purifier that we’ve ever had and it is manufactured exceptionally well.
  • I am very happy with the RabbitAir MinusA2. It has been the best air filter I have ever purchased.
  • The Very Best! This is the best air filter you can buy. I foolishly bought an Allerair for more money and it did not do the job half as well.
  • Rabbit Air is actually the best of the bunch. The price is very reasonable for what you get, and it is purifying the air and creating nice, clean, “sweet” air.
  • This is by far one of the best air filtration systems available, it may be a little pricey but well worth
  • Tried all types of air purifiers/odor removers, and this has got to be the best system out there.
  • RabbitAir is simply the best air purifier I’ve ever owned or SEEN for that matter. I highly, highly recommend this great product.

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Dog Owners Love The Rabbit Air Purifier!


We LOVE this air purifier!! If you have dogs, then this is worth every penny!!! We live in a small house with two big dogs, and almost immediately I could tell that the air quality was so much better!! It now smells clean in our house and not like stinky dogs.


  • We have two dogs and this does a great job of removing dander and pet hair.
  • Love, love, love this air purifier, cleaner, odor tackler, dust buster, dog gas blaster… the list goes on.
  • We also have 2 Boxers (dogs) and notice a huge improvement in dander as well as dust in our bedroom.
  • Love that part and the dog poofs, don’t make us run for the gas masks.
  • The air purification is amazing, including two gaseous dogs who also sleep in our bedroom. Well worth the expense compared to other air purifiers we have tried.
  • It handles the dog dander, dust, and pollen quietly and efficiently!
  • We bought this after we got our dog. It really helps with the dog smell.
  • I ordered the odor filter in my kit since I have a dog and I have had people tell me that there is a noticeable decrease in dog odor since I installed the Air Rabbit.
  • Absolutely amazing!!! I have 3 dogs and would constantly have to dust everything in my house. This air purifier has completely changed the air quality in my home.
  • To keep it short, our friend with violent allergies to our dog can visit without taking Benedryl now.

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Cat Owners Also Rave About The Rabbit Air Purifier!


When friends come over that are allergic to dogs or cats its funny seeing them act when the cat walks out. Meaning they can’t even tell we have animals this thing works that well.


  • With the Rabbit Air standing on the floor against a wall in our dining nook we no longer see any cat fur drifting across the floor and when the sunbeams come through the window the air is empty!
  • My partner is allergic to cats. The only time he has an issue now is when he leaves his clothes on the cat’s chair. This machine has left me dumbfounded/amazed.
  • We have several cats. It seems to be doing a good job of cleaning the air because my daughter has not stated that her allergies are bothering her when she comes to visit. 
  • When my catwalks by it the device comes on and removes the dander.
  • Great machine that eliminated cat dander and leads to better sleeping.
  • There is noticeably less cat hair floating in the air as well.
  • It has multiple settings that allow you to choose how much the fan is on. I have a cat and nobody ever smells it.
  • They help with everything, even my cat doesn’t sneeze anymore.
  • I got this because my girlfriend is insanely allergic to my cat. Needless to say, this magical device works and my girlfriend can now sleep in my bedroom with the cat in the room & this air filter running & it’s all good!
  • We have it close to the cat litter, and it does a good job sensing when the air gets bad.

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Owners Of Other Pets Say The Rabbit Air Purifier Works For Them As Well!


I also have a bird that I am slightly allergic to, I also heard that using a purifier is really good for birds respiratory systems and helps them stay healthy and live longer.


  • I purchased this air purifier for my bird room and immediately noticed a difference.
  • Very little bird dust laying around and the air has a better, breathable quality to it.
  • I have three birds and as their air systems are delicate I can say this is probably one of the best investments I’ve made.
  • I have cats and a bird so this air filter was to keep the bird healthy as well as us.
  • I share my very small (7’x16′) home office with an African Grey Parrot.
  • Greys are dust birds, their down feathers are designed to break down into dust and that is the bird’s lubrication, which is great for the bird, but not so good for my lungs or my electronics, spending 40-50 hours a week in here with him.
  • Usually, I would be dusting weekly, but I haven’t dusted since I got the Rabbit. I haven’t needed to!
  • Inhaling a lot less bird dust now that I got the Rabbit!
  • Great air filter. Using it in my bird’s room and it adjusts to the level of feather dust quickly and quietly.
  • After three weeks of use, there is NO ferret smell. I love this unit!

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This Air Purifier Actually Works With Smoke!


We bought this filter to improve the air quality in our house during the terrible wild fires when dense smoke settled across the area for many days. This filter not only instantly fixed the smoke problem, but it also took care of cooking smells, odors and irritants from our three cats, which we had been silently dealing with for years


  • We live in an apartment. Our neighbor keeps smoking weed and we were affected. Bought this unit and 99% of we don’t smell the marijuana smoke anymore.
  • Love it! Clears the cigar smoke and smell within 20 minutes.
  • We had to move a family member into our house who smokes. When she’s chain-smoking with the windows closed we have to set the power on high, but it gets every bit of smoke out of the room. Very impressed!
  • I got the odor filter for cigarette smoke, and I’m impressed it worked right away, my studio hasn’t smelled like cigarettes in 3 months 
  • Now I can smoke anytime in my house, and sometimes I have friends that come over and they smoke as well, it’s amazing how fast and efficient this device is.
  • I use my rabbit air purifier to kill smoke smells and pet smells.
  • Everyone that comes into my 900 sq ft apartment thinks it smells brand new and not lived in, and I smoke inside every day. Simply amazing!
  • We use it in our family room, where we smoke. It doesn’t smell like a cigarette when you walk into the room, and that’s what we were looking for.
  • I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is interested in getting smoke and pollen out of the air. LOVE THIS PRODUCT.
  • Got this because I moved into an apartment and my neighbor smoked. It’s a 700 square foot apartment and this thing works like a boss. It was nice to come home from work and not smell smoke.


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Helps Clear Cigar Smoke Out Of The Room Rather Quickly!


  • I purchased this unit so that I could smoke cigars in my basement. It not only helps with the smoke but also purifies that air at other times that I have been down in my basement.
  • This is a terrific air filter. It works automatically and after just a few puffs on a cigar, you hear it increase the fan speed. It almost instantly recognizes smoke in the air and filters it out. The room has never smelled cleaner.
  • I have a room in my house that I set up as my “smoke room” a place I can smoke my cigars when the weather is unfavorable.
  • The Rabbit Air does a fantastic job of cleaning the smoke and smells out of the room.
  • I especially like that it is automatic I just go in and enjoy my smoke and leave, the machine does everything by itself.
  • Love it! My Husband smokes in the garage and I couldn’t stand the smell. I couldn’t believe how fast this unit worked!
  • The smoke smell was almost completely gone in less than an hour. Also VERY quiet. Worth every cent.
  • Not hearing my wife complain about cigar smoke.
  • I got this for a room in which I smoke a couple of cigars daily. It’s plenty quiet and very effective.

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Dust Is No Longer A Problem!


Our dust problem has greatly diminished, and our electronics are lasting a lot longer now that we have this. Plus, no allergies. It’s a win-win for us, and we highly recommend this.


  • You don’t realize how much dust you have until you pull the cover off and vacuum off the outer filter.
  • It also keeps the dust under control, I live in the middle of NYC and I used to have to dust my place at least twice a week, I can go about 10 days without dusting since buying this item.
  • My wife has asthma and numerous allergies. This air purifier is a serious addition to any home to minimize dust and home allergens. Air quality was immediately improved in our home.
  • Really solved my dust problem in the bedroom.
  • My need for vacuuming is incredibly decreased – hardly ever have dust bunnies. My cat’s wheezing has stopped too, which is awesome. You walk into my room and the air just screams “clean”.
  • It has done a fantastic job of keeping the dust down, keeping the air circulating, and improving our air quality.
  • Also, the DUST in my home has been drastically reduced.
  • The amount of dust settling on our furniture is way down in just a few days.
  • This had absolutely helped with the mold and has reduced the dust.
  • The air is fresher, we have noticeably less dust and cat fur (we have 2 Ragdoll cats so there is plenty of fur) and it really is silent, you have to really listen to hear it in the auto mode

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It Is Wall Mountable Or It Can Sit On A Table (We’ve Done Both)!


RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier w/WiFi (SPA-780N, White, Germ Defense)

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We’re redoing our kid’s rooms and the appeal of this unit was that it could be wall mounted, off the ground and away from little curious hands.


  • I’ve mounted it to the wall in my living room, which is an open concept to the kitchen, dining room, and front hallway.
  • After mounting the device on the wall and letting it run for a couple of hours there was a significant improvement to the air quality of his and the adjacent rooms.
  • I mounted this unit on the wall next to my bed in the master bedroom (400 sq.ft.). Now, no more wheezing, coughing, sneezing, or itchy eyes at night or in the morning
  • Works great, easy to install, & does a great job. I have had my Rabbit for almost a year now. It was easy to mount on the wall and get the wifi connected.
  • I like that this is something we can mount on the wall.
  • Wonderful product that looks good in your home, especially wall-mounted.
  • Very quiet. I like the wall mount option.
  • It removed all the smells and looks decent mounted on the wall.
  • The wall mount was easy to install. Mounted on the wall, it looks more like a high-tech decoration than an air purifier.
  • It works well with the remote control and can be wall-mounted or rested on furniture.

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 I Leave It On All Day In Auto Mode And It Just Does It’s Thing!


This also works very well when cooking: the odor sensor works great and the automatic speed changer is awesome. I just leave mine on auto and never have to mess with it.


  • The auto mode actually works like it should when it senses dense particles in the air it boosts up the fan to circulate more. Very pleased with this product and you will be too.
  • Very happy with the rabbit air. It’s quiet, I put it on auto mode and forget about it. It cleans the air quickly.
  • The auto speed feature means you won’t have to be messing with it all the time.
  • There are many modes of operation, but I choose the auto setting, which adjusts power based on detected air quality. This feature works like a champ. 
  • The auto mode makes it effortless to run. Expensive, but worth every penny.
  • I leave it to run on auto mode 24/7. It works well, even after a cigar I cannot smell any or very little aroma in the house the next day, and by the second day, it’s gone.
  • The sensors are pretty good, in AUTO mode I can see it revving up when it senses dust or odor.
  • Used in a small smoking room. It cleans up the air fast and the auto mode works great.
  • The auto mode allows me to leave it on and know that if one of my neighbors comes in from smoking, etc. my air will still be clean when I get home.
  • Leave it running in auto mode which kicks into high when it senses the particulates.

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Senses Changes In The Air Quality Very Well And Adjusts To Time Of Day (Sleep Mode) Right On Cue!


It automatically detects when the room is dark and goes into sleep mode, turning off the lights or dimming them so they don’t distract you and/or keep you awake.


  • And in sleep mode, it is super duper quiet. You can barely tell that it’s on.
  • When the lights are out it automatically enters sleep mode where the fan slows down.
  • Even without sleep mode, this unit is quiet enough for a bedroom.
  • The auto-sleep function is great so there are no annoying lights in the night.
  • It’s expensive but I love the auto and sleep mode feature, it’s super quiet, the mood light is cute, very efficient.
  • The light sensor is great for the bedroom so it automatically goes into low-speed sleep mode
  • Thanks, Rabbit air, this is not too loud either and has a sleep mode that is awesome.
  • If it detects dark it also goes onto sleep mode a low very quiet setting. You can override that by pushing the button too high and it will stay there until you change it.
  • It is capable of moving a ton of air on turbo mode and is pleasantly quiet in sleep mode.
  • A great feature is that the lights dim when the room lights go out so you aren’t dealing with extra room light when trying to sleep.

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It Is So Quiet, The Only Speed That Is Audible Is The Turbo Mode And Its Not Enough To Be A Problem!


RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier w/WiFi (SPA-780N, White, Germ Defense)

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The Minus A2 is super quiet! You cannot even tell that it is running. My home is pretty noise free and you cannot hear this unit.


  • I can’t hear the unit running at all it’s so quiet. I love taking it into the kitchen when cooking as it does a stellar job at removing the lingering odor my poorly vented over the stove vent simply can’t take on.
  • This product has CHANGED MY LIFE!! I used to wake up suffocated every night from allergy and now I just don’t have them while I sleep near the device. Its whisper-quiet – doesn’t affect sleep at all.
  • Well, the Rabbit has been great. It can crank out some serious airflow or run nice and quiet (especially at night).
  • I feel air movement but it is super quiet on the lowest setting. Even at medium settings, it’s still not something that would bug me while watching tv.
  • Cranks up when something in the air needs to be cleaned, super quiet the rest of the time.
  • The Rabbit Air MinusA2 is quieter on the “high” fan setting than my other filters were on their “low” settings. 
  • It’s extremely quiet. Quieter than a small desk fan and from what I can see and smell is doing a very good job of filtering cigarette smoke.
  • This is QUIET!!!! And ATTRACTIVE! And doesn’t take much space.
  • Super quiet and doesn’t take up too much space (ours are not wall-mounted).
  • I have already shown my best buddy and he wants to purchase one and was amazed at how quiet it is.

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Also, It Looks Cool Which Actually Makes A Huge Difference!


By looking cool you can put this where you need to without it looking gross. I feel like other air purifiers are like big grey boxes that you want to hide away. This thing sits out in my living room looking cool!


  • The filtering system is excellent, and the fit, finish, and build quality of the unit is top-notch. Plus it looks great in the room. Very glad I got this unit!
  • I love the modern look and the 6 stage filtration.
  • The “mood light” on the front end lends itself to the refined look that Rabbitair was surely going for. All in all, the unit looks and feels classy.
  • All in all, I’d recommend this unit for its powerful, effective yet quiet operation and stylish good looks.
  • The unit looks very well made and is very stylish.
  • Very sleek-looking as well, and fits in any decor. Expensive but worth every penny!
  • Most of the time I don’t know it’s around is very quiet and looks great. 
  • Love this air cleaner! The design is beautiful, so it looks nice in the room. Super quiet…can barely even hear it.
  • Works wonderfully. Looks terrific and really cleans the air.
  • The unit is very easy to install on the wall and looks gorgeous. I’ve gotten many compliments on the unit.

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Gosh This Is Such A Great Unit With Great Customer Service To Back It Up!


Everything you have ever read about Rabbit Air’s awesome customer service is 100% true. They treat their customers like royalty and they honor their warranties and will go above and beyond to help you.


  • Lastly, customer service was very nice and helpful with an order mistake I made. Couldn’t have been better at a quick resolve.
  • Customer service was also extremely efficient.
  • The purifier is sturdy, stylish, and it oozes with quality. Excellent customer service.
  • Excellent product and even more amazing service backing it!
  • One more note: the customer service/support is second to none.
  • What really wowed me though was the customer service, which went above and beyond to fix a problem (my fault) with my order.
  • Rabbit Air has the best customer service I have EVER dealt with, in my life. You’ll know what I mean when you buy one from them.
  • It was easy to set up, and so far easy to maintain. Also, customer service is 24/7, which is pretty amazing.
  • And the customer service from RabiitAir cannot be matched by any other air purifier company — really wonderful.
  • Changing filters is incredibly easy as well, and RabbitAir customer service is THE BEST, bar none.

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Not Cheap But Worth Every Penny… Great Air Purifier!


This product works great. It removes odors from the air. It senses when we cook and the fan turns up automatically. No lingering bacon or fish odors after cooking. Expensive but for me it was well worth the money to have clean, odor free air in our home.


  • I will definitely buy more Rabbit Air purifiers for the rest of my family. The air you breathe is very important. Invest in your health now! It is worth every penny!
  • Absolutely love love love! While this is on the expensive side… It is worth every penny! Love all the functions you get with this. Not to mention the “5” stage filtration!
  • Though this is expensive especially for regular apartment users it really is worth it and cleans the air from all unwanted odors.
  • This is the real deal. It may seem a little pricey, but it’s well worth the investment.
  • Rabbit Air is worth the price – you get what you pay for!
  • Well worth the money for people with allergies or a sensitive sense of smell!
  • Hesitated at the price, but after using the product I see that paying for top quality that appears to last and actually work is worth it.
  • Very expensive, but worth it! I used to cough a lot now and then, but that has subsided since we began running the rabbit!
  • Thinking of buying another one for my daughter’s house when I visit. Expensive but worth every penny.
  • I’ve had a string of moderately priced air purifiers over the years and all of them left me wanting. Ignore the daunting price… well worth it!!

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In summary, the RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier is an expensive air purifier however it really lives up to the price with most customers delighted that took the leap to buy this one.

It is sleek and a pretty air purifier that performs. With this air purifier, you can mount it on the wall or use it at the floor or desk level.

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